Best Free Tipsters To Follow

Best Free Tipsters To Follow

I know finding the best free tipsters to follow is not an easy task at all, that’s why I have compiled this list to take the pain and stress out of it for you.

With hundreds of thousands of tipsters available across the internet for Horse Racing, Football, and more it’s easy to end up following just any old tipster service.

Consider Tipping Platforms That Provide Free Tipsters

One thing to consider is a tipping platform that has numerous free tipsters covering all the sports you like to bet on, obviously, Horse Racing and Football are the most popular but some people love to bet on Tennis and Cricket too.

best free tipsters to follow
Join Tipstrr for free all you need is your email address that is it!

One platform that stands out from the rest is Tipstrr they have thousands of free tipster services and you can filter them out into what sport you like, what the ROI is, and so on. Tipstrr is free to join and it’s free to follow the free tipsters they have there too.

Best Free Tipsters To Follow
Free tipsters are easy to follow once you’re logged in

Once you have found a tipster you like and want to follow their free selections simply click the orange follow button and you will be notified when that tipster adds tips for you.

Tipstrr also has an app that enables you to get notifications of any free tips added by the tipsters you are following whilst you’re on the move.

The app is very easy to use and makes following free tipsters super simple

Other tipping platforms to consider for free tips are Betting Gods most of their services are premium and paid for but they do give away free tips every week to people who subscribe to their mailing list.

betting gods free tips

Betting Gods have many paid-for tipping services covering most sports and by registering for free with them you will get some free quality tips.

tipsters empire and jpw racing tipster free tips

JPW Racing Tipster and Tipsters Empire are also very good choices for free tipping services again this is similar to Betting Gods in that you will get your selections just by subbing to their email list.

JPW Racing, is the go-to service for festivals like Cheltenham and Aintree and has a great track record and provides superior write-ups for horses.

The Best Free Tipsters To Follow

So now we have taken a look at the tipping platforms where you can find the best tipsters let’s have a look at the most profitable free tipsters I have come across so far.

  1. Blond Beard Bets
blond beard bets free tips
Profitable over a 12-month proofing period

Blond Beard Bets has proved to be a profitable free horse racing tipster service over 12 months delivering an average profit of £152.52 a month and with an ROI of around 13.3%.

Expect around 20 selections per week and at odds varying from Evens to 10/1 usually.

Join Blond Beard Bets For Free Here

Certainly, one to consider while it’s free and I can see it becoming a paid-for service in the future.

2. GW4TH

GW4TH free tips

GW4TH is another good free horse racing tipster that has managed to be profitable over 12 months and averages £156 per month.

Expect around 15 tips per week from this one so a bit more selective than most as a free service and has serious potential.

Join GW4TH For Free Here

GW4TH has delivered a whopping £1290 profit in the last 12 months with an ROI of 19.7%.

3. Winning Bets

free tipster winning bets

Winning Bets has delivered an average of £50 per month profit from just under 10 tips advised per week for the last 3 months or so and I feel warrants a place on the free tipsters list.

Focusing on numerous international football leagues Winning Bets advises match winner bets only.

One important thing to note about this service is there have been no losing months at all yet.

You can join Winning Bets For Free Here

It could be a very shrewd move for you football lovers.

4. Odio al futbol moderno

Odio al futbol moderno free football tips

There is a distinct lack of profitable free football tipsters but this one even though the name is weird has managed it for over 12 months.

With only 3 losing months in 12, this service has surprised me a little it focuses on the win and both teams to score markets.

Join Odio al futbol moderno for free here

Manging an average of £35.61 in profit per month for 12 months and for free is quite impressive.

Finding More Free Services

Tipstrr has to be your number one destination for finding more free tipsters than you can shake a stick at.

Like I mentioned above you can filter out the sport you want selections for and find some very good tipsters for no cost to you at all.

Also, I would seriously advise that you join my newsletter for free tips daily on horse racing and football and sometimes other sports too.

Premium Tipsters Out-Perform Free One’s Hands Down

Though I have found you some profitable freebies none of them outperform premium tipping services like the ones I have added to the Best Tipsters section of this website. Paying for a tipster may not sit well with some but for those who are earning a good amount per month by using them it’s a no-brainer and some of the premium ones I have approved are amazing.