Most Successful Horse Racing Tipsters

Who Are The Most Successful Horse Racing Tipsters In The UK?

The Most Successful Horse Racing Tipsters list was last updated: on 24th May 2024

So Who is the Most Successful Horse Racing Tipster in 2024? this article will be looking at the most successful tipsters for horse racing. We have come across so far and in this post, we want to answer your question.

The most successful horse racing tipster in 2024 so far is Underdog Racing Tips with over £6500 profit in 2024 already it is the best horse racing tipster and you will see why further down this post but over £21479.22 in total profit for 2023 alone says it all.

We have also put together a list of the best horse tipsters for racing in the UK and Ireland that offer premium horse racing tips.

With help from our horse racing tipster reviews which we add all the time to give the best picture of how good the services are doing.

This list should serve you well and enable you to find the most profitable horse racing tips out there from the very best horse racing tipsters uk and worldwide.

You can get access to free horse racing tips for today on our website and in our free telegram group too.

The Top 15 Horse Racing Tipsters To Follow For 2024

So as you are very eager to find out our very best tipsters for horse racing let’s get straight into the rundown.

Starting with number one and working our way down to number thirteen.

Updated for 2024, the list has changed a little since last year with a few services closing their doors to new members and others just seemingly disappearing.

As I said the Most Successful Horse Racing Tipster 2024 award has to go to Underdog Racing Tips closely followed by, Eachway mornigtips and Hack Up.

Below is an organized by profit so far by this year’s horse racing tipsters table with all of the most profitable horse tipsters to follow in 2024

The Most Profitable Horse Racing Tipsters Table for 2024

TipsterApr 2024 profit2024 Total
1) Underdog Racing+£1,111.20+£6602.30
2) Eachway mornigtips-£897.45+£3,584.25
3) Hack Up+£124.13+£564.92
4) SVB Tips+£73.13+£366.09
5) Horse4acourse+£160+£720
6) Cotswold Racing+£34.42+£587.52
7) On The Money Tips+£184+£563.50
8) Read Between The Linesn/a-£218
9) Rendlesham+£49.33+£213.68
10) Model Man-£154+£1130.40

Following these 10 tipsters since the start of 2023 would have netted you a total profit of over £59,700. That’s an average tax-free income each month of £5427.

The Most Successful Horse Racing Tipsters 2024

In the number one spot…Yes, it’s Underdog Racing… when it comes to horse racing tipster tips this tipster is the top dog on our horse racing top tipsters list.

Specializing in horse racing gives it the edge over nearly all horse tipsters out there. With its huge profits and a small number of selections making it one of the best overall horse tipsters on the internet.

Perfect for big events like the Cheltenham Festival Underdog was easily one of the best Cheltenham tipsters last year.

underdog racing tips review

1) Underdog Racing Tips – Was The Best Horse Racing Tipster in 2023 can he hold his crown in 2024?

I think it is worth joining Underdog Racing Tips especially if you don’t like backing favorites, That being said it’s proven a profitable service for a long period now (over 2 years).

I would take the 90% off your first-month trial option and try the service out for yourself. It is a very fun service to follow even at £1 stake in 2023 he returned £21479.22 to £10 stakes.

The underdog has been top of the horse racing tipsters’ table for months now and it doesn’t look like changing.

Results for 2024 to £10 stakes (2023 total was +£21479.22)

MonthProfitRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024£3153.70+£3153.70
Feb 2024£1856.80+£5010.50
Mar 2024£480.60+£5491.10
Apr 2024£1111.20+£6602.30

As you will see Underdog is causing quite a stir in the horse racing tipster market.

Their ROI is currently around 42% , which is no mean feat. The only issue with this service is you need a high bankroll for the number of selections offered.

Based on an average stake of £10, UNDERDOG Racing Tips has made £24,433 profit in the last 12 months. Across 2885 multi-sport tips (roughly 56 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £2,031.

Just Look at the profits!!

