Wilder vs Anthony Joshua

Wilder vs Anthony Joshua

So its finally here the Wilder Vs Anthony Joshua fight is all set to happen, but who will win?

“I’d be excited to watch Wilder take on Ngannou.” Jevgenijs ‘The Hurricane’ Aleksejevs on Deontay Wilder next fight

The undefeated MightyTips.com ambassador Jevgenijs “The Hurricane” Aleksejevs has just taken his pro record to 15-0-0 having defeated Argentinian Nicolas David Veron by unanimous decision.

This happened just a day before Deontay Wilder sensationally lost Joseph Parker on the big boxing night in Saudi Arabia. With Wilder remaining an elite fighter nevertheless, the fans wonder how his career would evolve. Aleksejevs is weighing in on, bringing his expertise on the subject to the fore.

What we saw in the Wilder vs Parker fight

In a dramatic showdown in Riyadh, Deontay Wilder, the heavily favored heavyweight boxer, faced a shocking defeat against Joseph Parker, marking a return to boxing’s familiar drama and hubris.

The bout, which was anticipated to be the final hurdle for Wilder before a lucrative match against Anthony Joshua, ended with Parker securing a unanimous victory, with judges scoring 118-111, 118-110, and 120-108.

The ambitious plans of Saudi Arabia and prominent boxing promoters were thwarted by Wilder’s unexpected loss. Joshua, in a contrasting display of controlled brutality, fulfilled his end of the deal by convincingly defeating Otto Wallin, leaving the Swedish heavyweight’s trainers no choice but to end the fight in the fifth round.

While Joshua’s performance earned praise, the outcome would have been even more lauded had Wilder been his opponent. The arrogant assumption of both Wilder and Joshua prevailing was shattered by the admirable and improved Parker.

Wilder’s entrance, adorned with a heavy gold crown, portrayed him as the supreme fighter, but he struggled to assert himself in the ring. Parker, with a prior world title win, displayed marginal aggression in the opening rounds, following his trainer Andy Lee’s advice to back Wilder against the ropes.

Despite Wilder’s reputation for one-punch knockouts, Parker maintained resolute concentration. In the fourth round, Parker unleashed a flurry of punches, visibly affecting Wilder.

The fifth and sixth rounds further showcased Parker’s dominance, despite Wilder’s attempt to rally in the eighth.

Parker’s ferocious barrage of punches, particularly a powerful right hand, had Wilder reeling against the ropes. The subsequent rounds witnessed Wilder struggling to mount a meaningful offense, with Parker consistently landing effective blows.

Wilder’s desperation intensified in the final rounds, but the hardest punches continued to come from Parker.

Despite a symbolic fist raise from Wilder at the end, the realization of his significant defeat was evident. Joseph Parker’s memorable win not only disrupted the grand plans for a Wilder-Joshua matchup but also positioned him as a potential contender for a future fight against Anthony Joshua.”

Who might Wilder fight next?

In our ongoing quest to provide in-depth insights into the ever-dynamic world of boxing, we sought the expertise of our resident boxing authority, MightyTips.com Ambassador Jevgenijs ‘The Hurricane’ Aleksejevs.

As the go-to expert for all things boxing, Aleksejevs offers his keen analysis of the potential matchups and scenarios shaping the heavyweight division.

Delving into the realms of Wilder’s future opponents, including the highly-anticipated clash with Anthony Joshua and the intriguing possibility of facing Francis Ngannou, Aleksejevs shares his unique perspective on the evolving landscape of professional boxing.

Additionally, he weighs in on the sensitive topic of retirement following Wilder’s recent loss, providing a nuanced outlook that goes beyond the surface narrative.

This exclusive commentary provides a ringside seat to Aleksejevs’s expert insights, adding depth and context to the unfolding narrative in the world of heavyweight boxing.

Wilder vs Anthony Joshua

MightyTips.com Ambassador Jevgenijs ‘The Hurricane’ Aleksejevs: “The big night in Saudi Arabia when Wilder lost against Parker and Joshua beat Wallin, has compromised this fight.

