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Underdog Racing Tips Review – Top Dog For Horses

"Sensational it really is, the amount of profit this service is racking up from football tips is unheard of."
Underdog Racing Tips Review
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  • Value For Money
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Underdog Racing Tips is a tipster service offered on the Tipstrr tipping network, this has been a highly successful and profitable tipster service over the last year or so and is well worth a look.


  • Profitable selections
  • Trusted platform
  • Consistent
  • Massive amounts of profit delivered


  • Price is a little high perhaps but worth it
  • Some long losing runs but usually recovered with huge profit over time

Welcome to my Underdog Racing Tips review, this tipster has been causing a stir of late especially at the time of writing this review.

Going back to March 2021 where his profit for the month sat above £3000! (update 2023 he is at over 16k).

They have had winners at 50/1 and above recently so it is a fun tipster service to follow even at small stakes.

Underdog Racing Tips is a horse racing tipster offering his selections on the Tipstrr tipping platform, which keeps records and clear profit loss data for every service they offer.

Service Headline: “We look for lively outsiders so if you love the thrill of a big-priced winner we could just be the tipster that you have been looking for.

All our bets are advised each way and with odds ranging from 16-1 right up to 66-1 so if you have the nerve and love the thrill of a huge priced winner then welcome aboard.”

How to join Underdog: Visit the website below

Tipster Name: Underdog Racing Tips

Website: Tipstrr.com/Underdog-Racing-Tips

Platform: Tipstrr – Website/Email/App

Service Cost: £9.99 for a 30-day trial and then either £19  a month, £48 for a quarter, or 1 year for £135

Profitable: Yes

Tipping Style:  Aggressive (3-8 bets per day)

ROI: Varies but it is currently 48% as of March 2021

Underdog Racing Tips Review – Is It Profitable?

The main question you will all want to know is can this service offer you a sustainable profit for a long period and the answer is yes it can.

Over the last few years, you can see pictured below just how well this horse racing tipster has performed and it makes good reading.

underdog racing tips results 2024
click the image to see in more detail

Only 6 losing months from 16 means 10 profitable months and March 2021 looks set to wipe out any losing months for the last two years on its own.

A very fun service to follow as it targets outsiders with very good value in the odds, and as I said previously they have had winners at 50/1 and bigger since I have been following their selections.

Offering an ROI above 48% is insane considering the prices of the horses they are tipping up each week, this is not a tipster service tipping odds on favourites week in and week out that’s for sure.

Their strike rate is 20% and the average priced horse in the last 6 months has been 17.8/1 whilst the bi-annual profit is £5305 or an average of £884 per month!

Click here to join Underdog Racing today

Update March 2023

Almost a year after we first reviewed the service and Based on level stakes of £10, UNDERDOG has made £11,800 profit in the last 12 months across 1549 horse racing tips (roughly 30 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £984.

Here are 2023’s Results so far

January 2023 = -£137.50
February 2023 = +£1,789.30
March 2023 = +£536.50 (as of march 20th)

underdog tips performance since launch

As you can see the service continues to perform well.

March 2023 ended in a profit of £824 in profit from our last update so over £300 was added towards the end of that month on top of what we already had.

Update July 2023

Another few months have now passed so it seems a good time to update you on Underdog Racing Tips progress…

Further down the line now how are we looking for 2023…

July 2023 is another great month adding over £1300 again to the betting bank!

Sensational it is how much profit this tipster delivers consistently, the amount of huge profit this service is racking up from horse racing tips is unheard of.

In June he added another almost 3 grand to the profit for the year which now stands at over 11 grand!

We are going to be moving it up the tipster table for horse tipsters so make sure you check it out

Update August 2023

Well another fantastic month basically, adding another £1570 profit to the bank and now making it a total profit for 2023 so far of over £14,074!

September 2023

What a month another £1,953.25 profit added to the 14k this service has amassed since the year began, sensational!

October 2023

Just WOW another £4814 of profit this month, this tipster has cracked the code that takes his profit to £20,842 for 2023 alone!!

November 2023 Update

A quiet month with only another £583.60 profit added to the total for this year which is now in excess of £21K!!!.

December 2023 Update

A small profit which is very disappointing given the number of tips advised which went into the hundreds! not sure many will be able to get the odds now that he has so many members tooo, its changing from the moment he puts them up.

2023 Results For Underdog Racing Tips Review

Here is the full rundown for Underdog for the whole of 2023, it makes good reading, the only downside is the sheer amount of selections advised.

MonthProfit/LossRunning Profit/Loss 2023
Jan 2023-£137.50-£137.50
Feb 2023£1,789.30£1651.80
Mar 2023£824.50£2476.30
Apr 2023£2,578£5054.30
May 2023£3,130.70£8185
June 2023£2,929.57£11,114.57
July 2023£1,390.60+£12,504.57
Aug 2023£1,570+£14,074.57
Sep 2023£1,953.25+£16,027.82
Oct 2023£4,814.90+£20,842.72
Nov 2023£583.60+£21426.32
Dec 2023£52.90+£21479.22

Update On Underdog Racing Tips January/February 2024

Straight out of the gates in January 2024 Underdog demolished things making a massive profit of £3,153.70, after an amazing 2023 it’s looking like more of the same in 2024 already.

Feb 2024 we added another £1856.80 of profit taking the total for 2024 alone to +£5010.50!

Click Here to join Underdog Racing Today

April/May 2024 Update

What to say really than more of the same huge profits from the selections you just have to make sure you get in early and I recommend using a betting exchange.

Over £6602 up in 2024 after over 15k last year.

MonthProfitRunning Profit 2024
Jan 2024£3153.70+£3153.70
Feb 2024£1856.80+£5010.50
Mar 2024£480.60+£5491.10
Apr 2024£1111.20+£6602.30
May 2024£3,735.50+£10,337.80

How Does The Service Work?

Pretty simple you join Tipstrr here, it’s free to join you then log in to your account and find Underdog Racing Tips, hit the subscribe button, and then follow the steps to use your Paypal account.

Once you have done that you can simply view the tips in your dashboard or download the Tipstrr app which will notify you of when the selections have been added.

Selections are sent out each evening for the next day’s racing this ensures you can get the highest odds possible by using best odds guaranteed bookmakers.

Then you simply place the bets each evening when they are sent or in the morning if you wish but you may not get the higher odds, and that’s it.

Very easy to follow each day having between just 2 and 4 selections to place.

Conclusion – Is It Worth Joining Underdog Racing

I think it is worth joining Underdog Racing Tips especially if you don’t like backing favorites, that being said it’s proven a profitable service for a long period now (over 2 years).


I would take the £9.99 for a 30-day trial option and try the service out for yourself. It is a very fun service to follow even at £1 stake, which may be the best stakes to start with due to the number of tips given each day.

Your Underdog Racing Tips Reviews

Have you used the Underdog Racing service before? Please create your own underdog racing tips review and leave star ratings based on your findings, when being a member of this service. This enables other readers to make an informed decision on joining the horse racing tipster in question.

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