Tipster Blacklist

These are scam tipsters or tipsters who just are plain awful and should not be charging for their services.

Any tipster Listed here you should genuinely avoid unless you want to make some big losses.

If you want to report a scam tipster you can do so here

This list may be a little out of date but these are the worst offenders so far.

1) The Racing Tipsters

racing tipsters review

Run by Phil Rushton this service has been plain awful when emailing him(the service) response times are days or even weeks. There is a lot of blurb about this service but it is very false info I don’t want to call it a scam but there is a lot of fibbing going on with this one and I would be VERY wary of joining.

2) Betting Barry

we trialed this service and personally, I found it a disgrace but it is not a scam just a service with false profit/loss and poor results. This could change so let me know if you have had a better experience.

3) Football Betting Master / Football Betting Tipsters

So it turns out that both of these services are fraudulent and do not deliver on their promises, they are also both run by the same person and have a lot of misleading things on the sales page and website.

Football betting master and the other services were at one point approved but were reported by a user and were investigated and removed, and duly blacklisted.

4) Win Chaser

As you will read in our Win Chaser review this service is owned and run by a guy called Eddie who owns and runs a number of awful services.

This service has fraudulent images and testimonials on its sales page and is possibly only set up to get your email address.

5) Get Your Tips Out

Falsifying results is the number one way to get listed on the blacklist. We have had numerous bad reports on this one so we decided to re-review it (as it’s a free tipster it is unusual it would be blacklisted). Yet another service to avoid.

6) Win Lords/Auto Win Machine

Again false testimonials and pictures on the sales page. The contact page email for this service refers you to the auto-win machines email address…This service should also be added here at some point.

7) The Syndicate

Numerous user reviews and comments/email about this scam service which is falsifying results amongst other things so be very careful with this one.

8) @racinggtipster_ and @bigbentipping

Emails came in about this tipster requesting money after being hospitalized etc from his members. I had an in-depth email about @racinggtipster_ and @bigbentipping

User Warnings On the following tipsters

Users have gotten in touch via email or social media to flag the following tipsters to us one a tipster has been flagged three times or more they go on the blacklist above and we do not recommend joining any tipster on this page.

Amazing John On Facebook – reports that he charged £300 for something then blocked the user after money was sent via western union

@tommoracing (advertises in the racing post?)

@theinformer18 (advertises in the racing post?)

@VipInplayBetsss (asks to borrow money but does not pay it back) This tipster was reported to us on Twitter and when we attempted to investigate they blocked us from viewing their page or messaging them. They obviously have something to hide and we recommend you avoid this tipster service.

@Racing_TWP asked for money via DM on Twitter and has a terrible personality disorder. Abusive is also one to be wary of for sure.

Durkan and Rogers. Approach via phone, with the pro gambler repartee, offer guaranteed winners, when they fail make excuses and want big money for their advice AVOID.

Others To Avoid

The below names of systems and or tipster services have been reported to us to


Six-Figure Betting

Auto Income Bot

Betfair Profit Maker

Mystery Horse Bet

PIP jet

The Bet Plan

The Football Angle (previously an approved service that was then removed from click bank for violations)

Oriental Tips (the owner runs numerous poor services)

JK Racing (proven fraudulent tipster defrauding numerous tipsters and sending emails to businesses to defraud them)

Report A Scam Tipster