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Templegates Horse Racing Tips And Why To Avoid Them

Templegates Horse Racing Tips have been in the Sun newspaper since I was a boy but that doesn’t mean he is worth following in fact I would go as far as to say that following his tips is a bad move.

But why? you may ask well Templegate gives a selection for each race at every meeting every day there is racing which means he is tipping around 30-60 horses a day depending on how many races there is.

Some quick maths would mean you would be placing over £30 plus of bets a day so that you don’t miss out on that one day when he does well. Templegate to my knowledge has only every won big once or twice in the last 30 years plus.

From February 2019 till January 2020 Templegates horse racing tips would have netted you a net loss of 13.26% and in that 12 month period there was no winning month percentage wise, every month was a loser.

Templegates tips are also often favourites so there is limited value in backing anything he tips up.

Honestly Templegate is the worst newspaper horse racing tipster I have ever come across, how he can even call himself a tipster I don’t know as he never wins in the long run.

So to summarise.. don’t use Templegates tips because..

  • Too many tips each day for each meeting
  • Proven not to profit across the year
  • Many losers
  • Huge bankroll to follow each tip so you don’t miss that winner
  • Rarely picks a big-priced horse
  • Favourite lover

Who Should I Follow Instead?

You should certainly take a look at the horse racing tipsters that I have reviewed over the last few years, I have found some really good ones in that time and I use them myself even now.

I base my reviews on ROI (return on investment) this means whatever you stake and what you get back, many good tipsters are in the 20% region meaning for every £100 you bet you would average £120 back.

Long term profitability is the only solid thing a horse racing tipster needs to provide and templegate’s tips do not do that I am afraid in fact most newspaper tipsters are plain rubbish.

One service I suggest you take a look at is Tipsters Empire, they have a number of horse racing tipsters and I am fully confident that if you joined those and compared them to Templegate after a few weeks Tipsters Empire would be way out in front.

You can get a 28-day trial of their services for £2.99 (the price of 10 Sun newspapers) it will be the best few quid you have spent.

Premium horse racing tipsters offer you

  • Long term profit
  • Quality write-ups and reasoning on why they have chosen that particular horse
  • Staking plans and betting advice
  • Big priced winners
  • More fun

and not loser after loser like templegate’s tips.

So Please Avoid Newspaper Tipsters

Avoid them like the plague, you get what you pay for and newspaper tipsters tend to use the stick a pin in it approach to picking their so-called NAPS.

But if you really want to follow them you can get templegates horse racing tips tomorrow at the suns website.

Visit the professional tipster’s section to find some tipsters that are guaranteed to outperform your newspaper tipster.

Thanks for reading and I hope I have saved you the pain of backing 30-plus losers a day by following the newspaper.