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The Rugby Tipster Review – How Does It Work?

If you are looking for a good rugby tipster look no further than this post that will help you locate profitable rugby tipsters that can increase your chances of winning in the long term.

We review Rugby Tipsters in other words we take a look at what they have to offer and then try the service out for a period of time usually a month to 3 months to get a good idea.

Sometimes we do live tipster trials with our newsletter subscribers so you can see in real-time how good or bad tipsters for certain sports are without paying a penny.

Rugby Tips – What to expect

When betting on Rugby the usual selections advised by tipsters for Rugby are straight wins eg. home and away, or Under/Over on scores.

There are some that offer handicap tips for Rugby also but not many, It’s very much usually straight win bets meaning you bet on one team or the other with the odd occasion a draw may be tipped.

Find a tipster that offers the most interesting selections to you, if you like to watch games that you bet on then straight wins may be the best option.

Weekend Tips – Weekend only or all week?

Some Rugby tipsters only offer selections on the weekend but there are mid-week games often too, ideally, you want to find a successful tipster that is delivering long-term profits and a good ROI (return on investment).

How We Review A Rugby Tipster

We will be adding more and more Rugby tipping services over the course of 2022 as it seems to be getting more popular, how do we review them you may ask well let us clarify.

When reviewing Pro Rugby Tipsters we look at the following criteria:

  • Long-term profit (service must have been going at least 6 months to get a real view of how profitable it is)
  • Good ROI (there is no sense betting on tips from a tipster that is only delivering you a 1% gain on every £100 you stake, though it’s profitable its too risky ROI should be above 10% minimum)
  • Customer services – does the tipster reply to its users and offer customer service that is at least satisfactory, refunds, and so on where needed.
  • A steady amount of selections per day – some tipsters offer way too many tips per day making it one unaffordable to follow and two very time-consuming, one to 3 tips per day is more than enough.
  • A staking plan, pro tipsters offer their own staking plan which explains why and how you should stake money on their selections to give maximum profit.
  • A full record of their tipping history and a profit loss chart (past performance is not an indicator for future performance but it is a very good indicator nonetheless)

With all these factors considered we then follow the service and watch how it does over time, if it delivers good results we usually add a rugby tipster review to the site for our readers to look at, it also enables anyone to add a review that has used that tipster themselves.

Why Our Rugby Tipster Reviews Are Reliable

We take the time to check up on tipsters and we only add the best tipsters to our approved tipsters section, these are the services that deliver good ROI over a long period of time with highly profitable results.

We also by enabling users to add their own reviews add a layer of protection if a service for some reason takes a turn for the worse further down the line.

Don’t forget you can get free tips for many sports by joining our very own free tip newsletter.

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