Consistent and strong service to add you to your portfolio just beating into second eachwaymornigtips. Eachwaymornigtips has been top of the list for Most Successful Horse Racing Tipsters for a fair few months but is now toppled.

Or read our Underdog Racing Tips Review to learn more about this service.

Next up is eachwaymorningtips has excelled since launching in November 2022 and warrants the top 2 spot already after delivering over +£19831.45 in profit in 2023 overall.

eachwaymornigtips Review

2) eachwaymornigtips

The main question you will all want to know is can this service offer you a sustainable profit for a long period and the answer is yes it can.

Over the last 10 months since launching in November 2022, the service has yet to have a month in the red, with 10 out of 10 months in profit.

Based on an average stake of £10, eachwaymornigtips has made £17,781 profit in the last 12 months. Across 2984 horse racing tips (roughly 58 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £1,478.

Over 19k in profit in 12 months is simply amazing and the current ROI sits at around 28%.

Eachwaymornigtips Stats for 2024 (2023 total was +£19831.45)

MonthProfitRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024£2,230.60+£2,230.60
Feb 2024£1,555.30+£3,785.90
Mar 2024£695.80+£4,481.70
Apr 2024-£897.45+£3,584.25

You can read our eachwaymorningtips review to find out more about this service but we are sure you will agree it’s doing something right!

A very close third was Clotswold Racing, who has dominated the top list for tipsters for horse racing tips throughout this year and last, sheer profitability on this tipster is insane.

Cotswold Racing Review

3) Cotswold Racing

Cotswold Racing is a slow burner that has gradually delivered over £6394 profit to £10 stakes since launching in January 2020.

The service has averaged a monthly profit of around £111.52 to £10 stakes with an ROI of around 14%.

Cotswold is certainly a horse racing tipster to have on your side and is well worth trying out.

Cotswolds Results For 2024 to £10 stakes (2023 total +£560.83)

MonthProfitRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024-£49.90-£49.90
Feb 2024+£362.90£313
Mar 2024+£240.10+£553.10
Apr 2024+£34.42+£587.52

As you can see Cotswold is off to a flyer in 2024 so it’s well worth taking Tipsters Empire’s 28-day trial option for this service using the button below.

Our Cotswold Racing Review can tell you more about how this horse tipster service is run.

And down 1 place to fourth but is still a very good service especially if you like backing big-priced horses Hack Up Racing is in third.

Hack Up Racing warrants its place on this list for racing tipsters UK-wise, after consistently delivering winners, and most importantly consistent profit for its members.

Hack Up Review

4) Hack Up – Number 4 Of The Most Successful Horse Racing Tipsters Online!

So Hack Up is a top private horse tipster service on the Tipstrr network which dominates the below list.

One of the best horse racing tipsters UK and Ireland you will find these days as it’s selective and profitable with proven form.

Below are the 2024 results so far for Hack Up and you will see why this tipster is top of the list already for this year not to mention how well it has been doing since launch with no losing months.

This could easily be one of horse racing’s top tipsters in the future.

Hack Up 2024 Profit

MonthProfitRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024£61.64+£61.64
Feb 2024£67.60+£129.24
Mar 2024£301.55+£430.79
Apr 2024£124.13+£564.92
click here to download the full profit loss records since the launch

You can view the full profit and loss results since launch by clicking the link above. This tipster is delivering regularly, and over a long period, his form has held strong.

With just an average of 15 selections per week, it’s very easy to follow, and you can get the selections very cheap a just £19 per month and 90% off your first month!

Read Our Hack Up Review and see how this horse racing tipster service works.

SVB Tips is up next and though it’s lower on the list don’t let it fool you it has a hell of a lot to offer and consistency is top of the list here.

svb tips review

5) SVB Tips

SVB Tips used to be the best horse race tipster with the sheer lack of losing months, it’s still one of the best but profit-wise it isn’t anymore.

Was easily the best horse tipster UK-wise previously with so many to choose from It comes down to consistency and profitability. Long-term from SVB and whilst it maintained success the profits to be had elsewhere are larger now.

