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First Favourite Review


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Welcome to our First Favourite Review. First Favourite is a horse racing tipster service that has been going for many years now. The ROI is very consistent during that time and this is the main reason why I have added it to the betting systems part of the website as I cant really justify it as a tipster service.

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Service Name: First Favourite

Sport: Horse Racing

Platform: Clickbank

Headline: “Welcome your search for PROFIT is over”

Created By: Mel Gee

Where To Join:

Refund Policy: 60 days money-back guarantee through Clickbank

Starting Bank: We advise a minimum of £500 with any tipster service for horse racing the bank is up to you but profit comes at relatively higher stakes than £1.

First Favourite Review

The service offers a limited amount of selections per week, however, the overall strike rate is above 50% from my experience over a year. It is not a fast money-making machine this one rather a slow and steady profit maker and you can certainly build your betting banks with this tipster.

Mel Gee seems like a real guy and I have failed to find anything to the contrary so far though his name does seem a little made up it may just be an alias for privacy reasons.

I recommend you add this one to your portfolio based on its long-term success and you will have to give it at least 6 months to a year to really get the full picture here. There will be bad months and good months but overall I made a good profit on my betting bank.

Well informed and researched selections seem to give him an ever so slight edge on the bookmakers and there have been some big priced winners.

Over 4 years in profit speaks for itself really. Approved by many proofing sites and the only reason I won’t add it to the horse racing tipsters section is I can’t say it’s really a horse tipster but more of a system.

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