How To Make Money On Betfair

How To Make Money On Betfair

Learning how to make money on Betfair is not always straight forward, When Betfair burst onto the scene roughly two decades ago, it sent seismic tremors through the realm of betting.

The novel concept of establishing an “exchange” where punters could engage in bets against their fellow punters, set their own odds, and even wager on the misfortune of horses or teams, was nothing short of a revolution.

In a flash, punters who had long been subjected to the specter of being blacklisted or constrained by conventional bookmakers, especially if they displayed a knack for winning, discovered newfound freedom to bet without undue restraints on Betfair.

Initially, many skeptics deemed it a transient craze, destined to fade into obscurity.

Fast forward two decades, and Betfair has metamorphosed into a multi-billion-dollar juggernaut, with a global presence that caters to millions of clients around the world.

Before you can make any money on Betfair you need to understand what it is and how backing and laying work we have covered this and more in our extensive selection of betting guides.

Among the manifold advantages offered by Betfair is the transformation of bettors into astute traders. They can now buy and sell, or back and lay, within various markets just as financial traders have been doing for years. This transformation permits Betfair traders to secure profits regardless of the outcome of an event, a maneuver their counterparts in the financial sphere have been executing for quite some time.

As Betfair and other exchanges have evolved over the years, an abundance of systems and strategies have been devised in an attempt to leverage the myriad opportunities that Betfair presents for trading, laying, hedging, and so forth.

A plethora of automation tools, software, and systems were contrived in an endeavor to gain an edge on the betting exchanges.

In the present day, navigating this labyrinthine landscape of strategies can be quite perplexing. Determining which strategies are efficacious and which are not can be akin to treading a precarious path, potentially risking a substantial portion of one’s hard-earned capital in the process.

Fortunately, this is where we, at Tipster Reviews, enter the scene. We have diligently tested a multitude of Betfair-related systems and strategies over the past several years.

We have subjected all these strategies to scrupulous assessments on our platform, meticulously documenting all outcomes.

So, after extensive scrutiny and exhaustive trials, are we capable of proffering an answer to the query, “How can one profit on Betfair?”


Below, we present our top 5 ways of making money on Betfair of the most exceptional strategies we have unearthed for reaping profits from the exchanges.

How to Earn on Betfair – Top 5 Methods

Without further ado, here is our rundown of the top five techniques for making profits on Betfair if you don’t want to use tipsters that is, listed in descending order from five to one, with the most exceptional method reserved for the finale.

  1. Tennis Profits

Tennis stands as one of the most fervently traded and liquid markets on Betfair. The voluminous sums of pounds in play on tennis matches witness the odds oscillating substantially throughout games, sometimes even from one rally to the next.

Consequently, tennis proffers a compelling prospect for trading. One service specifically tailored to unearth an edge in this domain is Tennis Profits.

Helmed by the same team behind the immensely popular Goal Profits service (also featured in this compendium), Tennis Profits boasts the expertise of Paul Shires. He has steered the Trade Shark Tennis service for over a decade and stands as a consummate professional tennis trader.

Tennis Profits encompasses an array of remarkable features, including trading guides and strategies, a comprehensive statistics repository covering both male and female players, a real-time stats tool for in-play trading, and a live chat forum where you can track the insights of the adept trader Paul.

It stands as the most exhaustive tennis trading service we have encountered, offering top-tier tools to augment your trading acumen. Paul’s mastery is unparalleled, and a brief sojourn in the live chat can yield a wealth of knowledge.

In sum, Tennis Profits is a superlative service for trading within the tennis markets on Betfair and merits a thorough evaluation.

  1. Little Acorns

Shifting our gaze to an alternative facet of Betfair, we come upon a system that concentrates on laying—formerly known as betting on horses to falter.

The Little Acorns system has stood the test of time, celebrating over a decade in operation, and has garnered multiple accolades, including accolades from Honest Betting Reviews. Essentially, it operates as a low-liability laying system for horses. It applies a predefined set of criteria to identify horses suitable for betting against in the exchange markets, always focusing on odds-on selections, meaning your wagers are always placed at odds less than 2.0.

We undertook a live trial of this system, and it delivered an admirable 189-point profit, boasting a 51% strike rate. Notably, this system has consistently yielded profits over a span of 14 years, making it one of the most dependable and consistent strategies on Betfair.

