Golf Tipster Reviews

Find the very best and most profitable golf tipsters on the internet. Tipster reviews have been adding reviews of sports tipsters for over 3 years now and we have filtered out the most successful golf tipster, especially for you. Huge priced odds can be achieved when betting on golf and we have certainly had a few of those including a 125/1 winner!

Read any of the golf tipster reviews below and add your own review if you have used the tipster yourself so that our readers can get the most up-to-date and honest tipster reviews available.

A tipster is only classed as profitable by me if it has achieved a profit after a period of 6 months or more so rest assured that any of the golf tipsters that you read about below have been checked up on for a long time.

Why Use A Golf Tipster?

Do you enjoy betting on and watching golf as a whole? but you can’t pick a winner to save your life, golf tipsters can help you out with informed previews, statistical analysis, and research that goes beyond a quick look in the paper.

Using professional services for golf can drastically not only improve your chances of winning but profiting in the long term too.