finding the best gambling platform for you

What to look for to find the best gambling platform for you

We all know how difficult it can be to find a gambling platform that we really like. Whether it be attention to visuals, navigation, assortment, or any other factor, finding the ultimate platform is difficult, especially as new platforms are launched every single day.

So, what should you be on the lookout for to find the best platform for you? We outline the process below.

Easy way out

The easiest and fastest way to compare gambling platforms is by letting someone else do it for you. Websites do all the work for you and present summarized lists of all new casinos and betting websites.

These include a look at licenses, bonuses, and the other factors that we will mention below. The format also makes it easy to quickly browse a large list of platforms collected in one place, rather than time-consumedly searching for platforms individually.

If you against the odds still want to go on a search of your own, or perhaps double-check the research that comparative websites have done, you should pay attention to the factors mentioned below.

Bonus offers

One of the most fun aspects of online gambling is choosing between various bonus offers. There are several different types of bonuses, such as welcome bonuses, cashback bonuses, free spins, etc.

Newer casinos tend to provide generous bonus offers as an invitation to gain a reputation and hold on the market.

Visuals and design

Similar to how a meal is more delicious when it’s been beautifully plated, it is more fun to gamble on a website that has an attractive layout.

Thanks to the infinite diversity available with online gambling platforms, you can afford to prioritize design when you are picking your platform. You can choose between minimalistic, detail-oriented, and colorful visuals.


Perhaps the most important detail to pay attention to is what gambling license the platform is linked to. A license can determine how safe a platform is in terms of cyber security, such as hacking and fraud. Furthermore, depending on what part of the world the license stems from you might have to pay more taxes on your winnings.

Safe licenses generally include the British gambling license, Curacao, and MGA (Malta).

The UK Gambling Commission provides checklists and guidelines for other factors to consider in order to gamble safely. You can find those guidelines here.

Customer support

To ensure that you will have a pleasant experience through all aspects of gambling, it might be useful to check the platform’s customer service options. Depending on which country the platform stems from, office hours for phone calls or live chat options may be limited or difficult to access for you.

It is also good to know whether they provide any form of live services, such as chat or phone calls, rather than just emails which may take days to respond to if an issue was to arise.

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