What Is Dutching?

What Is Dutching? How To Dutch A Bet

Welcome, if you are here to learn What Is Dutching in betting then we aim to give you all the knowledge you could possibly ask for.

“Dutching” is a simple technique of ensuring that every result in a betting market returns the same amount of profit. This often requires the punter to bet at varying stakes and at different odds during or before a market is in play.

Going dutch on a night out with a friend usually means you split the bill equally either at a restaurant or in a pub if the bill came to £50 you would both pay the equal amount of £25 each.

Though it is not entirely the same when it comes to betting on sports the same basics apply, so what is dutching and how can you use it in your betting and make it work for you in order to make more profits on a market? keep reading as we go into more detail.

Dutch Betting

The term “dutching” is just a shortened version of dutch betting though the term actually does not originate from The Netherlands as you may expect.

The term actually comes from the 1920s in America when a notorious gangster named Arthur Flegenheimer or as he is better known by his nickname “Dutch Schulz”.

Dutching comes from his name due to the method that he developed in order to get an edge on the racetrack bookmakers, Arthur was Al Capone’s accountant and was murdered in 1935 by rival mobsters.

His legend will live on in with dutching of which was once a shady betting act and is now a well-known and legitimate betting strategy used by punters all over the world.

Primarily used in Horse Racing and Football and involves backing more than one selection in order to secure a return and reduce losses, though it is not foolproof often none of your selections will come in and this will still mean a loss.

Best used on a betting exchange such as Betfair dutching can be used both in play and before a market goes live.

The Pros And Cons

With all betting techniques systems or strategies, there are always pros and cons, and it’s nothing different with Dutching though it does offer you more control over a markets outcome and an overall lowered risk you may also want to consider “greening up“.

Pros of dutch bets

  • Reduced risk
  • More control over the outcome of a betting market
  • Increased chances of profiting long term
  • Used along with greening up and can be even more profitable and less risky

Cons of dutch betting

  • You can still lose
  • More complicated than a standard bet and requires a lot of betting knowledge
  • You will most likely need to know how to use a betting exchange that does not take into account commission on winnings
  • Good Math skills are required for working out odds on the fly


Though dutch betting can be a good tool it is only one tool that is available to you and it would be highly beneficial used in conjunction with other betting methods than on its own.

Dutching can drastically reduce your risk but you can still lose your money, no technique completely guarantees a win each and every time you bet.

You should only use dutching if you feel you have good knowledge of betting exchanges, dutching itself, and good math skills, and even then you should exercise caution.

If you just can’t get your head around it, it would be far easier to use the cash-out option from your bookmakers account as it’s a very similar principle.

Remember you should only risk what you can afford to lose and if you think gambling is becoming a problem consider using services such as Gamstop.

Thanks for reading our What Is Dutching guide we hope you found it useful don’t forget to check out all of our other betting guides for both football and horse racing

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