the days best tips review

The Days Best Tips Review

The Days Best Tips Review
  • Value For Money
  • Profitability
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User Review
  • Value For Money
  • Profitability
  • Potenital
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The Days Best Tips is a horse racing tipster service that has been offering profitable horse racing tips for a long period of time.


£1 trial and profitable


lots of selections

Hello and welcome to our The Days Best Tips review, this is a Horse Racing tipster service on the Tipstrr betting network (read our Tipstrr review for more info on their platform).

Based on an average stake of £6.30, The Days Best Tips has made £4,493 profit in the last 6 months across 2125 horse racing tips (roughly 85 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £777.

Headline: “Professional football tipster”

Service Cost: £1 trial for 7 days then £29/month or £73/quarter(other options may be available)

Bank Advised: £1000 maximum (£10 per point) £150 minimum (£1 a point)

Platform: Tipstrr/Website or App

Where to join:

Starting Bank: 150 advised but 100 is possible if you reduce the stakes advised from £10 to £1

How Does The Days Best Tips Service Work?

TDBT delivers around 85 horse tips a week on average, they are posted on their Tipstrr page which you can log in to if you have a Tipstrr account (if you don’t get one here it’s free).

You don’t have to log in to the website all the time though Tipstrr has its own app where you can receive push notifications when the tipsters add selections and even bet on them directly from the app using your online bookmaker account.

You sign up for the service using Paypal which is safe and secure once you’re logged into your Tipstrr account then simply search for The Days Best Tips and sign up and that’s it.

An In-Depth Look At The Days Best Tips’s Profit

As mentioned further up the page TDBT is proven to be profitable as Tipstrr is an independent service to the Tipstrr they verify all selections and add results and keep profit and loss data for the tipster.

The Days Best Tips full stats since launch are below for you, as you can see there has been a very gradual upward curve of profit for this horse tipster since its launch in July 2022.

days best tips results
MonthProfit + Or Loss – (£)
July 2022+£398.50
August 2022+£652.09
September 2022+£373.53
October 2022+£505.19
November 2022-£281.74
December 2022+£956.54

Just one losing month so far since launch which was quickly erased from our memories after a fantastic following month.

Should You Join The Days Best Tips?

A very good start so far in its last 6 months delivering a very respectable ROI and profit for its members.

I think based on the track record which is proven and verified you would be wise to take the 7-day £1 trial as not many horse racing tipsters do that well straight off the bat.

Update June 2023

Here are 2023’s results so far for The Days Best Bet to £10 stakes…

MonthProfit/LossRolling Profit/Loss For 2023
Jan 2023-£156.60-£156.60
Feb 2023-£426.70
Mar 2023-£408
Apr 2023£200.55
May 2023-£546.30

Now at the time of writing on 13th June 2023 for June, he is +£1,903.60 so far for the month, but this is too little too late in my opinion and it may be worth avoiding for now unless he can build on this going forward.

Add Your Own The Days Best Tips Review

Have you used TDBT football tips yourself? add a The Days Best Tips review of your own below for other readers to see and use to form their own opinion on whether this tipster can deliver for them too.

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User Review
  • Value For Money
  • Profitability
  • Potenital