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Footballer Tips Review – A Real Rarity In Football Tipping

Footballer Tips Review
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  • Value For Money
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Footballer Tips is a long-serving football tipster on the Tipstrr platform that has shown great success and profits from its tipping over the last year or so.


Good track record

proven profitable

cheap  considering the results


Welcome to my Footballer Tips review, this is a football tipster service with a difference because at the time of writing this review in June 2021 this service has had no losing months since launching in August 2020.

Update: Jan 2022 had its first losing month (17 from 18 months in profit since launch still incredible)

Averaging a profit of £253 per month since launch with a total profit of over £3000 and not a single losing month, you would be mad not to try this one out.

Tipster Name: Footballer Tips

Platform: Tipstrr

Service Price: £29/month

Where to join: Website here

Profitable: Yes

ROI: 14.7%

Football Tips Review – Worth Joining? and how does it work?

The Football Tips service is offered on the Tipstrr platform which is free to join, the service costs £29/month and you can join via Paypal which is safe and secure.

Once you have joined up as a member you can view the tipster’s selections in your dashboard and they will also be emailed to you, you also have the option on the Tipstrr app which can send you push notifications of new tips too.

Football Tips has delivered a total profit of just over £3000 at the time of writing had its first losing month from 18 months tipping (launched August 2020) meaning it had 17 months in a row in profit before January 2022!

What Types Of Tips does this tipster provide?

The main bets this tipster advises are Both Teams To Score and the Over/Under markets, very rarely there may be other bets advised but the majority are both teams to score.

Selections are given out in a reasonable time often more than 3 hours before and even up to 12 hours before, this means you will need to keep an eye out for selections so the Tipstrr app would be your best bet to follow them seamlessly.

footballer tips stats 2024

Update July 2023

Now featured on our best football tipsters list, here are Football Tips profit loss details for 2023 to £10 stakes…

July sees us add over £400 to the betting bank, and the overall progress of this football tipster continues on the upward curve.

MonthProfit/LossRunning Profit/Loss 2023
Jan 2023-£25.25-£25.25
Feb 2023£187.10£161.85
Mar 2023£106.90£268.75
Apr 2023£204.60£473.35
May 2023£275.30£748.65
June 2023£189.40£938.05
July 2023£406.90£1344.95
Aug 2023£422.90£1767.85
Sep 2023£254.40£2,022.25
Oct 2023£203.70£2,225.95
Nov 2023£258.40+£2,484.35
Dec 2023£134.20+£2,618.55

As you can see great progress so far in 2023, is still very much worth following this tipster for football betting.

August 2023 Update

Another £422.90 added in August 2023, continues the steep upward curve for this solid football tipster service.

September 2023 Update

Another £254 profit and the service continues to deliver handsomely on schedule.

October 2023 Footballer Tips Review

Another profitable month, it’s becoming a standard procedure for this service now.

November 2023 Update

£258 profit added and it’s like clockwork at the moment every month apart from January 2023 has been profitable this year!

December 2023 End Of Year Update

£134.20 more of profit in December 2023 takes the total profit for 2023 to £2618.55, not setting the world alight but certainly profitable.

March 2024 Update

Three months have passed since our last update and overall it’s hit and miss at the moment a good month followed by two bad ones, this doesn’t mean he can’t turn things around going forward but caution is advised for now.

Footballer Tip Review Update July 2024

We are now into mid-July 2024 so it is time to see how Footballer Tips has been doing for the last few months.

May 2024 was a bad month with a £97.40 loss, followed by a small profit in June of £31.80, as of now in July 2024 it’s heading for another loss but we will see how he does and report back in another few months.

Below are the total results for 2024 so far…

MonthProfit/LossRunning Profit
Jan 2024+£0.20£0.20
Feb 2024£211.20-£211
Mar 2024£425.90£214.90
Apr 2024£78£292.90
May 2024-£97.40£195.50
Jun 2024£31.80£227.30

Conclusion – Are Footballer Tips worth joining?

Well, based on the first year or so of data it’s a resounding yes from me this service features on our best football tipsters rankings, it’s on the Tipstrr network so you know that all tips are recorded and verified, and the strike rate is solid and most of all the profit is consistent and high.

Certainly, one to keep on the right side of, it’s possibly one of the most impressive new tipsters of the last two years or so when it comes to football tips there is a lack of profitable tipsters, but this one delivers.

Coming in at £29 it’s about right for a tipster of this quality there is a lot of room for you to make a profit at that price.

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This enables us to offer the best possible user experience to our readers and helps them avoid services that then either become corrupt or stop performing as well over time.

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