The 5th Most Successful Horse Racing Tipster for 2024 is SVB Tips, SVB began tipping in January 2019 it has since amassed over £10,000 in profits in just 35 months.

SVB’s results for 2024 to £10 stakes (2023 total +£3705.48)

MonthProfitRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024-£133-£133
Feb 2024£227.36+£94.36
Mar 2024£198.60+£292.96
Apr 2024£73.13+£366.09

With just 6 losing months from 27 months of tipping it’s quite an achievement, and not only that but this tipster focuses on more than one sport too.

He was also the tipster of the year for 2021 and 2022.

An average monthly profit in 2023 was £308.79! The sheer consistency of this tipster is simply something else. I don’t have to big it up too much, go and take a look at his track record over the last 2 plus years.

Providing selections for Tennis, Football, Esports, and Horse Racing you will never be bored and this is a racehorse tipster to keep on the right side of.

You can Read the SVB Tips Review to learn more about this Football and Horse Racing tipster.

Next Up is T4U Telegram, a Telegram tips service for horse racing that requires a one-off payment for lifetime access.

T4U Premium Telegram Review

6) T4U Premium Telegram

T4U Prmeium Telegram as the name suggests is a telegram tipping service. The service has been around for a short while now and has grown in popularity during this time.

Selective with only 4 or 5 tips each week offered by the tipster he has delivered a total profit of +£234.02 since launching in 2023. 2024 has already started stronger than last year.

What’s more, you can get lifetime access to this tipster for just £25 if you click here.

T4U Premium 2024 Stats to £10 stakes (2023 results estimated +£1436.50)

MonthProfitRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024+£110.75+£110.75
Feb 2024-£86.91+£23.84
Mar 2024+£91+£114.84
Apr 2024-£11.50+£103.34

You can read our T4U Premium Telegram review to learn more about this horse tipster.

Next up a service on the boil so far in 2024…Model Man…

7) Model Man

The main question on everyone’s lips is, “Is Model Man profitable?” well, yes, yes he is.

Based on level stakes of £10, Model Man has made £17,390 profit in the last 12 months. Across 3225 multi-sport tips (roughly 63 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £1,450.

Below is a breakdown of the results month by month for Model Man.

Model Man’s 2024 Results to £10 stakes (2023 total +£16,702.77)

MonthProfitTotal Profit
Jan 2024£586.50£586.50
Feb 2024-£164£422.50
Mar 2024£861.90£1284.40
Apr 2024-£154+£1130.40

Model Man is a new addition for 2024 and comes in late in the day but he can quickly move up the table with the performances he has been putting in of late.

You can stay up to date on Model Man’s progress or get more info by reading our Model Man Review.

Next is Lucky Longshots in 8th who has gone off the boil so far.

8) Luckys Longshots

Luckys Longshots is a horse racing each-way tipster service offering larger-priced horses in a selective yet profitable manner.

Launched in January 2023, and it’s gradually growing in presence in the horse-tipping world.

Should the consistency continue he will climb the ranks here that’s for sure.

Gradually adds to his bank and is well worth adding to your portfolios.

One of the best value-for-money tipsters for horse racing around, costing just £8.99/month.

We have lowered this service to 8 now as it continues a downward trend in 2024.

Luckys Longshots 2024 Stats to £10 stakes (2023 total was +£1645.46)

MonthProfitRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024-£110-£110
Feb 2024-£69-£179
Mar 2024-£4-£183
Apr 2024-£152-£335

A strong start and one to watch going forward, as far as horse tipsters go this one is the cheapest we have seen at just £9.99 per month.

This is one of the cheapest and best-value horse tipsters out there.

Delivered a total profit of £1645.46 in 2023 and this tipster is averaging £137.12 per month to just £10 stakes. With an average number of selections each month of just 15 tips.

You can also read our Luckys Longshots review to find out more about this tipster for horse racing.

Off The Bridle is falling fast down to 8th now in 2024.

9) Off The Bridle Racing

Another popular Horse Racing tipster on the Tipstrr tipping network delivering over £5688 profit since its launch in February 2023.

