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the wizard of big odds review
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Welcome to my The Wizard Of Big Odds Review this is a horse racing tipster service on the Tipsters Empire tipping network. Please note this service did have a waiting list but this is no longer the case but it does not mean they will close the doors to new members at any time.

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Smashing it for over a year and a half now this service is run by Tipsters Empire but the selections are advised by a true horse racing expert and that can be seen not only in the write-ups but in the services profitability long term.

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Service Name: The Wizard Of Big Odds

Headline: “ I fell in love with racing since my Dad and Uncle were bookmakers in Lancashire in the ’70s. I remember being about 10 and having my ears tuned to the blower system blasting out from the shop below. Ever since then my love of the sport has just grown and grown and I’m as much in love with the sport now as I was as a youngster. ”

Service Cost: Free to join waiting list / £40/month and cheaper the longer membership length you choose

Where To Join: Wizard Of Big Odds On Tipsters Empire

Platform: Tipsters Empire

The Wizard Of Big Odds Review – Why This Service Is Not A Fairy Tale

Firstly a tipster that has delivered results like these (see full results further down the page) warrants the utmost respect in this sphere. Consistently making money every month and at times really smashing it for me.

I started the wizard of big odds review proofing back in December 2019 and I have updated this page with my findings over 2 months further down this review but I think you will be shocked like me.

Since its inception in July 2018, The Wizard Of Big Odds has delivered over £4684 in profit which is an average of over £248 a month and an ROI of 37%.

Below is some more info on The Wizard Of Big Odds and how well he has progressed over time.

Ultra-progressive as the results show this horse racing tipster has certainly made a name for himself and is well worth getting on the waiting list now.

You can join The Wizard Of Big Odds here and get a 28-Day trial

Selections are sent out at around 9 AM every morning and Tipsters Empire sends a text message with the tips attached.

From the text message a link is attached to your login area, where you enter your own unique log in to read the write up on why each selection has been made.

A 150 point betting bank is recommended for this service and it is well worth considering the 12 months membership option to save 27% on membership fees for the year.

My Views On Tipsters Empire’s Tipping Wizard

One thing to note about the platform that Wizard If Big Odds resides on is the very stringent proofing that any tipster they host has to go through.

All of the tipsters on Tipsters Empire go through a minimum 3 month proofing period where they must prove themselves as profitable and not just profitable by a few points either.

This suggests to me that you get a lot of peace of mind through this tipping platform and they only want the best tipsters available for each sport for their members, basically they don’t push any old crap tipster.

You should also really consider the Tipsters Empire full portfolio membership for maximum ROI over the 6 tipsters currently on offer at reduced rates.

The Wizard Of Big Odds Review – The Last 2 Months Results Smashed It

Below is a full rundown of selections from the 1st of December 2019 until the 1st of February 2020 when I ended The Wizard Of Big Odds Review.

Decembers start bank was £4418.82 and by the 1st of February the bank had grown to £5644.32, this was an increase of £1225.50 or an average increase per month of £612.75.

You can join The Wizard Of Big Odds here and get a 28-Day trial

Take a look at the full rundown of results below.

