A guide to live casino odds for sport tipsters

A guide to live casino odds for sport tipsters

The sport tipster is a classic figure in the betting world. In old films, they’re usually depicted as a slightly shady characters, lurking behind a newspaper at a racetrack and selling insider knowledge to anyone who will listen and is willing to pay.

Times have changed and nowadays the sport tipster has more in common with a master statistician than the shadowy figure from the olden days. Their tips come from an in-depth knowledge of the sport not from eavesdropping or buying information from trainers or players.

Thanks to the internet, it is possible for any tipster to start a blog or a podcast and give expert advice to the world. With so much competition, how can aspiring sports tipsters make themselves stand out from the crowd?

Every sport tipster will know the ins and outs of the sport they are advising on. What can really help a tipster to stand out is a good knowledge of live casino odds and how they work. It should be remembered that betting tips, like all online casino offers, should be treated as entertainment products.

This article will provide a quick rundown of the various types of odds that live casinos offer on sporting events.

Changes in sports betting in the UK

There is a long history of sports betting in the United Kingdom. Betting on horse racing has been a popular pastime for centuries. Up until very recently, betting shops were the heart of the sport betting industry.

They weren’t just where you placed your bets, they were also where you could congregate with other bettors and share tips. They were a community hub for bettors and a great place for tipsters to place themselves.

With the rise of online sportsbooks, things have begun to change. Now that you can bet on your phone from anywhere, going into a betting shop can feel like a bit of a hassle. For some people who never felt entirely comfortable going into a bookie, it has made betting more accessible.

Tipsters have observed this change and moved online as well. Some have even banded together, like the eight successful tipsters behind Blueblood Racing Tipster. Others continue to work alone and support themselves through website subscriptions or a pay phone line.

One thing that hasn’t changed are the odds. No matter if it’s a betting shop bookmaker or an online sportsbook, the odds and the process of generating them stay the same.

Types of live casino odds

The basics

The most basic bets are win or place single bets. A win bet is just that, you are betting on who will win the event. A place bet gives you a bit more leeway. For example, with a place bet you are betting on a horse to either win or finish within a set number of places. Most commonly second or third.

A single bet is just that, a bet on the outcome of a single event. So, it is a bet on which horse will win a certain race or which team will win a specific match. This is betting in its simplest, purest form and is a great place to start.

Double, treble, and accumulator bets

Double, treble, and accumulator bets are basically taking single bets and combining them. For a double bet to pay off, both of the bets within it have to be winners. For a treble bet, it is all three bets within the bet that need to pay off.

An accumulator bet is any bet made up of four or more bets. Again, all of the individual bets within the accumulator bet must win for the accumulator bet as a whole to pay out. For this reason, some live online casinos will offer accumulator insurance to allow bettors to replace a single losing bet with another.

Accumulator bets are most common in big events that include multiple matches or races, like the Six Nations or the FIFA World Cup. Using the World Cup as an example, you could place an accumulator bet by betting on the outcome of every match in a round.

This is more dangerous territory for the tipster. With so many variables and factors to consider, it can be more difficult to get a good read on the outcome as a whole, no matter how good your knowledge of the individual teams may be.

Spread betting

Spread betting is a fun alternative to basic betting and really tests the tipsters knowledge. With spread betting, the bet is placed on what will happen during an event rather than the outcome. The bet is then made on whether or not the bettor thinks it will be higher or lower than the spread offered.

For example, a spread bet could include things like the total number of goals scored during a football match or the number of runs scored by both teams during a cricket Test Match – the odds on these bets can be volatile as the event progresses.

Live betting makes spread betting much more fun since the odds can constantly change depending on what’s happening at the moment. For tipsters, it’s a much more interesting and creative side of the sport to focus on.

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