Reviews of betting systems or automatic bet apps and ebooks. Find out which system actually works and find out which ones are a scam.

First Favourite Review

June 26, 2017 0

Welcome to our First Favourite Review     Service Name: First Favourite Sport: Horse Racing Platform: Clickbank Headline: “Welcome your search for PROFIT is over” Created By: Mel Gee Where To Join: Click Here Refund Policy : 60 days […]

Tortoise Betting Method Review

June 26, 2017 0

Welcome to our Tortoise Betting Method Review   Service Name: Tortoise Betting Method Sport: Horse Racing (Perhaps other sports) Platform: Clickbank Headline: “How Can This Tortoise Help You Bank £58.30 For Every 10 Bets You Place?” Created By: Dan […]

Anyotherwin Review

March 16, 2017 0

Welcome to our Anyotherwin Review This is a football trading system and a manual which promises to teach you how to make money from football betting and laying.     Service Name : Anyotherwin Created By […]

Half Time Winners Review

February 12, 2017 0

Welcome to our Half Time Winners Review     Headline : “Download the PDF That Tells You What Teams To Bet On In The Half Time Betting Market” Platform : Clickbank/PDF Sports Covered : Football Product Price : £12 […]

10k Guarantee Review

January 21, 2017 0

Welcome to our 10k Guarantee Review     Service Name : 10k guarantee Sport : Horse Racing and can be applied to other markets Platform : Clickbank Created By : Nick Bennet Headline : “In Just 3 Weeks… […]

Racing Expert Review

January 15, 2017 0

Welcome to our Racing Expert Review     Service Name : Flat Racing Master Sport : Horse Racing Platform : Clickbank Created By : Steve G Headline : “Brand New Racing Tips Launch From the Midas Method Team Who […]

Paulies Patent Review

January 13, 2017 0

Welcome to our Paulies Patent Review Paulies Patent is a betting system/tipster service for horse racing based upon patent and or multiples betting types. It was created by Paul Preston.     Service Name : Paulies Patent Sport : […]

Football Mania Review

August 21, 2016 0

Welcome to our Football Mania Review     Service Name : Football Mania Service Headline : “Imagine how profitable the season would be if you could find a way to pocket the £££’s!” Where To […]

Racing Investment Review

August 21, 2016 0

Welcome to our Racing Investment Review     Service Name : Racing Investment Service Headline ; “The Business mans horse racing betting plan” Platform : Betfan Where To Join : Click Here Service Cost : £40 a […]

The Equalizer365 Review

August 18, 2016 0

Welcome to our The Equalizer365 Review     Service Name : The Equalizer365 Service Price :Varies depending on your membership package Service Headline : “Here’s The Quick And Easy Way To Make Big Money Betting On Sports […]

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