Off the Bridle Racing Review

Off the Bridle Racing Review – Win with something in hand

Off the Bridle Racing Review
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Based on level stakes of £10, Off the Bridle Racing has made £2,994 profit in the last 3 months across 200 horse racing tips (roughly 16 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £1,012.


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  • Still early days

Welcome to our off the bridle racing review, this is a horse racing tipster on the Tipstrr network offering selective horse racing tips with around 19 selections per week.

Headline: “Based on level stakes of £10, Off the Bridle Racing has made £6,255 profit in the last 12 months across 741 horse racing tips (roughly 15 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £521.”

Service Cost: from £19 per month or £48 per quarter

Bank Advised: None advised on site but usually 100 point bank is standard for Tipstrr

Platform: Tipstrr

Where to join:

Tipping Style: Selective

How Does The Off The Bridle Racing Service Work?

Off The Bridle delivers around 19 selections per week on average that’s about 2-3 tips per day so it’s not too hard to follow and won’t damage your bankroll too much early on.

Selections are posted on their Tipstrr page which you can log in to if you have a Tipstrr account (if you don’t get one here it’s free).

You don’t have to log in to the website all the time though Tipstrr has its own app where you can receive push notifications when the tipsters add selections and even bet on them directly from the app using your online bookmaker account.

You sign up for the service using Paypal which is safe and secure once you’re logged into your Tipstrr account then simply search for Off The Bridle and sign up and that’s it.

How Profitable Is Off The Bridle Racing?

Let’s have a look at the monthly breakdown of results for each month since this horse racing tipster service was launched.

off the bridle profit loss

Off The Bridle Racing launched in February 2023 so it’s still early days but below you can see a monthly breakdown of the profit and loss so far.

MonthProfit + Or Loss – (£)
Feb 2023-£8.70
March 2023£2,202.60
April 2023£1,141.60
May 2023-£6.65

Should You Join This Service Or Not

Based on our findings above we think it would be silly not to at least give this tipster a try for the 7-day trial to begin with, its already proven that it can deliver profits on horse racing bets for the short term, and if anything seems to be getting better over time too.

August 2023 Update

It’s been about 5 or 6 months since we initially took a look at this horse tipster and it has certainly gained some traction already and is now listed on our most successful horse racing tipsters list.

Here are the updated profit loss figures for this tipster in 2023

MonthProfit/LossRunning Profit/Loss 2023
Feb 2023-£8.70-£8.70
Mar 2023+£2,202.60£2193.90
Apr 2023+£1,141.60£3335.50
May 2023-£6.65£3328.85
June 2023-£168.75£3160.10
July 2023+£1,620.85£4780.95
Aug 2023+£196.40£4977.35
Sep 2023+£318.40+£5,295.75
Oct 2023+£318.40+£5688.75
Nov 2023+£567+£6255.75

October 2023 Update

Another solid month with £318.40 added to the bank taking us to a total profit in 2023 of £5688.75 happy days.

We think you should give this one a try for the £1 7-day trial it’s a good way to see for yourself with limited risk.

As we said it’s still very early days for this service but it’s one to keep on the radar going forward given its profitability so far.

November 2023 Update

Another great month with over £500 in profit added taking the total for this year (2023) to a whopping £6255.75, meaning the service is averaging well over £500 profit per month in 2023.

We will update the review in a few months’ time for you all should you want to wait a while on this one first.

Add Your Own Off The Bridle Racing Review

Have you used Off The Bridle racing tips yourself? add a review of your own below for other readers to see and use to form their own opinion on whether this tipster can deliver for them too.

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