goal lets go review

Goal Lets Go Review

Welcome to this Goal Lets Go Review, this is a football tipster that we live trialed with our email subscribers n real-time over a period of 24 days, usual;y we go 28 days but as the football season has now ended there was no point carrying the trial on for 4 days with no fixtures in the English leagues where this tipster focuses on.

Service Name: Goal Lets Go

Headline: “Free tips… pro tipster

I will let the results do the talking and when they are showing my skills I will introduce a charge for the service, so join now and follow free tips from a pro, simples!”

Service Cost: FREE

Where To Join: GLG on Tipster

Platform: Tipstrr

How Does Goal Lets Go Work?

Goal Lets Go is one of many free football tipsters on the Tipstrr platform all you need to do is join Tipstrr for free by clicking here create your free account and then go searching for a free or paid tipster you want to follow.

The tipster for Goal Lets Go posts selections in the morning each day when there are English National League fixtures you will get an update to say new tips have been added if you follow this tipster in your Tipstrr account.

All you need to do is log in each morning to view the free selections and you can even place your bets direct through Tipstrr with your existing bookmaker account.

Is Goal Lets Go Profitable?

Well it has to be a yes based on the live trial results you will see further down this review, being a totally free tipster means no upfront or ongoing cost and after 24 days we ended up with a small profit.

Goal Lets Go Live Trial Results

We trialed Goal Lets Go in real-time with email newsletter subscribers mailing out the selections each day for free and below are the results.

Selections: 36
Won: 11
Lost: 24
Staked: £170
Returned: £190.06
Profit/Loss: +£20.06

As you can see after 24 days of free football tips we ended up with a small profit of £20 which we cant grumble at the only thing we have to say is that the service started very well and tapered down towards the end of the season, that being said profit is profit.

I definitely recommend you give Goal Lets Go a try it’s free after all!

Your Goal Lets Go Reviews

Have you used the Goal Lets Go free football tips service before or are you a current member of this tipster service? Please leave your reviews below for other readers to see and use to form their own opinions on whether they should give it a try too.

Goal Lets Go Review
  • Value For Money
  • Profitability
  • Potenital
User Review
  • Value For Money
  • Profitability
  • Potenital
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Goal Lets Go is a free football tipster service that focuses on English National leagues, we performed a 4 week live trial of the tipster’s selections without subscribers and these are our findings.


free and potential to be profitable long term


sometimes inconsistent

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User Review
  • Value For Money
  • Profitability
  • Potenital

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