Best Twitter Tipsters

Best Twitter Tipsters Free And Paid

It’s certainly hard to find the best Twitter tipsters when Twitter is a huge social network that is growing all the time. With millions of accounts and new people trying their hand at tipping every day.

I have been trawling through Twitter for the last few weeks looking up hundreds of profiles.

I put the effort in so you don’t have to! so, who are the best Twitter betting tipsters for you in 2024 and beyond?

Who are the best Twitter Tipsters?

I have compiled a list of the most consistent Twitter tipsters below for Football, Horse Racing, and Tennis. I have also compiled a list of some of the best free Twitter tipsters to follow.

How to get access to the best free Twitter Tipsters selections

Following these social media tipsters is easy simply visit their Twitter page and hit the follow button and that’s it.

I wouldn’t recommend parting with a lot of money when placing money on their selections and I would always recommend visiting the tipsters section of my website to find the very best premium tipsters.

Some of the best free tipster services turn a profit overall but not many.

Often worth looking for professional tipsters who do charge but have a proven track record, good reviews, and most of all consistent profits.

The very best betting tips on Twitter are further down this page so keep reading.

best twitter football tipsters

Best Football Tipsters On Twitter – Social Media Tipsters

Here is a selection of good quality and if not the best football tipsters on Twitter. past success is not an indicator for the future but looking back on their results they are well worth following today.

My advice is to paper trade their selections first and always keep a record of their results, look for a profit-loss record too this is very important.

Here are some football tips on Twitter pages you should follow to try them out for yourself.

Tipster Reviews (@TipsterReviews)

Surprise surprise it’s us!

We genuinely do offer some good quality free tips for horse racing both on our Twitter, Facebook, and website every day at no cost to you at all.

You can also join our mailing list to get Live Trial tips from tipsters that you would normally have to pay for!

We would argue we are one of the best free Twitter football tipsters too!

Geordie Tipster (@TheGeordieTips)

A very popular football tipster on Twitter who already has over 110,000 subscribers offers free tips and predictions every day for Football ranging from Premier League to non-league matches.

Andy Robson Tips (@AndyRobsonTips)

Andy Robson Tips has been around for a while now and it seems to have a fair bit of success, posting many screens of big winning bets and accas on Football.

James Murphy (@JamesMurphyTips)

James Murphy Tips has over 80,000 followers and posts numerous free tips and accas every week, their Twitter football tips produce many big wins on there too, and the fact he has so many followers says a lot.

best horse racing tipsters on twitter

Best Horse Racing Tipsters On Twitter

Horse Racing is possibly even more diluted on Twitter with thousands of free racing tips on Twitter pages to follow.

These are the best Twitter Horse Tipsters I have found so far.

You can some good free horse racing tipsters on Twitter too, the easiest way to find out if they’re any good is to follow them (free on Twitter).

Keep a results table of the tips they give you before you put any money on to them for at least a period of 3 months.

Here are some of the best horse tipsters on Twitter…

Tipsters Empire (@TipstersEmpire)

By far the best free horse racing Twitter tipster offering informative daily selections and premium selections available.

Tipsters Empire offers high-quality and in-depth write-ups for their free selections which you can get emailed to you also for free when you join their newsletter here.

UKHR Tips (@UKHR_Tips)

Offers premium horse racing tips Twitter selections and more only when you sign up, so not free but has over 24,000 followers and you can get a free tip when you sign up for their email newsletter.

Betting Pro (@bettingpro)

Another one with a big following of more than a hundred thousand in fact, offering weekly free tips for horse racing and also for football too, well worth a follow.,

The Best Free Tipsters On Twitter

We have taken the stress out of your trawl through Twitter for a good free tipster on Twitter. Check out these quality tipping services they are all 100% free at the time of writing.

Bettingtips4u (@BTips4you)

With a huge following of over 8,000, this Twitter football must be doing something right offering free tips every week and informative posts on why they have selected them too.

Ron Williams

Ron gives out the occasional free selection and runs little promos to get free tips sent to you.

He runs a profitable horse racing tipster service so this is a wise choice to follow on Twitter too. Probably the best free horse racing tipster on Twitter.

Spicy Horse Tips

Previously a paid service is now free to follow and receive tips via email once you join. Showing a decent profit for the duration it’s been around which is about 3 months or so now.

Winners Enclosure

I stumbled across this one after a mate recommended it and after trying it for a few weeks.

I was quite impressed with their tips and thus had to add them to the best Twitter tipster list. They have a huge following and for good reason!

Another service that was voted on by members of the horse racing Twitter tipster community again is free and was pretty good from the few days I tested it out.

The get your tips out Twitter is not one I advise but they do offer selections too.

Free Racing Tips

Free tips for horse racing and free football tips Twitter can be a minefield, to say the least, so approach with caution but here are some of the better ones.

Free Super Tips

Free Super Tips was directly messaged to me by around five of my followers.

They were saying that they have had some success with their tips so this football Twitter tipster service is well worth a look.

Important note on FST – Tips are very generic and are not the most reliable at times, but they are free.

One of the better football accumulator tips Twitter pages out there.

Best Of The Best

100% Free horse racing system that delivers a quality researched horse tip for FREE every day.

All you need to do is pop your email in no credit cards or payments etc ever unless you want to join their premium service.

Again not Twitter-based but is free and sends tips directly to your inbox.

Top Football Tipster On Twitter

Free Football predictions service which has a good record with its tipster doubles.

Finding the best Twitter betting tipsters is not easy and I have done my best to give you a decent selection to follow.

Should you have any that you think are worth a follow don’t hesitate to get in touch and I can add them for you.

Tennis Tipsters On Twitter

I also thought I would add a Tennis tipster in for you all as not everyone bets on just Football and Horse Racing. Harry’s Tips is one of the best Twitter betting tipsters for Tennis.

Harry’s Tips (@betwithharry)

That’s it so far for the list of tipsters, always be careful on Twitter as there are some scam tipping services operating on there with the sole purpose of getting your money.


Like I said there are thousands of new Twitter tipsters showing up every day.

The best way to find which ones can deliver on their promises is to do the following.

  • Follow them for free on Twitter
  • Record which tips they give out on a spreadsheet along with the results
  • Look for their profit and loss records (no records is a red flag)
  • Never pay for anything via bank transfer always use Paypal and an official secure website if you are going to pay
  • Beware of scams and look for tipster reviews on their service before you think about joining premium tipsters.

So far Andy Robson tips Twitter is the only one that has stood the test of time.