It does not look that exciting anymore, with many mouthwatering matchmaking possibilities on the table. Say, Joshua against Parker, or some other decent fighter who is aplenty in the division. Joshua vs Wilder is not on the cards after Wilder’s defeat.”

The compromise to the once highly-anticipated Wilder vs Anthony Joshua showdown is acknowledged, as Wilder’s loss to Parker and Joshua’s victory over Wallin have altered the landscape of excitement surrounding the bout.

Aleksejevs, however, sees a silver lining in the plethora of mouthwatering matchmaking possibilities now available within the heavyweight division.

This shift in focus underscores Aleksejevs’ recognition of the ever-evolving dynamics in the world of boxing and the exciting prospects that arise even in the face of unexpected outcomes.

Wilder vs Francis Ngannou

MightyTips.com Ambassador Jevgenijs ‘The Hurricane’ Aleksejevs: “Wilder is very much different from Fury who is a classical boxer and a counterpuncher, who strives to fight properly in his bouts. Wilder is a brawler, a windmill puncher. Just look at him swinging his long arms, and you will understand why they call him that. Fury struggled against Ngannou and was not in control, and although Fury tried to open him up, Ngannou stuck to his plan, went for the body blows, and waited to counter. But Fury and Wilder are two completely different boxing styles. Wilder relies on his power and is happy to exchange blows. And I think he would have the edge if it comes to such an exchange. I would be excited to watch such a match”

Aleksejevs sets the stage for an electrifying showdown. He anticipates that Wilder’s reliance on power and his willingness to engage in explosive exchanges would give him the upper hand in such a confrontation.

With genuine excitement, Aleksejevs expresses his eagerness to witness these two formidable fighters with divergent styles enter the ring, leaving fight enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the prospect of this thrilling match.

Wilder to retire

MightyTips.com Ambassador Jevgenijs ‘The Hurricane’ Aleksejevs: “I believe it is too early for Wilder to retire. He still can cause a lot of trouble. Parker was just the better boxer in that bout. An all-round athlete, skilled and schooled, strong personality, spectacular style, and quick reflexes. It is not a reason to retire if you lose against such a fighter.”

Aleksejevs’s stance underscores the resilience and tenacity inherent in elite-level athletes, suggesting that a single loss against a formidable opponent should not serve as a definitive reason for retirement. Instead, he encourages a more nuanced perspective, one that allows Wilder the opportunity to learn from the experience, regroup, and continue contributing to the dynamic landscape of professional boxing.

Discovering Jevgenijs Aleksejevs

Riga-born Aleksejevs started in taekwondo before switching to kickboxing. As a teen, he was the European champion for his age group.

Over the years, his skills in this area helped him grow his confidence as a fighter. However, a severely broken leg in 2015 put him out of the kickboxing picture for an extended time. During his recovery process, he found a new set of skills.

In just another frustrating session, Aleksejevs was punching boxing pads, and it became clear that speedy, strong boxing was yet another skill in this fighter’s arsenal.

Jump forward a few years and Aleksejevs is undefeated across 15 fights. Most of these have taken place in Riga, but his last two fights have been in Spain. Aiming for bigger and better things, he plans to get a title fight by the end of 2024 to prove his worth against other top fighters.

How did Aleksejevs vs Veron fight end

Having taken place on December 22nd, this was arguably one of the biggest fights of Aleksejevs’ career. He was up against an Argentinian puncher Veron who has taken on some of the top fighters in the division.

Aleksejevs took control from the off with several body punches and went on to exert his dominance over all the six rounds. Veron did his best to defend and soak up The Hurricane’s attacks but still found himself on the canvas in the fourth round after a powerful right cross from the favourite.

Although Aleksejevs failed to add another KO to his record, his victory was never in doubt as the judges announced the scores of 60-53, 60-53, and 60-54.

I thoroughly enjoyed this fight,” Aleksejevs said. “Facing a strong opponent with a fiery spirit and a hefty punch was precisely what I needed. It was crucial to remain mentally tough and not let him dominate. Knocking him down was immensely satisfying. Towards the end, I realized how I could fight even better against him. I had to lose that tension, and I believe I did that well in the last round.”

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