Where To Get Horse Racing Tips?

Where To Get Horse Racing Tips?

If you want to know where to get horse racing tips in the UK, you have come to the right place, we have compiled this article to help you understand what horse racing tips are, where to find them and how to use tips to improve your betting.

What Are Horse Racing Tips?

Horse racing tips are bets advised by a third party or “tipster” that has a good knowledge of the sport and has the ability to beat the bookmakers odds and deliver value to you the punter over the long term.

Why use them?

Using tips from professionals is a way of copying their bets and if they really are a pro they are profiting in the long term from betting on horses so it will pay you to copy them.

Paid Or Free?

When something is free its not usually as good as the paid option and the same applies with tipping, pros charge because they are often unable to bet on their own selections as bookmakers won’t allow them to place bets online or offline as they cost them a lot of money and are “not profitable”.

You can find the odd gem that is free though, but it will take a lot of trial and error.

Where To Get Horse Racing Tips?
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What Is A NAP Horse Racing Tip?

A NAP is simply a selection advised by a tipster that they think has the best possible chance of winning on that given day.

NAP is short for Napolean a card game of French origin where players would shout “Napolean” when they would have the best hand in the game so were almost certain to win.

Also known as NAP of the day bets these are the tips that usually get the most stake or points advised by a tipster.


NB is also used in horse racing betting this is just an abbreviation of “Next Best” meaning it’s the tipster’s next best tip after the NAP of the day bet.

You can check out our betting guides if you are a complete beginner to horse racing tips and betting on horses in general.


ROI is short for return on investment it’s a percentage based on how much you could make by betting on every tipsters selection over a period of time, anything 10% and over is more than worth following.

Staking Plan

A staking plan should be offered by any good quality tipster service and it’s a plan of how to stake money on the bets they advise you in order to maximise your return.

Finding The BestTipsters For Tips

You can find horse racing tipster reviews on this very site they will help you to find both the best free horse racing tipsters and the best paid horse racing tipsters available in the UK currently.

We take the time to check out certain things about a horse racing tipster when we review them such as their track record, their long-term profitability, and their overall performances.

If you want to find the best horse racing tipster check out our reviews today you won’t be disappointed.

Other Sources For Tips

There are other places you can get free horse racing tips every day though the quality may be drastically lower, sites like The Racing Post offer daily free selections and are possibly one of the better quality websites.

There is also AtTheRaces who offer a selection for each and every UK horse racing fixture every day and it’s completely free, though the reuslts are not generally great.

The Best Horse Racing Tipster

the best horse racing tipster we have found so far is SVB tips and you can find out why in our Who are the most successful horse racing tipsters in the UK article.

Our Top 5 Recommended Services

Here are some horse racing tipping services we recommend for you to try today…

svb tips review

SVB Tips – Number 1 rated tipster for this year and last year and continues to deliver both consistent and profitable selections for horses and other sports. The sheer amount of winning months and distinct lack of losing ones should be enough to pique your interest.

Underdog Racing Tips – Huge profits of up to £3000 a month can be had by following this tipsters bets, in fact over the last 12 months this guy has made an average of £1100 profit each month so far.

Cotswold Racing – From the ever-profitable Tipsters Empire tipping platform (read our Tipsters Empire review for more info) Cotswold has caught the eye mainly based on its sheer consistency and ability to deliver quality write-ups and profit over many years.

Loves Racing – A service that has been around for a long time and has even been featured on TV as it’s run by an ex-footballer called Brett Love. Still running today and for good reason, it’s profitable to follow over the long term.

Ed Culham Racing – This is just one of 5 or 6 Tipsters Empire tipsters that are proven to be profitable over the long term have full track records and continue to deliver good ROI (return on investment).


basically, there is a ton of places to get free and paid horse racing tips, a quick Google search will tell you that, but finding tipsters that can actually deliver you regular winners and make you money in the long term, that’s where we come in.

At Tipster Reviews, we have reviewed hundreds of horse racing and football tipsters over the years and we continue to provide free tips daily to our readers as well as live trial tipsters to our email newsletter subscribers.

We will always endeavor to bring you the very best tipsters and also keep you informed on the scams that exist as and when we find them.

Using any of the 5 tipsters for horse racing above is a good move if you want to start getting better results from your sports betting.

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