Who Are The Most Successful Horse Racing Tipsters In The UK?

most successful horse racing tipsters 2022

We will be looking at the most successful tipsters we have come across so far and in this post, we want to answer your question, Who is the Most Successful Horse Racing Tipster?

The most successful horse racing tipster in 2022 is SVB Tips and you will see why further down this post.

Finding the best horse race tipster is not an easy task when there are literally thousands to choose from, but with a little time patience, and proofing we can do just that.

Now as many will agree and disagree on who is the best and most profitable tipster to follow I can only speak as I have found so far.

Below is a list of the very best tipsters for horse racing in the UK as of 2021 and beyond.

Horse Racing is such a popular sport to bet on and watch fondly known to many as the sport of kings. There are also so many tipsters around that it can be hard to pick one out with new tipsters popping up every day especially on Twitter.

There is a lot of competition when looking to choose the most profitable horse racing tipsters that suit your betting style.

So How Do We Find The Most Profitable Horse Racing Tipsters

Horse Racing betting is possibly one of the hardest sports to make a profit in and to consistently make a profit is bordering on the impossible for most punters out there. These horse racing tipsters have succeeded in delivering consistent profits long term and are more than capable of helping you increase your ROI from your betting.

Things to consider when looking at horse racing tipsters are a track record, staking plan, and ROI (Return on investment). A good track record means a service has consistently given selections with good reasoning and write-ups and has delivered long-term profit from its selections.

Staking Plans are important also when it comes to betting, for the most part, you shouldn’t be staking more than 4% of your betting bank on a selection, so often you will need to adjust stakes advised to suit your betting bank and this can also affect profitability.

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The Top 10 Horse Racing Tipsters To Follow For 2022 onwards

So as you are very eager to find out our very best tipsters for horse racing in this Most Successful Horse Racing Tipsters post so let’s get straight into the rundown, starting with number one and working our way down to number eight. Updated for 2020, 2021, 2022 and onwards the list has changed a little since last year with a few services closing their doors to new members and others just seemingly disappearing.

Here are the most profitable Horse Racing Tipsters at present and below this table I will explain a little bit about why I have ordered them in this way for you.

So Who Is The Best Horse Tipster overall? Well I have compiled a tipster league table below to show you.

As I said the Most Successful Horse Racing Tipster 2022 award has to go to SVB Tips, closely followed by MJ Racing, Ed Culham, and Cleeve Racing, all four are good additions to your betting portfolios.

1) SVB Tips

SVB Tips is the best horse race tipster at the time of writing this post and looks set to continue with its domination going forward with the sheer lack of losing months.

SVB Tips Review

The Most Successful Horse Racing Tipster for 2021 is SVB Tips, SVB began tipping in January 2019 it has since amassed over £7200 in profits in just 27 months.

With just 6 losing months from 27 months of tipping it’s quite an achievement and not only that but this tipster focuses on more than one sport too.

An average monthly profit of £266 is insane!, The sheer consistency of this tipster is simply something else, but I don’t have to big it up too much go and take a look at his track record over the last 2plus years.

Providing selections for Tennis, Football, and Horse Racing you will never be bored.

Get A 30 Day Trial OF SVB Tips Click Here | Read the SVB Tips Review

A very close second is MJ Racing, and only comes second as SVB has been tipping for slightly longer, MJ Racing actually delivers more monthly profit than SVB on average.

There are a few services on the same tipping network, In fact, Tipsters Empire services, in general, will dominate this list for years to come, I feel they have the best horse racing tipsters available at present.

2) MJ Racing

Miles Ahead Racing Review

Miles Ahead Racing blew up in late 2021 and still at the time of writing may end up having a waiting list for new members to get in. Still doing well in 2022 and still one of the best horse racing tipsters you will find that delivers solid results month after month.

Waiting lists only exist when there is an outstanding number of new members joining on a regular basis. Delivered profits throughout the launch of his tipster service for horse racing looking good already.

Knocked off the top only by SVB Tips who has been a force over the last few years to be reckoned with.

With its ROI now exceeding 14% and an average monthly profit of £120+ Miles Ahead Racing has to be one of the best horse racing tipsters you will have come across and you can get a 28-day trial with the link below too.

Join Miles Ahead Racing on a 28-day trial Click Here | Read The Miles Ahead Racing Review

Next up and a very close third to the Wizard Of Big Odds is Ed Culham Tips for Horse Racing, another profitable tipster for horse racing found at Tipsters Empire.

3) Ed Culham

Ed Culham Tips Review

Ed Culham is a horse racing tipster service from Tipsters Empire and boy has he been smashing it towards the end of 2019 and early into 2020. One to watch for the most Successful horse racing tipsters of 2021 perhaps.

Ed has taken the bookies for thousands. Tipping epic multiples and straight wins at great prices.

Many membership options are available including a free trial. Ed Culham has tipped some massive priced winners and has continued to surprise in the tipster world.