Off The Bridle Racing gives about 11 selections per week on average and with good results. It’s one of the more selective horse racing tipsters on the list.

Based on level stakes of £10, Off the Bridle Racing has made £6,658 profit in the last 12 months. Across 871 horse racing tips (roughly 17 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £555.

Off The Bridle Racing 2024 Results to £10 stakes (2023 results +£6,750.85)

MonthProfitRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024-£92-£92
Feb 2024-£268.70-£360.70
Mar 2024-£108.20-£468.9
Apr 2024n/a (no tips)-£468.9

Started in February 2023 and has continued to gradually increase the betting bank quite notably. The only reason it’s not higher at the moment is because of some inconsistency at times.

A total of £6750.85 profit in 2023 means he was averaging £562.57 profit per month.

Read the Off The Bridle Racing Review we wrote to learn more about this tipster.

A new addition in 2022 is On The Money Tips and for good reason but still one to watch for now…

10) On The Money Tips

On The Money Tips Based on level stakes of £10, On The Money Tips has made £3,903 profit in the last 12 months. Across 996 horse racing tips (roughly 20 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £325.

In 2023 On The Money delivered £3344.15 total profit which was an average of £278.67 profit per month for its members.

The current ROI at the time of writing this review is more than 38% which is incredible for a horse racing tipster service.

On the Moneys results for 2024 (2023 results +£3,344.15)

MonthProfitRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024£506£506
Feb 2024-£256£239
Mar 2024£140.50£379.50
Apr 2024£184+£563.50

Easy to follow with around 15-20 selections per week you wont be placing bets all day like other tipsters.

Selections are usually sent out the evening before the next day’s races meaning you can get the best possible value price-wise.

A racehorse tipster to follow at the very least!

Read the On The Money Tips Review we wrote to learn more.

Then we have horseforacourse racing tips service in tenth…

11) Horseforacourse

Horse4acourse is a horse racing tipster service that offers around 14 selections per week. Focuses on horse racing in the UK and Ireland and in 2024 has already delivered over £720 in profit.

Based on level stakes of £10, Horseforacourse has made £4,544 profit in the last 12 months. Across 571 horse racing tips (roughly 11 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £378.

Here are Horseforacourse’s 2024 stats to £10 stakes (2023 total +£3,939)

MonthProfitRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024£535+£535
Feb 2024-£10+£525
Mar 2024£25+£550
Apr 2024£160+£720

A solid service that has continued to impress and deliver, we fully recommend you get on the right side of this tipster today.

The Horse4acourse Review is a good place to go if you need more info.

Next up is JPW Racing Tipster a specialist when it comes to festivals and big race meetings like Cheltenham.

12) JPW Racing Tips

JPW Horse Racing Tips is an established tipping service for Horse Racing that has been going strong for over 7 years now.

It walked through our proofing period and we readily approved this service. Prices for every budget won’t break the bank.

JPW 2024 Results so far to £10 stakes (2023 total £919.23)

MonthProfit/LossRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024£41.03£41.03
Feb 2024pendingpending
Mar 2024pendingpending
Apr 2024pendingpending

Has great success rates at big race festival meetings such as the 2024 Cheltenham Festival.

This is the most successful Cheltenham tipster I have seen so far this is a must for any horse racing punter’s portfolio.

The JPW Racing Tipster Review can tell you more about how this service delivers its tips.

Next up is Read Between The Lines which tips on Horse Racing had a bad year end in 2022. Though profitable overall for that year, has recovered in 2024, and has begun to move back up the list.

13) Read Between The Lines

Read Between The Lines is a horse racing tipster that started in fine form with over £1700 of profit delivered in its first 11 months of 2023. Continues to be in profit since launching in June 2021 and making a name for itself in the progress.

Based on level stakes of £10, Read Between The Lines has made £478 profit in the last 12 months. Across 659 horse racing tips (roughly 13 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £39.90.

