How to Become a Tipster and How Much You Could Earn

How to Become a Tipster and How Much You Could Earn

There is a huge difference between having an interest in different sports and betting markets and having the skills required to become a tipster. Our guide on how to become a football tipster is an excellent place to start for football fans, but what about other betting markets?

If you are going to become a tipster, your followers will expect expert guidance. Because of this, there is no way to bluff it, you must put the time and effort into becoming a trusted source of information.

Below you will find some top tips on becoming a tipster that can be applied to all betting markets, not just football. If you think you have what it takes to build a following and study the markets, keep reading. 

Specialist Field

The first thing to consider is what betting market you are going to specialise in. Being able to offer expert tips on every market would be great as you would be able to attract a wider variety of customers, but it is unrealistic due to the volume of information that would have to be studied to offer expert advice.

Your specialist field should be something you have a strong interest in as you will immerse yourself in every facet of it. This could be anything you can bet on including horse racing, greyhounds, rugby, tennis, golf, athletics, motorsports, and much more.


Studying your specialist field will help you provide expert advice based on citable information. This is essential to becoming a credible source of information and will help you gain a strong reputation.

An example of the research required to become a top tipster includes expert knowledge of venues and race tracks and how the weather can affect them. A top tipster will also have detailed knowledge of the participants that can be bet on including their history, form, how they perform in different conditions, and up-to-date information about fitness, injuries, and squad details.

Concentrate on a Market

With so much research required to become a tipster, it can be a good idea to narrow your field of expertise. This may seem counterproductive as it will also narrow your potential customer base, however, focusing on a particular niche can help you corner a specific market and allow you to build in-depth knowledge.

Self Promotion

Being the eminent fount of knowledge for a specified betting market is a great start. But, without the right audience, you would be as well to write your tips on a piece of paper and flush them down the toilet.

Self-promotion and marketing are essential to accruing a following that will help you earn money from your expertise.


The best way to attract new followers who are willing to pay for your advice is by proving you have a strong track record in predicting results and providing valuable information.

Nobody expects to win every time they place a bet, but mitigating the risk when placing a bet gives you a much better chance. People look to tipsters to provide them with the most likely outcomes based on credible information. This gives them the ability to make an informed decision on their selections.

Posting successful results shows your potential clientele that you are a trusted source that does their due diligence on all selections.


Social media is a great way to promote yourself and reach different customers. Different platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide easy access to groups and conversations where tipsters can find an audience.

A strong social media following helps to build trust and can also help to increase interactions and reach which helps tipsters find new customers.

Potential Earnings

There are several ways that tipsters can make money including offering subscription-based services, affiliate promotions with bookmakers, and advertising.

Affiliate marketing can mean providing customers with information about which sites offer the best deals. Because the betting market in the UK is highly competitive, bookmakers will offer deals to new and existing customers in order to entice and retain them. (Source:

There is no set amount that a tipster will earn, and running costs such as a website or marketing must be factored into what you can make.

The amount you can make will be directly related to the number of followers you have, how many subscribe to your service, and the amount of affiliate link conversions that are made.

The amount that can be charged for subscriptions should reflect your reputation and success rate, this should encourage tipsters to do as much research as possible.


Many bettors might fancy themselves as experts in their field, but the knowledge required to become a successful tipster is significantly more intensive. Attracting and retaining customers hinges on providing in-depth knowledge and this means a lot of hard work.

Tipsters have the potential to earn a lot of money, but this is only possible if they can provide good tips that are backed up by factual information.

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