01/02/204:10 Taunton – Ambion Hill10/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,644.32
01/02/203:00 Sandown – Ask Dillon6/11 point win12nd5,649.32
01/02/203:15 Mussleburgh – Arthurs Gift6/11 point win1unplaced5,659.32
31/01/201:20 Chepstow – Sizing Cusimano7/20.5 points win0.52nd5,669.32
31/01/202:55 Chepstow – Marley Firth9/11 point win1unplaced5,674.32
30/01/203:45 Ffos Las – Steel Native16/11 point win1unplaced5,684.32
30/01/203:25 Wincanton – Ibleo10/11 point win11st5,694.32
30/01/203:05 Southwell – Oud Metha Bridge6/11 point win12nd5,594.32
29/01/206:45 Kempton – Eljaddaaf10/10.5 points win0.52nd5,604.32
28/01/202:20 Down Royal – So Near So Farhh10/11 point win11st5,609.32
28/01/206:25 Southwell – Mister Music6/12 points win23rd5,489.32
27/01/204:00 Plumpton – Hymn And A Prayer12/11 point win1unplaced5,509.32
27/01/205:30 Wolves – Oberyn Martell25/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,519.32
26/01/201:50 Fontwell – Fenlons Court9/12 points win22nd5,524.32
26/01/203:00 Sedgefield – Stamp Your Feet10/11 point win1unplaced5,544.32
25/01/2012:20 Doncaster – Bootlegger12/11 point win11st5,554.32
25/01/205:30 Kempton – Double Reflection8/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,434.32
25/01/206:00 Kempton – Toybox7/11 point win1unplaced5,439.32
24/01/204:45 Wolverhampton – Seaport22/10.5 points win0.51st5,449.32
24/01/203:55 Doncaster – Eclair On Line11/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,339.32
24/01/203:45 Lingfield – Dutch Uncle15/21 point win11st5,344.32
24/01/202:35 Huntingdon – Dorking Boy15/20.5 points win0.5unplaced5,269.32
23/01/2012:40 Southwell – First Excel7/12 points win2unplaced5,274.32
23/01/202:45 Wetherby – Cosheston10/10.5 points each way1unplaced5,294.32
21/01/203:30 Exeter – Bellaym’S Grey14/11 point win1unplaced5,304.32
20/01/201:20 Kempton – Itmakesyouthink9/11 point win12nd5,314.32
20/01/202:30 Newcastle – Lugg River6/11 point win1unplaced5,324.32
20/01/205:55 Wolves – Double Reflection16/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,334.32
19/01/203:40 Wolves – Parker’S Boy66/11 point win1unplaced5,339.32
19/01/204:10 Wolves – Double Reflection22/11.5 points win1.5unplaced5,349.32
18/01/203:00 Ascot – Kayf Adventure14/11 point win13rd5,364.32
18/01/203:15 Haydock – Darasso2/12 point win2unplaced5,374.32
17/01/204:45 Newcastle – Newmarket Warrior10/10.5 points each way1unplaced5,394.32
16/01/202:10 Market Rasen – Ramonex9/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,404.32
16/01/203:20 Market Rasen – Perpignan4/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,409.32
15/01/203:00 Wolves – Poppy May18/10.5 points win0.53rd5,414.32
15/01/204:20 Southwell – Amber Rock11/10.5 points win0.53rd5,419.32
15/01/204:50 Southwell – Momtalik8/11 point win1unplaced5,424.32
14/01/203:50 Doncaster – Miss Mash16/11 point win1unplaced5,434.32
13/01/202:30 Southwell – Custard The Dragon4/11 point win11st5,444.32
12/01/202:20 Southwell – Blowing Dixie2/10.5 points win0.51st5,389.32
11/01/206:15 Chelmsford – Wimpole Hall9/21 point win1unplaced5,379.32
11/01/203:00 Warwick – Goodnight Charlie50/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,389.32
11/01/2012:40 Warwick – Megalodon14/11.5 point win1.51st5,394.32
10/01/207:15 Wolverhampton – Sing Bertie13/21 point win1unplaced5,184.32
09/01/204:30 Chelmsford – Fanny Chenal12/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,194.32
09/01/205:00 Chelmsford – Decoration Of War10/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,199.32
09/01/206:00 Chelmsford – Mr Fox12/10.5 points win0.53rd5,204.32
08/01/205:15 Kempton – Egotistic15/20.5 points win0.5unplaced5,209.32
07/01/203:00 Taunton – Storm Home15/21 point win1unplaced5,214.32
06/01/204:00 Chepstow – Loverboy12/11 point win11st5,224.32
04/01/203:35 Sandown – Mill Green10/10.5 points win0.51st5,104.32
04/01/203:00 Sandown – Wild West Wind14/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,034.32
04/01/2011:40 Lingfield – Voi9/10.5 points win0.53rd5,039.32
03/01/2012:50 Musselburgh – Ballycrystal Court16/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,044.32
03/01/2012:40 Hereford – Bindon Lane8/10.5 points each way 1unplaced5,049.32
02/01/206:00 Chelmsford – The Night King7/11 point win1unplaced5,059.32
02/01/203:30 Lingfield – Usanecolt9/11 point win1unplaced5,069.32
02/01/2012:15 Lingfield – Mr Mac11/10.5 points win0.53rd5,079.32
01/01/202:20 Fakenham – Queens Present11/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,084.32
