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The Football Tipster League -Top Rated Service May 2023

The Football Tipster League from tipster reviews shows which football tipsters are performing each month with our unique points system and table for Football tipsters, and also Horse Racing tipsters too.

We have picked 10 of our favourite tipsters for football and we are going to relegate services that go under -15 points every 6 months and swap in a new tipster that has performed well for at least 4 months before joining.

Our Points System

For each month we will be giving a tipster a points score on their results, this will be as follows:

+3 points = Very profitable month(+£200 or more)
+2 points = Profitable month (+£50 or more)
+1 points = Small profit for the month (£10-£50)
-1 points = Small loss (£10-£50 or under)
-2 points = Large loss (£50 or more)
-3 points = Very large loss (£100 or more)

The league will soon take shape and will be based on the top 10 tipsters in each sport.

The league is started based on April 2023 results and will continue throughout 2023, each month we will report on which is the top-performing service in each category.

Football Tipsters League

Here are the top 10 performing Football tipsters based on their recent and last month’s tipping.

All profits are to £10 stakes, not £50 or higher like on some websites, this si the first month of the football tipster league so expect things to change going forward.

RankTipster ReviewProfit Total profitPoints Total
1.In The StandsRead£222.95£222.95+33
2.Footy StarRead£208.50£208.50+33
3.Footballer TipsRead£204.60£204.60+33
5.Star TipsRead£164.40£164.40+33
6.Football TekkerzRead£115.70£115.70+22
8.Euro Football PunterRead-£57.50-£57.50-2-2

Top for April 2023 is In The Stands with an impressive month delivering 22.95 points of profit (£222.95 to £10 stakes).

5 services performed extremely well this month, and are as consistent as ever. 4 of the top 10 performed out of character in April delivering losses.

Click any of the tipsters names to check out their websites and what they have to offer as full profit and loss records for each.

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