How Do Football Tipsters Make Money?

How Do Football Tipsters Make Money? Top Secrets Revealed

Many people have asked over the years, How Do Football Tipsters Make Money? The answer is there is more than one way they make money from tipping football and those ways are:

  • Backing their own tips
  • Selling Subscription services
  • Affiliate marketing (Of Bookmakers for example)

Let’s have a closer look at how each method of how football tipsters make money works and why they use them.

Backing Their Own Tips

Yes, football tipsters can make money by backing their own tips, a no-brainer, if they are good at tipping winners then it makes plenty of sense that they back their own selections in order to secure a profitable income stream.

The only issues they may encounter with this method is if they are actually winning a lot the bookmakers they use may ban them, restrict their account or close their account.

Bookmakers can close accounts of punters that are very successful at betting, which doesn’t seem fair but it does actually happen, starnge that they won’t ban you when you lose though right?

If this happens it then answers the age-old question, if tipsters are so good at picking winners why do they need to sell memberships? well, it’s because they have had their bookmaker’s accounts closed, or they’re a scammer one of the two you can read our how to be a football tipster post if you fancy it yourself.

How Do Football Tipsters Make Money… By Selling Subscription Services

The easiest and most lucrative method for football tipsters to make money is to sell subscription memberships to football punters this can come in many forms such as…

  • Telegram groups
  • Paypal Subscriptions
  • Facebook groups
  • Patreon
  • And many more

One thing that is always the same is that you are offered a trial and then you are billed after the trial on a monthly basis for the stated amount which can vary a lot.

This is guaranteed income every month for a tipster and is a steady stream of income for them to make a living from their selections.

They can only make a living however if they are good enough and consistent or…very good at marketing! You should always do your due diligence on a football tipster by checking their full profit loss records, taking a free trial, and that they deliver long term.

This brings us to the last method and perhaps the less obvious method to many punters out there.

Affiliate Marketing For Bookmakers

This is where some scammers come in as they just do not care if their tips win, in fact, they want them to lose especially if they have signed you up to a bookmaker with their affiliate link.

Affiliates for bookmakers can get up to 50% of any punter’s losses that they refer to them, for example, if you find a tipster for football and you join it they recommend you join bet365 with their link for an extra free bonus, you do so and then begin following their selections at stakes of up to £50.

Every time your bets lose the tipster will get 30-50% of what you lose in the form of monthly commission payments, this can mean tens of thousands of pounds per month of income for marketers that are very good at signing people up.

On the flip side, if they do tip winners, it doesn’t mean that you won’t go into the casino section of the aid bookmaker and blow your winnings! Either way, they are likely to win if you don’t have any self-control.

If you lack self-control it may be worth seeking help from somewhere like Safer Gambling UK, remember gambling for those over 18s should be fun and you should only bet what you can afford to lose.

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