Tip Man Tips Review

Tip Man Tips Review

Tip Man Tips Review
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Tip amn tips is a multi sports tipster service offered via Telegram, it is easy to join and use and has been profitable to follow especially on Football betting.


  • Solid football tips
  • Profitable to just £10 stakes
  • 50% off first month


  • Not great at horse racing tipping

Welcome to our Tip Man Tips review, Tip Man Tips is a sports tipping service. They offer selections for Horse Racing, Football, and even Tennis, Boxing, and Golf on occasion.

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Service Headline: “Voted the best UK Racing Tipster 2022 by Britishracecourses.org Subscribe to access our community of sports tips and betting tips.”

How to join Tip Man Tips: Visit Tipmantips.com

Tipster Name: Tip Man Tips

Platform: Tip Man

Service Cost: £20-50 a month, Depending on which service option you choose

Profitable: Yes

Tipping Style:  Standard (1-8 bets per day)

Bankroll recommended: £100-£1000

How Does Tip Man Tips Work?

Signing up to Tipman is easy, simply visit their website here and click the subscribe now button.

Create an account using your name and email address and choose a password, you will then gain instant access to their Premium Telegram group and receive proven sports betting tips!

Download the Telegram app if you haven’t already, then click the message bot button on the Tip Man Tips website, the bot will guide you through the rest of the signup process.

Is Tip Man Tips Profitable

Yes is the answer but there is a caveat to that, from looking at their profit loss data it seems they excel over Football betting more than Horse Racing currently.

tip man tips profitable

This could change over time but by following all their advice on all sports, they are profitable even to low stakes like £10 (as shown in the above image).

Elite Value

The Elite Value option is by far the most profitable service they offer, in fact for 2024 they are already +515.66 points in profit, which is around £5156.60 to just £10 stakes.

What is Value Betting?

Elite value focuses on Value Betting, A value bet is simply a bet where the likelihood of a given outcome is higher than what the odds offered reflect.

This means that the expected return is statistically positive. Value betting, therefore, means betting only when your chances of winning are higher than the bookmaker estimated.

What The Elite Value Tip Man Tips Service Offers

Elite Value costs £50 per month to join and offers the following to you as a new customer.

  • 100% monthly profit record to date every month since they launched they have finished in profit.
  • Edge on the bookie on every pick the edge the Bookies use to profit is flipped to them for their advantage.
  • Use of multiple bookies – They use multiple bookmakers to search for the best prices available and utilize offers and enhancements.
  • All picks from state-of-the-art, in-house built software they have in-house custom-built software to select our bets.
  • Most exclusive service in the United Kingdom- Their service is limited in spaces and there is a waiting list to join.

Bankroll Requirements

The bankroll advised for customers to use with Tip Man Tips is to Divide your monthly budget into 100 points, it can be done with any budget and any value, here are some examples below.

  • £100 Monthly Budget – £1 Point Value
  • £200 Monthly Budget – £2 Point Value
  • £500 Monthly Budget – £5 Point Value
  • £1000 Monthly Budget – £10 Point Value

All bets are offered on a points basis, for example, 2 points win on a horse is 2x your point value if your budget is £1000 per month that’s a £20 win bet on that horse.

Should You Join Tip Man Tips?

We think Tip Man Tips is a good professional service that warrants a look at the very least, the results are very impressive from a Football point of view and Elite Value has a lot more to offer than just tips.

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