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Cotswold Racing Review
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Cotswold Racing is a new horse racing tipster service on offer from Tipsters Empire, it has shown good potential early doors and is worth trying on the trial offer available.


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Welcome to my Cotswold Racing Review, lets’s take a closer look at Tipsters Empire’s new horse racing service which launched in September 2020.

Another successful horse racing tipster launched on the Tipsters Empire network, which hosts the likes of JV Bets and Rendlesham Racing.

Cotswold has quickly become an industry leader in the horse racing tipster field.

Tipster Name: Cotswold Racing

Platform: Tipsters Empire via Website/Email

Service Headline: “Cotswold Racing came through his initial trial with resounding results and showed that he remains professional at all times, sticking to a staking plan and never switching to erratic stakes. He always spots value in his bets, just like he did in the 50/1 winner given below, and strives to build up long-term profit.

30/07/2020 – 13:45 Goodwood – Junkanoo – 50/1 – 0.5pts ew

One very small bet is worth looking at though in the second race and that is Gary Moores Junkanoo. He has only had a couple of runs in a handicap and beaten both times by Johnston horses that have been well fancied this week at Goodwood. Neither time has Junkanoo shown masses that would set the pulse racing, but he has solid course experience a low weight and Moore has close to a 50% record with his Goodwood 3 year old handicappers with less than 3 handicap runs. At 33s and 50s on the machine, Junkanoo may have been hiding his light under the very shrewd Moore bushel.

Service Cost:  £2.99 trial for 28 days / other membership details on-site

Where To Join: Cotswold Racing Official Website

cotswold racing
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Cotswold Racing Review – Is It Worth Joining?

I would certainly advise trying a new service from Tipsters Empire as they have a very good record with their services.

This service has shown strong proofing results and was launched as a new service in September 2020.

You can get a 28-day trial so take that before you sign up fully so you can paper trade the results for a while.

What Betting Bank is needed?

150 points is the recommended start for your betting bank. If you use £5 per point – £750 betting bank, £10 per point – £1,500 betting bank, and so on.

Once your betting bank increases by 75 points you increase your bet by 50%. £5 becomes £7.50, £10 becomes £15, and so on.

Once you are a paying member you will have access to his full staking plan which is explained in detail.

Below are some FAQ answers you may find useful for this horse racing tipster.

What time are selections sent out?

Generally around 9 p.m. each evening.

Is payment recurring?

No. Tipsters Empire chose to not set payments to automatically recur. Instead, you will always receive a reminder two days before your subscription ends, and the day that it ends, via your chosen email address.

How can I access selections?

Tipsters Empire sends a text message with the tips attached. From the text message, a link is attached to our log-in area, where you enter your own unique log-in to read the write-up on why each selection has been made.

cotswold racing tipsters empire charts

March 2023 Update

Cotswold is still going strong after a fantastic 2022 with the following results

January 2022 = +£323.42
February 2022 = +£34.43
March 2022 = +£21.55
April 2022 = -£53.95
May 2022 = +£161.70
June 2022 = +£317.21
July 2022 = +£56.06
August 2022 = +£109.24
September 2022 = +£26.53
October 2022 =+£308.44
November 2022 = -£63.90
December 2022 = +393.49

To £10 stakes this is a total profit of £1634.22 for 2022 which is an average monthly profit of £136.18.

Here are 2023’s results so far

January 2023 = +£30.80
February 2023 = +£345.05

July 2023 7 months in… Update

Here are the last 6 months’ results for Cotswold Racing, quite simply not good enough, and if it continues to perform so badly it may close altogether.

Another bad month in July 2023 putting the service into the red overall…not good.

2023 Results Month by Month so far

Here is our monthly run down in 2023 month by month when backing all of Cotswold’s selections to £10 stakes.

MonthProfit/LossRunning Profit/Loss 2023
Jan 2023£30.80£30.80
Feb 2023£314.25£345.05
Mar 2023-£23.50£321.55
Apr 2023-£209.86£111.69
May 2023-£129.60-£17.91
June 2023£46.98£29.07
July 2023-£139.07-£110
Aug 2023£491.31£381.31
Sep 2023£186.59£567.9
Oct 2023-£77.65£490.25
Nov 2023£92.49£582.74
Dec 2023+£77.33+£660.07

September 2023 Update

Certainly recovering the form of Cotswold has turned 2023 around and we now stand at over £567 to £10 stakes for the year!

November 2023 Update

The service is seeing a recovery as we draw to the end of the year with £92.49 profit added in November it takes the total for the year to £582.74 to £10 stakes which is not bad but not as good as some of the other tipsters we have found.

December 2023 End Of Year Update

£77 added in December 2023 took the total profit for 2023 to £660, a very small amount considering the cost of membership here, it did end in profit though and that’s the main thing but you would have to be staking more than £10 per bet to see a return here.

March 2024 Update – Going Strong Now

Cotsaowld has quickly turned around his service and is now looking very strong going into early 2024 with a total profit since launch now of £6397.

2024 he is already up £553.10 in the first 3 months which means he’s averaging a monthly profit in 2024 so far of £184.36 to £10 stakes.

MonthProfitRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024-£49.90-£49.90
Feb 2024+£362.90£313
Mar 2024+£240.10+£553.10
Apr 2024+£34.42+£587.52

Summary – Should You Join Cotswold Racing?

Overall yes, it is a solid horse racing tipster from a quality tipping platform and we highly recommend you give this one a try.

Cotswold has been a real game-changer for horse racing tips and we are often told that this service is the best people have found in their search for success on their horse bets.

Your Cotswold Racing Reviews

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