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On The Money Tips Review

On The Money Tips Review £5
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On The Money tips is a horse racing tipster offering profitable selections throughout 2021 and 2022



£5 trial for 30 days


Welcome to this On The Money Tips review, we take a look at this horse racing tipsters performance over the last 12 months or so and reveal whether it’s worth joining and following today or not.

On The Money Tips is a horse racing tipster service on the Tipstrr platform, to find out more about what Tipstrr is and how it works we recommend you read our Tipstrr Review.

Service Name:  On The Money Tips

Service Headline: “Based on level stakes of £10, On The Money Tips has made £2,184 profit in the last 12 months across 881 horse racing tips (roughly 17 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £182.” correct as of March 2023

Service Cost: £5 for a 30-day trial / £19 per month, £85 per 6 months

Where To Join: On The Money website click here

Number of selections per month: 17 per week on average

Platform: Tipstrr

on the money tips profit and loss chart

Are These Tipsters’ Selections Profitable Long Term?

In short yes it is, over the last 12 months it has delivered a profit of over £2760 in profit that’s an average of £230 per month at the time of writing, once you take out your monthly membership fee of £19 a month (cheaper for longer) that’s £211 clean profit per month on average.

The current ROI at the time of writing this review is in excess of 33% which is simply incredible for a horse racing tipster service.

Easy to follow with around 15-20 selections per week you are not going to be placing bets all day like other tipsters.

Selections are usually sent out the evening before the next day’s races meaning you can get the best possible value price-wise.

Update March 2023

On The Money Tips had an epic 2022 with just 3 losing months from 12 and an overall profit for the year of £4195.80 to £10 stakes which was an average of £349.65 profit each month for 2022.

So far in 2023 January has returned a loss of -£137.50 whilst we had a profit of £68.20 in February and so far in March 2023, we are over £130 in profit, On The Money, tips are still consistent, and profitable.

Click here to try On The Money for 30 days for just a fiver!

Update August 2023

What a smasher of a month for this tipster who is growing in popularity and rightly so with £1312 added in profit this month (the biggest profit so far) take this service to a total profit of £1690.65 for this year to £10 stakes (that’s an average of £211 per month profit)

On The Money Review

Here is a full rundown of the results for On The Money during 2023 based on £10 stakes…

Update October/November 2023

October we had a small profit but in November we had over £430 in profit and a good year has been had with one month left to run it looks like On The Money is a success.

As you can see a small overall profit, but a profit nonetheless remains with potential.

December 2023 End Of Year Update

£760 for the final month of the year takes the grand total for 2023 to £3344.15 from just £10 stakes.

MonthProfit/LossRunning Profit/Loss 2023
Jan 2023-£137.50-£137.50
Feb 2023+£68.20-£69.30
Mar 2023+£278.80£209.50
Apr 2023+£210£419.50
May 2023-£170.70£248.80
June 2023-£20£228.80
July 2023+£149.25£378.05
Aug 2023+£1,312.60£1690.65
Sep 2023+£376£2,066.65
Oct 2023+£82.50£2,149.15
Nov 2023+£435£2,584.15
Dec 2023+£760+£3,344.15

March 2024 Update

2024 has started pretty well for on the money with a total of £379.50 added to the betting bank in the first 3 months as you can see below.

MonthProfitRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024£506£506
Feb 2024-£256£239
Mar 2024£140.50£379.50
Apr 2024£184+£563.50

Take a chance on this tipster it could well pay off big time as we have shown with our data.

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User Review
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  • Profitability
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