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Apollo Racing Review – Profits Into Outer Space?

Apollo Racing Review
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Welcome to my Apollo Racing Review, let’s take a closer look at Tipsters Empire’s newest horse racing service and see how well it performed in 2023 and how well it can do in 2024.


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Welcome to my Apollo Racing Review, let’s take a closer look at Tipsters Empire’s newest horse racing service and see how well it performed in 2023 and how well it can do in 2024.

Another successful horse racing tipster launched on the Tipsters Empire network, which hosts the likes of Rendlesham Racing amongst others.

Tipster Name: Apollo Racing

Platform: Tipsters Empire via Website/Email

Service Cost:  £4.99 trial for 28 days / other membership details on-site

Where To Join: Apollo Racing Official Website

Apollo Racing offers horse racing selections at larger odds for its members sometimes upwards of 40/!

Who is Apollo Racing?

I’m an Irish ex-industry professional with one of the big corps turned a full-time professional gambler.

I grew up in Ireland near the Curragh and went to school with some prominent Irish jockeys and I always had a keen interest in racing.

The gambling mostly but also any sort of statistical analysis on a sport was always something I was keen to explore so I would stick my head into it.

I was always trying to get better at my punting during college but still wasn’t making it pay. After college, I was starting to turn into a breakeven/slightly winning style of punter but was still learning and devoting a lot of my time to trying to get better.

I applied for a job in a racing room of a big Corp bookmaker not long after that.

I got the job met some smart people and could see how winners operated. This was vital in fast-tracking me to a profitable punter and it just grew from there. Eventually, the writing was on the wall that it was starting to cost me money to go to work. A bizarre paradox for most.

I decided to give myself 3 months as a “Mock” professional and treat everything as if I had left my job while not doing so. In each of my three mock months, I won my salary so there was no decision to be made in the end. I left that job the guts of ten years ago now and I have never looked back.

I don’t usually tip at the front end although if I see value anywhere, I will tip it. My edge can be broken down into three main components.

My model, my edge, and my opinion. All of which have taken over 10 years to develop and are still developing. I am not a god or any sort of boom merchant, I suffer the variance of losing runs tipping big prices. But given enough time and a decent sample size I will certainly win well, there is no doubt about that.

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Is Apollo Racing Profitable?

Since July 2023 Apollo Racing has delivered exceptional results for Tipsters Empire, giving a total profit of £1791 (at the time of writing in January 2024) which is an average of £330 profit per month to £10 stakes!

As you can see by the graph above it is a consistent upward move into profit every month, with the membership fee at £40 you are making an average total (with a deduction for the membership fee a month) of £290 tax-free.

Betting Bank Requirements

100 points is the recommended start for your betting bank. If you use £5 per point – £500 betting bank, £10 per point – £1,000 betting bank and so on.
Once your betting bank increases by 50 points you increase your bet by 50%. £5 becomes £7.50, £10 becomes £15 and so on.

Once you are a paying member you will have access to his full staking plan which is explained in detail.

What time are selections sent out?

Generally the evening before between 6 pm – 9 pm.

Is payment recurring?

No. Tipsters Empire chose to not set payments to automatically recur. Instead, you will always receive a reminder two days before your subscription ends, and the day that it ends, via your chosen email address.

How can I access selections?

Tipsters Empire sends a text message with the tips attached. From the text message, a link is attached to our log-in area, where you enter your unique log-in to read the write-up on why each selection has been made.

Summary – Should You Join Apollo Racing?

Overall yes, it is a solid horse racing tipster from a quality tipping platform and we highly recommend you give this one a try.

Apollo Racing has been in fine form during 2023 and there is no reason to think that will change in 2024, his ROI is one of the best in the industry right now.

February 2024 Update

A £155 loss in Jnauary 2024 followed by a £150 profit in February means it’s a neutral start to the new year we will report back again in a few months.

MonthProfitTotal Profit
Jan 2024-£155-£155
Feb 2024£150-£5
Mar 2024-£20-£25
Apr 2024-£62-£87

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