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Live Trial Tipsters Results

We are now adding full profit loss results for each 28-day live trial we run to our email subscribers, you will find the tipster’s name, a link to their website, and a full rundown of selections and results during our 28-day trial of their service!

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Currently, On Trial – Elite Horse Tips,

we will add a full rundown of the selections once the trial has ended

Tipsters That Passed Live Trial

Here is a list of tipsters who managed to pass a 28-day live trial of their selections and ended up in profit!

Foot Master

Foot Master started off remarkably well flying straight into profit only to slow down towards the end a little, but overall ended in profit and is a good standard football tipster with a selective approach.

Selections: 36
Won: 21
Lost: 14
Void: 1
Staked: £350
Returned: £375.50
Profit/Loss: £25.50

Verdict = PASS

Football Tekkerz

Football Tekkerz passed with flying colours, selective, profitable, and very easy to follow, with less than 1 tip per day, never in a loss!

Price = FREE
Sport = Football
Tipping Style = Standard


Download Full Results For The Football Tekkerz Live Trial In A Spreadsheet Below

For a free service, it’s easy to give this a verdict of a pass, profitable and free with no risk to try.

Cheek Pieces

Selective in his approach and very knowledgeable on horses Cheek Pieces guided us to a small overall profit at the end of the 28-day trial.

Price = FREE
Sport = Horse Racing
Tipping Style = Selective

Download Full Results For TheCheek Pieces Live Trial In A Spreadsheet Below

After trialing Cheek Pieces for a month we give it a tentative pass, the service is selective and ended with a small profit but lacks that something.

Tipsters That Failed Live Trial

services will appear here from May 2023

Top 10 Tipsters From Live Trials

Services will appear here from May 2023

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