How To Be A Football Tipster

How To Be A Football Tipster – Patience, Knowledge And Profit

There is no guilt edge way of becoming a profitable football tipster it will take years of experience, practice, research, and time to reach this goal, but if you are prepared to give it a go keep reading.

Many fancy themselves as tipster just because they are an avid football fan of their local team, you may have met someone who thinks they know everything about Armenian football, but can’t find Armenia on a map or someone who bets on the favourites every week and thinks they will quickly become rich.

Though it will only be the most patient and focused of you out there that will develop into a football tipster and a profitable one at that.

We have to start with the basics and work our way up to the more advanced knowledge to being with.

study and learn the basics of football betting

The Basics Of Being A Football Tipster

Well, it would be a non-starter if you know absolutely nothing about football or you are not interested in football at all so some knowledge of a certain league is a good starting point.

Can you pick 5 different European countries’ teams and place them in the right division of their country? If not maybe you need to brush up a bit on your knowledge first.

Unfortunately just knowing that Borussia Dortmund plays in the German Bundesliga is not enough and you’re going to have to take the next step which is getting up to date with world football and keeping up to date.

Follow the latest news and updates there are many football websites out there that can give you the daily info you will need, focus on statistics of teams and how they play, watch highlights of matches and read math reports.

Don’t make the mistake of ill-informed betting and don’t just go on the limited info that is available from bookmakers websites when you place your bets either.

I would never bet one something I know nothing about I mean why do people palce bets on the Finnish league if they know notihng about the teams the players and the dynamics.

Keep Learning All The Time!

Knowledge is power learn everything you can and when it comes to palcing a bet if theres no leagues or suitable fixtures that you know enough about you simply dont tip or bet until ther eis.

Focus your efforts on being profitable, this doesnt mean palcing exotic bets such as scorecasts, accas or first goalscorer bets either straight wins , draws and handicap betting is the way to go.

You should always be picking the most likely outcome stats wise of a match when tipping football, especially if your findings show the favourite shouldnt really be the favourite in a match.

Stay patient and you will delive rmore profit in the long term than jsut tipping any old football fixture.

Know The Basics Of Football Betting

How are you going to be a pro profitable football tipster if you dont even know how to bet on it yourself? Learn all the bet types that are available a good palce to start is in our football betting guides.

The basic bet types in football are

  • Win/Lose/Draw (1/X/2)
  • Both teams to score
  • Both teams to score and win
  • Half time / full time result
  • Asian Handicap

There are hundreds of different betting market sin football and it depends on what angle you think you can excel at over others and be profitable overall.

How To Be A Football Tipster

Football Tipster Checklist

  • Be a football fan, watch as many football matches as possible
  • Improve your knowledge learn players, stats, leagues, teams, trends etc
  • Undertake the research you need to thrive
  • Be patient and take your time in making selections

The above list is a very good starting ponit if you want to learn how to be a football tipster, porhaps even write your selections down on paper for a few months and work out how good or bad you are too.

Develop Your Own Betting Strategies

Now you have the passion, knowledge and the basics in place and you know all the bet types in football betting you can start to develop your own strategies for betting and tipping for profit.

You may want to chekc out our Football Betting Strategies or do a quick google search to get some ideas on what you could adopt and improve.

There is going to be a lot of trial and error though you are goping to have to test things out thrououghly before you go live as a football tipster.

My advice would be to keep it simple, sometimes the simplest things work the best and if you have a kanck for jsut pickin the correct outcome of a game start there.

There is no universal way of becoming a successful football tipster and like I keep saying its dedication and patience that will pay in the long term.

Test out everything at your disposal, all the different betting markets, maybe laying teams is your thing (what is laying in betting?) and you are good a tpicking losers instea dof winners!

tipster customer service is important

Customer Service

Another huge factor of being a good tipster is giving good customer service afterall these pounters are paying you for your tips, you need to look after them.

Someone may not be happy and want a refund, just refund them chances are they wil lcome back at some point ifd you do well.

You want people to elave good football tipster reviews for your service so that it will bring in more people and thus more money for you.

Treating punters abdly is only going to hurt your income and your reputation so ensure that you deal with your customers as well as you can.

Offer A Trial Membership

Many tipster soffer trials, the best way for someone to try your service out for themselves is without any risk to them so consider offering a free trial month before you charge them anything.

This gives some transparency on how you do things and how profitable you could be to follow on football betting markets.

If you do the hard work they will stay as a member for years to come, so lnog as you keep up the hard work.

Summary of how to become a football tipster

Take your time be patient and learn give good customer service when you have members, continue to focus on the sole purpose of being profitable overall and success will follow you around.

Being a good fotoball tipster is not as easy as many wil lhave you think, and hopefully after reading this psot it has made you understand the work that goes into it and why tipsters charge for memberships.

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