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Football Tekkerz Review – Has Potential And Its Free

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Football Tekkerz is a football tipster offering around one selection per day, its base don the Tipstrr network meaning all tips are verified and proofed in real time and full and independent track records are kept on this tipster’s selections over time.


Selective and profitable


Welcome to this Football Tekkerz review, this is a free football tipster service hosted on the Tipstrr network offering a selective yet profitable approach to football betting.

Football Tekkerz offers around 1-2 selections per day and has proved to be very profitable so far to follow, the service launched in March 2023 so it’s still early days but because you can try it free for a whole month it’s worth a look.

Service Name:  Football Tekkerz

About The Tipster: “Professional football tipster Since March 2023”

Service Cost: FREE

Where To Join: Football Tekkerz on Tipstrr

Platform: Tipstrr

What Is Football Tekkerz and how does this service work?

Football Tekkerz is a football tipster service on the Tipstrr platform (read our Tipstrr review for more info) to be able to receive the selections you must subscribe to their service, this costs nothing for the first 28 days as a trial and if you like the service it costs £19 per month on subscription via Paypal thereafter.

Once you have created a free tipstrr account here simply log in and find Football Tekkerz service Hit the subscribe button and you will now be able to track every selection they add as well as get your bets on them in good time.

Is Football Tekkerz profitable long term?

Having only launched in March 2023 it’s far too early to say yet, we have live trialed this service and it has passed the live trial you can see the full results for the live trial on this tipster here.

Of course, we will update this review over the next few months to reflect the progress of this football tipster and if anything changes you will be able to find it here good or bad.

Conclusion – Should you give this football tipster a try?

Fully recommend you join this service as it’s totally free, it has potential but we will have to see how it goes over the next few months, we will report back when we have more data.

One of the better free tipsters out there and worth a follow at the very least.

Live Trial Results

Football Tekkerz passed with flying colors during our 28-day live trial with our email subscribers, selective, profitable, and very easy to follow, with less than 1 tip per day, never in a loss!

Tipster Type: Football Tipster
Trial Length = 28 days
Selections = 27
Staked = £270 (£10 per tip)
Returned = £384.86
Total Profit/Loss = +£114.86


Download Full Results For The Football Tekkerz Live Trial In A Spreadsheet Below

It is certainly one to keep your eye on going forward and if the consistency is retained over another 4 or 5 months it will be well worth adding to your portfolio of services.

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