Online Casino Betting Systems Explained

Online Casino Betting Systems Explained

Online casino betting systems allow players to earn more money while gambling. Click here and learn how to boost your bankroll.

Online Casino Betting Systems: Keep Your Budget Under Control

Online casino betting systems allow players to control their budgets and win more money in potential. These strategies won’t make your gambling skills better. You’ll find many sources saying these systems will help you become a billionaire. Though we would like it to be true, we have to admit it’s far from reality.

However, betting systems can allow you to keep the bankroll in check and turn your focus on the game. That said, by using betting tactics, you won’t have to worry about being left stranded with no money after a challenging game of poker or blackjack. We’ll present you with everything about casino betting strategies in the following lines. Prepare to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s start.

Betting System Types

People have always been looking for different ways to gain an advantage while gambling. As a result, a number of different betting strategies emerged as a means to boost players’ bankrolls. Today, we can distinguish several betting types:

  • Positive progressive online casino betting system,
  • Negative progressive betting system.

Positive Progressive System

The main concept behind this strategy is to increase your wager after each win. You will increase the wager amount each time your bet wins. In contrast, if you lose, you reduce your stake accordingly. Here’s an illustration of how to use a positive progressive casino betting strategy.

Imagine you’re at a roulette table now. Place a €3 bet on red, for instance. When using a positive progression strategy, you need to increase the amount of your bet every time you win. That said, the next time you win, you’ll bet €6, then €12, and so forth. If you lose, you’ll reduce the wager according to the chosen betting system.

Negative Progression System

Many gamblers consider this strategy as against natural logic. However, the reality is – this system worked for plenty of players. The idea is to raise stakes after every loss. Assuming that chances are you’re going to have more losses than wins in a casino, this may seem like a bold strategy. This tactic is mostly used in blackjack, designed to improve your gambling experience.

The strategy relies on the premise you won’t always have a long series of losses. In other words, this tactic is based on the hope you’ll hit a string of wins eventually. The only problem is, what happens if luck turns its back on you? Don’t worry; there’s a solution for that too. We’ll cover that in later sections.

Let’s once again use roulette as an example of the negative progression of online casino betting systems. Let’s say you bet €2 on 35 black in European roulette. Using this progression strategy means you’ll increase your wager every time your bet turns unsuccessful. That means that your next bet will be €4 when you lose, then €8, €16, etc.

Truth be told, this system is slightly riskier than its positive counterpart. However, the reward is significantly greater. Now, let’s see what kind of betting systems regular players use when gambling in a casino.

Martingale Betting System

This strategy is one of the most common among gamblers of all types. The origins of this system trace back to the 18th century. John Henry Martindale (not a typo) was led by a premise no gambler can lose all the time. This strategy follows a simple pattern. Players are supposed to double their amounts after every loss. You continue to double your bet until you win.

For instance, if your initial bet size is €10, your next wager should be €20 if you lose. After the subsequent loss, your bet should be €40, then €80, and so on. With a pinch of luck, you can earn a lot of money in the short term. What makes this tactic stand out from the rest of the online casino betting systems is even if you fall into a streak of losses, you can recover the amount after one success.


Players have a chance to win back the lost money,

Potential for huge winnings,

Great for beginners,

Suitable for all casino types


Martingale is not recommended for players with a limited budget,

Players can exceed their bet limits if careless.

Paroli Betting System

This strategy uses a tactic that is opposite to the Martingale. The focus of the Paroly system is to double your amount after every win. Players start with the lowest wager on any even bet and then double the stake after a successful bet. If you lose, you should restart the system and start all over.

This strategy is suitable for players with a lower budget. The tactic relies on the premise that all wins and losses come in predetermined patterns.


Available to low-budget players,

Can provide success in the short term,

It fits all budgets;


Ineffective if you don’t hit three consecutive wins,

Questionable results in the long run,

Theoretically, you have more chances of ending in a losing streak than hitting three wins in a row.

Paroli Betting System

This tactic is more complex than the aforementioned online casino betting systems but still easy to implement. Players need to determine their budget for this strategy to succeed. Here’s the theory: If everything goes as planned, every subsequent wager after the win is actually an investment from the cash you won at the casino initially. As a result, the Paroli strategy allows you to make cash with little risk.

The idea of an upper limit came as a security measure. It protects you from losing control of the game and risking losing a larger sum of money in the long run. What’s more, Paroli’s strategy is equally efficient against even odds and those in favor of the house.


It keeps you away from significant losses,

Allows setting the wager limit,

Not limited to even odds wagers only;


A losing streak can severely hit your budget,

It does not affect the house edge;

Start Implementing Betting Strategies

If you wish to diversify your gameplay, we advise you to test out these strategies. Moreover, we recommend trying out different scenarios and sticking to one that suits you the most. You can start playing free casino games and demos. This will give you an insight into each strategy’s mechanics.

Furthermore, you can try searching for no-deposit online casinos. If you need any help finding legit and trustworthy virtual venues. Such resources can help you find the best casino deals and provide you with more details about each game. After putting in enough hours to work, try some of these betting systems with real money.

Final Thoughts 

Online casino betting systems won’t turn you into a gambling millionaire for sure. What they will do is help you to keep your budget under control. In addition, these strategies can help you increase your winning in the short term. As you can see, there are many different betting strategies. Luckily, you have many resources you can use to test out each of them. It is vital to choose a strategy that suits you the most and not risk burning your bankroll. Good luck and gamble responsibly.

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