Read Between The Lines 2024 stats to £10 stakes (2023 total +£951.92)

MonthProfit/LossRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024-£58-£58
Feb 2024-£150-£208
Mar 2024-£10-£218
Apr 2024n/a-£218

Another Tipsters Empire tipster up next is Rendlesham Racing. Now if ROI is your thing then this service ticks all the boxes.

The Read Between The Lines Review can give you more information on this horse tipster.

14) Rendlesham Racing

Rendlesham was a new addition for 2022 on the Tipsters Empire private horse racing tipsters network.

The same platform as the likes of Cotswold Racing and other quality horse racing services he’s still here in 2024.

Rendlesham Racing’s 2024 results to £10 stakes (2023 total +£769.07)

MonthProfit/LossRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024£11.61£11.61
Feb 2024£63.50£75.11
Mar 2024£89.25£164.36
Apr 2024£49.33+£213.68

Focusing on mainly flat racing and to a lesser extent aged middle-distance flat turf handicaps.

This tipster has already amassed a total profit of £3007 since September 2020. He has delivered an average monthly profit of £77 the ROI is also above 8.6% at the time of writing.

The service provides quality write-ups and reasoning behind every selection and is certainly one to consider if you like racing handicap racing.

Though the last few months have not been great I still think this tipster deserves a place on the list and is worthy of consideration at least.

The Rendlesham Racing Review is a useful resource to learn more about this tipster service.

Last but not least is The Yard a horse racing tipster which has been on this list for a long time.

15) Apollo Racing

Apollo Racing is another fantastic tipster service for horse racing from the Tipsters Empire.

Offering an ROI above 58% at the time of writing and adding this to the best horse tipsters list.

Averages monthly profits of £340 and a total profit since the launch of £1811. This is a service to take seriously, and the strike rate is currently around 17%.

As this is a new addition to the list for 2024 we will be adding his results each month for you to follow along.

You can read Apollo Racing Review to find out more about this professional horse tipster.

Apollo Racing’s 2024 Results to £10 stakes (2023 total +£1,605.15)

MonthProfitTotal Profit
Jan 2024-£155-£155
Feb 2024£150-£5
Mar 2024-£20-£25
Apr 2024-£62-£87

Every selection comes with a high-quality and in-depth write-up from the tipster.

There are not hundreds of tips every day either so it’s easy to follow and get your bets on in good time.

2023 returned £1,605.15 of profit in total but please remember the service only launched in July so an average of £267.52 profit per month

Solid service and if it continues performing well it will be moving up this list as we go into 2024 no doubt.

Apollo Racing has replaced Cotswold Racing in 2024 read our Apollo Racing Review for more info on this horse tipster. You can read our Cotswold Racing Review to learn more about this Tipsters Empire tipster too.

That concludes the top 15 Most Successful Horse Racing Tipsters 2023, but there are a few more that didn’t make the list.

Finding The Best Tipsters For Horse Racing

Horse racing is an exciting and thrilling sport, and finding the best tipsters can make it even more enjoyable. But with so many tipsters out there, it can be challenging to find the ones that consistently provide winning tips.

In this post, we’ll show you how to find the best horse racing tipsters. You will learn how to use their tips to increase your chances of winning on your bets.

Now as many will agree and disagree on who is the best and most profitable tipster to follow I can only speak what I have found so far.

Below is a list of the very top horse tipsters in the UK as of 2023 and beyond we can help you find the best horse racing tipping service for your betting needs.

Horse Racing is such a popular sport to bet on and watch fondly known to many as the sport of kings. There are also so many tipsters around that it can be hard to pick one out with new tipsters popping up every day, especially on Twitter.

There is a lot of competition when looking to choose the most profitable horse racing tipsters that suit your betting style.

Who are the best Cheltenham tipsters?

You can rest assured that any of the horse racing tipsters on this list would be ideal to use for Cheltenham betting. Some will offer free Cheltenham tips coming up to the meeting too so make sure you follow them coming up to the big event.

All of the horse racing services will cover Cheltenham and other big meetings like Aintree, Goodwood, and Royal Ascot.