31/12/1912:15 Uttoxeter – Dubai Outlaw9/11 point win1unplaced5,089.32
30/12/193:20 Lingfield – Archdeacon16/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,099.32
29/12/192:30 Leopardstown – Darasso13/21 point win0NR5,104.32
29/12/192:45 Doncaster – Kings Monarch11/11 point win1PU5,104.32
27/12/192:10 Chepstow – Carnspindle22/10.5 points each way 1unplaced5,114.32
27/12/192:50 Chepstow – Arthur’S Gift25/10.5 points each way 1unplaced5,124.32
26/12/192:30 Kempton – Epatante5/10.5 points win0.51st5,134.32
26/12/193:35 Fontwell – Brandy Cross14/11 point win0Abandoned5,109.32
26/12/191:25 Wincanton – Collooney9/11.5 points win1.5unplaced5,109.32
21/12/192:05 Haydock – Silver Eclipse8/10.5 points each way13rd5,124.32
21/12/192:25 Ascot – Papagana18/11 point each way23rd5,121.32
21/12/193:00 Ascot – Regal Encore16/10.5 points win0.51st5,141.32
20/12/192:10 Southwell – General Allenby9/22 points win2unplaced5,061.32
20/12/195:00 Wolves – Roman Warrior14/11 point win1unplaced5,081.32
19/12/194:00 Southwell – Emojie9/21 point win12nd5,091.32
19/12/198:00 Wolves – Usanecolt5/21 point win1unplaced5,101.32
18/12/191:20 Newbury – Sizing Cusimano14/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,111.32
18/12/196:15 Newcastle – Custard The Dragon18/11 point win1unplaced5,116.32
17/12/1912:25 Catterick – Mrsgrey6/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,126.32
17/12/192:40 Fakenham – Soarlikeaneagle5/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,131.32
16/12/192:50 Plumpton – Beet Topper25/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,136.32
16/12/195:10 Wolves – Nampara20/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,141.32
15/12/19No tips today5,146.32
14/12/197:20 Wolverhampton – The Eagles Nest20/12 point win2unplaced5,146.32
14/12/193:40 Cheltenham – Dame De Compagnie9/41 point win11st5,166.32
14/12/1912:45 Cheltenham – Nestor Park25/10.5 points win0.5unplaced5,143.82
14/12/1912:15 Newcastle – Bravantina100/10.5 points each way11st5,148.82
13/12/195:15 Dundalk – Santorini Sun7/10.5 points win0.5unplaced4,548.82
13/12/192:55 Doncaster – Aloomomo16/11 point win1unplaced4,553.82
13/12/191:00 Bangor – King Uther4/11 point win1unplaced4,563.82
13/12/191:20 Cheltenham – Peter The Mayo Man25/11 point win1unplaced4,573.82
12/12/191:55 Warwick – Shanroe In Milan9/11 point win0NR4,583.82
12/12/192:25 Warwick – The Distant Lady7/11 point win1unplaced4,583.82
12/12/192:35 Taunton – Vaziani15/21 point win1unplaced4,593.82
12/12/194:20 Chelmsford – Jane Victoria40/11 point win1unplaced4,603.82
11/12/195:40 Kempton – Illetyougonow7/11 point win1unplaced4,613.82
10/12/193:30 Fontwell – Pepper Street50/10.5 points win0.5unplaced4,623.82
09/12/193:45 Newcastle – Where’S Mick7/20.5 points win0.53rd4,628.82
09/12/195:45 Newcastle – Amood14/10.5 points win0.5unplaced4,633.82
08/12/1912:30 Huntingdon – Sammylou18/11 point win1unplaced4,638.82
08/12/193:30 Huntingdon – Thomas Shelby16/11 point win11st4,648.82
07/12/191:55 Chepstow – Acting Lass5/11 point win11st4,448.82
07/12/193:15 Aintree – Ultragold11/21 point win1unplaced4,398.82
06/12/1912:25 Exeter – Tactical Manouevre13/21 point win11st4,408.82
06/12/191:20 Sandown – Cesar Collonges9/11 point win1unplaced4,343.82
06/12/197:00 Newcastle – Uncle Charlie10/10.5 points win0.5unplaced4,353.82
05/12/191:20 Leicester – Colonel Keating4/10.5 points win0.5unplaced4,358.82
05/12/196:30 Southwell – Royal Sands11/10.5 points win0.5unplaced4,363.82
05/12/197:45 Kempton – Al Asef11/20.5 points win0.5unplaced4,368.82
04/12/191:45 Lingfield – Entangling6/11 point win1unplaced4,373.82
03/12/192:45 Lingfield – Norse Legend11/11 point win1unplaced4,383.82
03/12/193:05 Southwell – Golan Cloud14/11 point win1unplaced4,393.82
02/12/191:30 Plumpton – Shapiro7/11.5 points win1.5unplaced4,403.82
01/12/19No tips today4,418.82


I really really like this service, its very difficult to find a tipster in this sport that can deliver on a regular basis and shows genuine knowledge on what their telling people to bet on.

So may I suggest you get yourself on the trial option and fast because the sooner you’re on it the sooner you will get access to a professional horse racing tipster that delivers on its promises.

There are not many horse racing tipsters that can deliver these kinds of results and not for this long a period of time either so its a big thumbs up from me for The Wizard.

You can join The Wizard Of Big Odds Here

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