If you lack the time to personally curate selections, there’s now an alternative option of receiving them via email through the derivative service, Little Acorns Gold.

In either guise, the Little Acorns system stands as a paragon of longevity and a reliable route to sustained Betfair profits.

  1. Sure Favs

A significant evolution on Betfair in recent years has been the proliferation of various software and bots on the platform. Some of these tools aim to expedite and streamline trading, yet they necessitate users to craft their own betting strategies.

Among these software offerings is Sure Favs, a creation of the Exponential Bet team of system developers. This system automatically places bets on your Betfair account through cloud-based bet bot software, functioning seamlessly without the need for a VPN or continuous computer operation.

Sure Favs focuses exclusively on horse racing and, as the name suggests, it targets favorites based on criteria established by the Exponential Bet team. We conducted a trial of Sure Favs, which generated a noteworthy profit of over 170 points—an impressive feat. With all bets automatically placed on Betfair, the system is characterized by its simplicity and minimal user intervention.

If you seek a system that operates autonomously, conserves your time, and has a proven track record of delivering profits on Betfair, Sure Favs emerges as a compelling choice.

  1. Goal Profits

As expected, the most sought-after sport on Betfair is football. With near-constant matches available for trading, it’s a haven for sports enthusiasts seeking to profit on Betfair. A plethora of trading strategies tailored to football has emerged on Betfair, with Goal Profits reigning supreme among them.

Goal Profits comprises a package of over 30 trading systems, spanning various approaches and trading styles. It has earned several accolades as the premier trading system on Betfair and boasts a legion of devotees. This system includes an extensive training package featuring videos, guides, and a forum where you can track the live trades of seasoned professionals.

Some members even assert that they have transitioned to full-time trading based on the strategies within Goal Profits. While this claim cannot be definitively verified, the robust support for Goal Profits lends credence to its credibility. Notably, Goal Profits’ trading strategies are bolstered by an extensive database of statistics covering leagues worldwide, offering valuable guidance for selecting markets to trade.

Betfair, relying on a tried-and-tested strategy such as Goal Profits, is likely to offer a more promising avenue than venturing solo.

  1. Betfair Scalper

Betfair Scalper What distinguishes Betfair markets is their resemblance to the stock market, offering ample liquidity and notable odds fluctuations. With the right tools and acumen, you can emulate a seasoned financial trader without the need to predict event outcomes. This art of skimming small profits from minute odds shifts is termed “scalping.” It’s a proven and trusted technique embraced by traders worldwide on diverse platforms.

Understanding the art of scalping, however, is an entirely different skill. This is where our top-recommended Betfair system, aptly named “Betfair Scalper,” takes center stage.

Betfair Scalper essentially serves as an educational resource, guiding you through the intricacies of scalping the horse racing markets to consistently secure modest profits. The package comprises over 10 hours of instructional videos, catering to novices and experienced traders alike.

In our rigorous examination, Betfair Scalper yielded a commendable 9.2 points in profit over three months, with nine out of ten trading days concluding in the black. While each trade may generate meager returns, the cumulative effect can be substantial, gradually amassing substantial profits.

In conclusion, Betfair Scalper stands as an outstanding tool for those seeking to capitalize on Betfair’s potential.

How To Make Money On Betfair – The Conclusion

The advent of Betfair just over twenty years ago wrought a profound transformation in the realm of sports betting. It unfurled a tapestry of fresh opportunities for punters, encompassing trading, laying, hedging, automated tools, and a plethora of resources now at their disposal.

Nonetheless, with the profusion of options currently available, navigating the maze of strategies can be a daunting task. Distinguishing profitable methods from those that entail losses becomes a critical challenge.

Over the years, we’ve diligently scrutinized numerous Betfair systems, winnowing out the cream of the crop. The compendium above showcases our top five systems, each validated through live trials on our platform.

The quintessential principle for those aspiring to profit from Betfair lies in crafting a well-defined strategy. Long-term profitability is virtually unattainable for those who bet indiscriminately on sports without data-driven and systematic approaches.

While all the strategies presented above have matured over many years lean on data, and statistics, and often employ specialized software, they remain a robust choice for those seeking consistent returns. Utilizing such tools provides a far more dependable route to success than relying on intuition alone.

Irrespective of the Betfair strategy you opt for in your quest in how to make money on Betfair, please exercise responsible betting and only gamble funds you can afford to lose.

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