What is a Tipster?

A tipster is a person who provides tips or predictions on the outcomes of sporting events.

These tips can be based on a range of factors, such as past performances, current form, and track conditions. Tipsters can offer their services for free or charge a fee for their expertise.

How We Find the Best Horse Racing Tipsters

There are several factors we consider for the best horse racing tipsters. Here are some top tips to help you find the right tipster today:

  1. Look for a track record of success: The best tipsters have a proven track record in the form of a profit/loss spreadsheet. This provides proof of winning tips over a sustained period. Look for tipsters who have a high strike rate and consistent profits over at least 6 months.
  2. Check for transparency: A reputable tipster will be transparent about their methods and results. Look for tipsters who provide detailed information about their selection process, staking plans, and results.
  3. Consider the cost: While some tipsters offer their services for free, others charge a fee. Be wary of tipsters who charge exorbitant fees or make unrealistic claims about their success rates.
  4. Read reviews: Look for independent reviews of tipsters to get an idea of their reputation and success rate. Avoid tipsters with a history of complaints or negative reviews.
  5. Use tipster comparison websites: Several websites compare and rate horse racing tipsters. These sites can help you find the best tipsters based on their track record, transparency, and cost.

How to Use Horse Racing Tips

Once you’ve found a reputable tipster, It’s important to know how to use their tips effectively. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your horse racing tips:

  1. Manage your bankroll: Set a budget for your horse racing bets and stick to it. Only bet what you can afford to lose, and never chase your losses.
  2. Understand the odds: Horse racing odds can be complex, but understanding them is essential to making informed bets. Take the time to learn about odds and how they relate to probability.
  3. Keep a record of your bets: Keeping a record of your bets can help you identify trends and make more informed betting decisions in the future.
  4. Stay disciplined: Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. Stick to your betting strategy and avoid making impulsive bets.

Factors to consider when choosing a Profitable horse racing tipster

When choosing a horse racing tipster, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you pick a reputable and successful one.

Track record

Look at the tipster’s track record and success rate over the past year. A good tipster should have a high percentage of winning tips and a good return on investment (ROI).


Consider the cost of the tipster’s service and whether it is worth the price. Some tipsters charge a monthly subscription fee. While others charge per tip, make sure to compare prices and choose a service that fits your budget.


Research the tipster’s reputation online by reading reviews and testimonials from other subscribers. Look for a tipster who has a positive reputation and is known for providing accurate tips.


Some tipsters specialize in specific types of races, such as flat races or jump races. Consider your own preferences and choose a tipster who specializes in the type of race you like to bet on.

You should also read my horse racing tipster reviews which are written by me but also left by readers of the website. You can add a review on any horse racing tipster service listed by scrolling down to the end of my review.

More Of The Best Horse Racing Tipsters

These top horse tipsters have slipped out of favour for me in 2024. So I couldn’t keep them in the top 12, but I keep it updated so check back often.

Ron Williams Racing

Ron Williams has quickly got people’s attention tipping regular winners at good prices week in and week out.

Twitter was on fire at times with the sheer amount of people tweeting about his winning selections. Horse Racing has become fun again for me following Ron’s advice.

Ron Williams comes in as an honorable mention for a horse racing tipster service that can offer some success long term.

You may find the Ron Williams Racing Review we compiled useful if you need more info.

As we go down the list don’t think that the quality is going down massively as all of these make the best tipsters list for a reason.

The last of the main group and an old-timer up next is Betting Gods.

Betting Gods

Not a tipster, at least not a standalone tipster but an entire network of them!

Betting Gods is a long-standing tipping platform offering a network of profitable sports tipsters from Cricket to Tennis, you will find a tipster that can deliver what you are looking for.

What’s more, you can try out their tipsters for free when you click the button below and get the Betting Gods free tips.

Russell Blair is a new addition to the most successful horse racing tipsters page and for good reason.  With its long-established profitable record, Russell Blair has shown that he has what it takes to profit long-term from horse racing.