Ed has averaged a profit of over £67 a month over the last 2 years or so (at the time of writing) and has a whopping 38% ROI.

Join Ed Culham Here On A 28-Day Trial Click Here | Ed Culham Tips Review

Now in fourth it’s a true hall of Famer Cleeve Racing, one of my favourites which has been a very loyal companion for me through the good and bad times at the track.

4) Cleeve Racing

cleeve racing tips

Cleeve Racing was my most successful horse racing tipster in 2018 because they had gone 14 consecutive seasons of horse racing in profit. This is an amazing achievement for a tipster service and deserves recognition. They average a tax-free profit of £200 a month to £20 stakes and are ultra-consistent and reliable when it comes to horse racing betting.

Cleeve was the number one horse racing tipster for 2018/19 for me and I invite you to join cleeve racing today. Wizard Of Big Odds has taken his crown in 2020 but all the tipsters on this page warrant the utmost respect.

Cleeve is still one of the best tipsters for Horse Racing for long term profits.

Join Cleeve And Claim A Membership Discount Click Here | Cleeve Racing Review

Helis Horses is up next and though its low on the list don’t let it fool you it has a hell of a lot to offer and consistency is top of the list here.

5) Helis Horses

Heli's Horses Review

Heli made it 11 months from 12 in profit in 2019 and has continually been profitable since its inception, one that has become very popular and for good reason due to its consistent tipping of winners and most importantly regular profits.

Averaging at around £225 per month profit and an ROI in the region of 24% Heli is a solid bet when it comes to Horse Racing tips.

This is a very good tipster and very consistent too, something that is not an easy thing to do with the horses.

Join Heli’s Horses Click Here | Heli’s Horses Review

Next up is JPW Racing Tipster a specialist when it comes to festivals.

6) JPW Racing Tips 

JPW Racing Tipster Review

JPW Horse Racing Tips is an established tipping service for Horse Racing that has been going strong for over 7 years now. It walked through our proofing period and we readily approved this service. Prices for every budget and won’t break the bank.

Has very good success rates at big race festival meetings such as the 2020 Cheltenham Festival in fact this is the most successful Cheltenham tipster I have seen so far this is a must for any horse racing bettors portfolio and eases in at number five.

Join JPW Racing Tipster  On 28 Day A Trial Click Here  | JPW Racing Tipster Review

Each Way Value Tips comes in at a strong 7th place.

each way value tips

7) Each Way Value

Each Way Value is somewhat of an enigma, there is no profile or bio for this horse racing tipster service However it has performed remarkably well. Raking in over 900 points in profit since its inception in July 2017.

On average this tipster has delivered over 250 points a month for its members and is well worth checking out. It was our best horse racing tipster for 2017. I have since dropped this service to 6th in 2020 due to some volatility throughout the year but it is a consistent service none the less.

Join Each Way Value Click Here | Each Way Value Tips Review

Another Tipsters Empire tipster up next is Wiltshire Racing. Now if ROI is your thing then this service ticks all the boxes.

Wiltshire racing review

8) Wiltshire Racing

Wiltshire is a new addition for 2021 on the Tipsters Empire network the same as the likes of MJ Racing and other quality horse racing services.

Focusing around handicap chases and to a lesser extent all aged middle distance flat turf handicaps this tipster has already amassed a total profit of £1340 since October 2020, so in just 6 months he has delivered an average monthly profit of £230 the ROI is also above 38% at the time of writing.

Comes with quality write-ups and reasoning behind every selection and is certainly one to consider if you like racing handicap racing.

Join Wiltshire Racing On A 28-day trial Click Here | Wiltshire Racing Review

Next up is Thunderstrike who does not just tip Horse Racing but has been doing well at it as well as Football tips.

9) Thunderstrike Racing

who is the most successful horse racing tipster

Thunderstrike has been going strong now for around 10 months at the time of writing and has delivered an average of £300+ profit per month. This is a multi-sports tipster service focusing around Horse Racing, Football and Tennis. This service has a little more to offer you if you’re into more than one sport.

Join Thunderstrike Racing Click Here | Thunderstrike Racing Review

Next up is Bets2U who has been on this list for a long time.

10) Bets 2 U

Bets 2 U is a horse tipster service with three different betting strategies to choose from and they all were very profitable during 2017. Currently standing at over 800 points profit and easy to use with a simple login to view tips every morning from as early as 8.30 AM.

A solid horse tipster in at number three. Multiple strategies to choose from but combining all three options will see it to its best effect.

Try Bets2U For Just £1 Click Here | Bets 2 U Review

That concludes the top 10 horse racing tipsters, but there are a few more that didn’t make the list. Carl Nicholson still warrants respect but misses out (just) from the top 10 horse racing tipsters list this time around.

Carl Nicholson’s Racing Diary

Carl Nicholson’s Racing diary is an exciting find of mine I followed it for months and it was kind of a best-kept secret as it was so good I thought it risky for anyone else to know. Here it is in at 10 and has always performed well.

