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What Are The Most Common Types of Online Casinos?

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People usually can’t tell that there are different types of online casinos out there. Casino is a casino right? Not really, no. But that’s okay, a lot of people compare casinos online and can’t really tell the difference. That’s because the difference isn’t as obvious as you might imagine. 

Even though online casinos differ, they all have pretty much everything you’d expect an online casino to have, such as different games, different bonuses, and so on. The main difference is in the casino’s strong points. With that in mind, here are the most common types of online casinos. 


Sportsbook casinos, otherwise known as sport betting sites excel at exactly what their name suggests, which is online sports betting. They all have what other online casinos have but their main focal point is sports betting. 

So yes, there are casino games, like slots, poker etc. but that’s just there if someone wants a bit of entertainment while waiting for their favorite game to start. Even among sportsbooks there are major differences. 

Some sportsbooks focus on horse races and have numerous betting options particularly set for such events. Others focus on other sports, like football, basketball, and so on. You can tell the difference by examining which sport has the most betting options and other features. 

Online poker casinos

Similar to sportsbooks, online poker casinos look like pretty much any other online casino. They can have other casino games and even sports betting. However, their main audience is poker players. 

You can notice that if the casino has various welcome bonuses for poker games only, they host a lot of poker tournaments and they even have a VIP loyalty program for poker players.Such casinos have other sources of entertainment but their main priority is poker in all shapes and forms.  

Online live casinos

These online casinos have everything a casino would normally have with one major difference. They focus on live casino features. 

In other words, they emphasize casino games that have live dealers and games are played in real-time like an actual game in a brick-and-mortar casino only in this case players are online and are sitting at a virtual table. 

Live casinos provide a different level of experience and entertainment than other casinos, which is why they insist on live casino games. You can also tell which is which by checking out welcome bonuses and game selection. 

Online slot game casinos

Have you ever visited an online casino only to notice they have nearly a thousand different slot games from various providers, while there are just a few other casino games? You have stumbled upon an online slot game casino. 

As you might expect, they focus solely on slot games. The main reason is that slot games are, indeed, the most popular and entertaining casino games out there. 

Different developers create various slot games with different themes, hidden bonuses, and levels, as well as with unlockable additional reels and many other features that make the game more exciting to play. 

When you have hundreds or thousands of slot games, it’s only natural that you’ll attract slot game enthusiasts. Other players are welcome, of course, but if you’re not into slots, there’s not much you can do to keep yourself entertained. 

Online bingo casinos

If you’re wondering who plays bingo games aside from the elderly, you’d be surprised how many people actually enjoy this type of casino games. Online bingo casinos have various bingo games, bonuses, and special prizes for their bingo players. 

There’s something about the uncertainty regarding bongo games that people love. You can basically always win something with the right strategy. On the plus side, it’s a very fun game to play because it usually involves multiple people playing together or against each other. 

You can unlock different rooms and there are always different ways to help you win. So it’s never a dull moment with bingo games. If you notice multiple bingo games, bingo-themed website layouts, and bingo welcome bonuses at the online casino, you’re at the bingo place. 

Closing Words

As you can see there are different types of online casinos that are difficult to tell apart. You can usually notice the difference by looking at the welcome bonuses, games selection, and other features that will tell you what the casino’s specialty is. 

If you’re looking for something specific like slot games it’s better to visit a slot game online casino than a sportsbook. That way you’ll have many more options available to you to make your stay more enjoyable.

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