Russel Blair Racing Review we compiled is useful if you need more information on this tipster.

They are my most successful tipsters for horse racing but there are some more tipsters to keep an eye on below.

Best Of The Rest

GG Tips – Otherwise known as Horse Racing Tips GG

GG Tips offers free horse racing selections every day. GG’s website is more geared toward you to sign up to bookmakers than provide you with value.

Not the most accurate horse racing predictor in the world, the tips are awful and rarely win.

Get Your Tips Out (getyourtipsout daily selections) – Also known as GYTO

Getyourtipsout offers daily football and horse racing tips for free. Including a value tip a NAP, NB, and a notebook selection. There are far too many tips on offer here daily for them to be of any use to you long-term.

getyourtipsout daily selections are a good way to see how tipping is not done.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive updates, free tips, and trials of the best tipsters every month.

Give yourself a head start on the field when it comes to profiting from gambling.

Finding the Most Profitable Horse Racing Tips service on the internet is no easy task. There will be many differences in opinion but I have tried my very best to pick out the best.

Most Successful Free Horse Racing Tipsters

We have a new section for free tipsters so be sure to check that out for more free horse racing tipsters.

Who is the best free horse racing tipster uk?, well Tipstrr is the perfect place to look for the best free tipsters for horse racing. They have thousands on their books all you need is an email address to create a free account.

Obviously, there are some good free horse racing tipster services out there and so far the most successful free horse racing tipster provider in 2022 has to be…

Best Free Tipsters On Tipstrr find the Most Successful Horse Racing Tipsters


With thousands of free tipsters on their platform. Tipstrr has quickly become the best place to find the most successful free horse racing tipsters. They also cover all other sports from Football to Greyhound racing.

Easy to use and easy to follow the free selections with their betting app and website.

Industry-leading tech and service for their premium services too, you will find a tipster to suit your betting needs here.

Please read our Tipstrr review if you need more information on this tipster platform.

Another good option is… Betting Gods a popular tipping platform with pro tipsters and free horse racing tips. These tips are offered daily for newsletter subscribers (you can subscribe below for free)…

most successful horse racing tipsters betting gods free horse racing tips

Betting Gods 

Offers high-quality free selections every week just by joining, and I highly recommend you check them out.

They also host a selection of premium and popular tipsters including Quentin Frank and The Bookies Enemy.

Most Successful Horse Racing Tipsters

Tipsters Empire

offers daily free selections when you sign up for their newsletter. They also have some of the best paid-for tipsters around. When it comes to horse racing many of which are on this list above.

Finally, the last option for free horse racing tips of good quality is AtTheRaces.

Their free racecards, and tipsters offer a selection of good quality horse racing tips and information.

Hugh Taylor is well worth checking out over there as he has had some very good success over the last few years.

Finally the best app for horse racing tips

There are hundreds if not thousands of apps for horse racing tips but the best app for horse racing tips is the Tipstrr app. Covered above Tipstrr is not only free to join and follow tipsters but also has its app.

So it’s both the best app for horse racing tips and the best free app for horse racing tips. You can follow any tipster on there for all sports not just horse racing either.

Avoid News Paper Tipsters If You Want The Best Tipsters For Horse Racing

Tipsters like Templegate should be avoided they just tip every single race every day, and only brag when they finally get some winners!

Racing posts free tips are usually pretty good too.


Time passes and some services simply fade away be it due to illness.

Changes in circumstance, or other factors it’s part of life that some services close down.

I will endeavor to keep this list up to date for you over time.

I know for a fact at the time of writing most of these tipsters deliver on their promises.

Very professional over long periods, I have used most of these services personally.

The best racing tipster will change a lot over time as the market is saturated with horse tipsters.

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Start profiting from your betting long-term. If you have any recommendations for the list for 2024 and beyond get in touch I am only an email away.

Look out for the Most Successful Horse Racing Tipsters 2024!

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Always remember to gamble responsibly and don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose. Thanks for reading our most successful horse racing tipsters for 2024.