SJP Golf Tips Review

SJP Golf Tips Review

Welcome to my SJP Golf Tips review. I wanted to add a few more Golf tipsters to the site as I have found it very hard to find any currently.

IMPORTANT UPDATE August 30th, 2019 – It has been brought to my attention that this service may well have been copying another tipsters selections word for word on more than one occasion.

I advise caution based upon this for the time being

This one comes from the Sports Betting Stars tipping platform and definitely looks like one to follow for you Golf lovers.

Claim a 2 week free trial of SJP Golf Tips here

Service Name: SJP Golf Tips

Headline: “ Since launching back in January 2015 SJP Golf Tips has recorded profit that amasses to a total of over £10000 from just £10 bets. ”

Service Cost: 14 Day Free Trial. £29/Month, £79/Quarter, £299/Year

Where To Join: SJP Golf Tips Homepage

Platform: Sports Betting Stars

sjp golf tips review info

SJP Golf Tips Review

SJP Golf Tips has been going since 2015 and has continually delivered profits for its members.

Below is a breakdown of results since this tipster service began and it makes good reading.

MonthProfit £10 stakesProfit £25 stakes
Jan 2015+£120+£300
Feb 2015+£30+£75
Mar 2015-£110-£275
Apr 2015+£1087+£2717.50
May 2015+£910+£2275
Jun 2015+£937+£2342.5
Jul 2015+£2020+£5,050
Aug 2015+£602+£1505
Sept 2015-£70– £175
Oct 2015+£228+£570
Nov 2015+£122+£305
Dec 2015+£170+£425
January 2016+£1505+£3762.50
Feb 2016+£1748+ £4370
Mar 2016+£523.50+£1308.75
Apr 2016-£330-£825
May 2016-£390-£975
Jun 2016+£185+ £212.50
Jul 2016+£677.50+ £1693.75
Aug 2016-£287.50-£718.75
Sept 2016+98.50+246.25
Oct 2016+£157+£392.50
Nov 2016+£91.80+£229.50
Dec 2016+£81.90+£204.75
Jan 2017-£130-£325
Feb 2017-£81.30-£203.25
Mar 2017+£738.7+£1846.75
Apr 2017+£591+£1477.5
May 2017-£61.30-£153.25
Jun 2017+£176+£440
Jul 2017-£321-£802.50
Aug 2017+£648.70+£1621.75
Sept 2017-£396.20-£990.50
Oct 2017+£127+£317.50
Nov 2017-£324-£810
Dec 2017+£113.30+£283.25
Jan 2018+£110.30+£275.75
Feb 2018-£53.9-£134.75
Mar 2018+£21.9+£54.75
Apr 2018-£239-£597.5
May 2018+£320.5+£801.25
June 2018+£345+£862.5
July 2018+£283.7+£709.25
Aug 2018+£686+£1715
Sept 2018+£110+£275
Oct 2018-£194-£485
Nov 2018+£509.5+£1273.75
Dec 2018-£195-£487.5
Jan 2019-£237-£592.5
Feb 2019+£450+£1125
Running Total+13111+£32777.5

As you can see the results are very impressive over the last 3 years. Ultra consistent overall and with a massive return on investment.

Claim a 2 week free trial of SJP Golf Tips here

On average there are around 32 selections per month so not a service that is hard to follow. The return on investment has consistently been around the 30-38% mark.

All selections from SJP are sent directly to your email inbox. The bet types usually advised include win only and each way singles, each way double or patents, accumulators across pairings, top 10 finishes and top 20 finishes to name but a few.

The staking plan usually ranges from 0.5pt up to 4pts. These are advised based on confidence levels on each selection, so the higher the points the more confidence of it winning is.

The betting bank advised is at least 200 points and as usual, this is mainly to cover any losing runs that you may encounter. The strict staking plan can certainly help with your success here.

In terms of tips, each event the tipster looks at will be given a NAP, NB & IWAC as the main selections. often there can be tips for up to three events with a range of different bet types.

Most importantly there is a 14-day free trial, as well as the 14-day money back, guarantee with SJP Golf Tips.

My view is that this has been a longstanding and successful tipster for golf that you would be crazy not to give a try especially when you can try it free for 14 days.

Claim a 2 week free trial of SJP Golf Tips here

SJP golf tips profit loss

Your SJP Golf Tips Reviews

Have you tried the SJP Golf Tips service before or are you a current member of the Sports Betting Stars platform in general? then leave your own review and star rating for this tipster and the tipping platform itself for others to read.

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