The yearly annual they release is a bit special and is well worth a look it can stand you in good stead for the rest of the season.

The service continually performs well year in year out.

Join Carl Nicholson’s Racing Diary Click Here | Carl Nicholsons Racing Review

Number 11 on the list and towards the rear of the main group of elite tipsters is Ron.

Ron Williams Racing

Ron Williams Racing Review

Ron Williams has quickly got people’s attention tipping regular winners at good prices week in week out. Twitter was on fire at times with the sheer amount of people tweeting about his winning selections. Horse Racing has become fun again for me following Ron’s advice.

Ron Williams comes in as the eleventh best horse racing tipster I have found.

Join Ron Williams Racing Click Here | Ron Williams Racing Review

As we go down the list don’t think that the quality is going down massively as all of these make the best tipsters list for a reason.

Last of the main group and an old-timer up next is Bet Alchemist.

Bet Alchemist

Bet Alchemist is a successful betting system and tips service which has quickly made its way on to our approved services. We made over £50 profit (after membership deducted) in 3 months for relatively small stakes and we are confident if we trebled our stakes in our next few months we can easily start to make more money with confidence. Well worth testing!

Join BetAlchemist Click Here | Bet Alchemist Review

They are my most successful tipsters for horse racing but there are some more tipsters to keep an eye on below.

Some more of best horse racing tipster services

Quasis Hunches

Quasi quickly got all of my followers interested in his quality selections and the low amount of selections given per month but a good amount of profit attained none the less. I expect the continued performance of this service to improve and if it does it will move up the ranks this year for sure.

Join Quasis Hunches Click Here

Russell Blair Racing

Russell Blair is a new addition to the most successful horse racing tipsters page and for good reason.  With its long-established profitable record, Russell Blair has shown that he has what it takes to profit long-term from horse racing.

Join Russel Blair Racing Click Here | Russel Blair Racing Review

Elite Betting Syndicate

Elite Betting Syndicate is a very profitable horse racing tips service that has delivered profitable year after profitable year from its selections. Popular with many readers who have joined it and still use it currently and it looks set for bigger things in 2019.

Join Elite Betting Syndicate For £1 Click Here | Elite Betting Syndicate Review

That concludes the list of the most successful horse racing tipsters in the UK, now let’s look at the best of the rest.

Best Of The Rest

GG Tips – Otherwise known as Horse Racing Tips GG

GG TIps offers free horse racing selections every day but they severely lack any quality and the site is more geared for you to sign up to bookies than provide you with value.

Get Your Tips Out – Also know as GYTO

Getyourtipsout offers daily football and horse racing tips for free. Including a value tip a NAP a NB and a notebook selection. There are far too many tips on offer here daily for them to be of any use to you long term.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive updates, free tips, and trials of the best tipsters every month, and give yourself a head start on the field when it comes to profiting from gambling. Finding the Most Profitable Horse Racing Tipster on the internet is no easy task and there will be many differences in opinion but I have tried my very best to pick out the roses from the thorns here.

Most Successful Free Horse Racing Tipsters And The Best Tipster Platforms For 2021 And Beyond

Obviously, there are some good free horse racing tipster services out there and so far the most successful free horse racing tipster provider in 2021 has to be

Best Free Tipsters On Tipstrr find the Most Successful Horse Racing Tipsters


With thousands of free tipsters on their, platform Tipstrr has quickly become the best place to find the most successful free horse racing tipster as well as the best free football tipsters on the internet.

Easy to use and easy to follow the free selections with their betting app and website.

Industry-leading tech and service for their premium services too, you will definitely find a tipster to suit your betting needs here.

Click here to join Tipstrr for Free

Another good option is… Betting Gods another popular tipping platform with pro tipsters and free horse racing tip offered daily for newsletter subscribers (you can subscribe with the links below for free)..

most successful horse racing tipsters betting gods free horse racing tips

Betting Gods 

Offers high-quality free selections every week just by joining (which is free too) and I highly recommend you check them out.

They also host a selection of premium and popular tipsters including the likes of Quentin Frank and The Bookies Enemy.

Tipsters Empire

offers daily free selections when you sign up for their newsletter they also have some of the best paid-for tipsters around many of which are on this list.

Finally, the last option for free horse racing tips of good quality is AtTheRaces with their free racecards too they also have a selection of good quality horse racing tipsters offering daily free tips.

Hugh Taylor is well worth checking out over there as he has had some very good success over the last few years.


Time passes and some services simply fade away be it due to illness, change in circumstances, or other factors its part of life that some services close up. I will endeavor to keep this list up to date.

I know for a fact at the time of writing most of these deliver on their promises and are very professional and consistent over long periods of time, that being because I have used most of them personally and trialed them all too.

Don’t forget to check out the approved tipster’s section of the site to find the most successful football tipsters as well as other sports and start profiting from your betting long term. If you have any recommendations for the list for 2022 and beyond get in touch I am only an email away.

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