What Is An Exacta

What Is An Exacta? The Modern Forecast Bet

When it comes to on-track betting many punters out there will know what “The Tote” is but how many will know what an Exacta bet is and how it works? not as many as you would think I bet.

An Exacta is a forecast bet where you have to get the winner and the second-place horse right in a horse racing event.

The Forecast bet is well known by punters and it requires that you pick both the winner and the second-place horse correctly in a race, and the same applies to the exacta bet.


The only difference is there are more variations available with The Tote than a standard forecast, there are three ways in which you can place an Exacta bet.

Before we dive into Tote Exacta betting, it’s essential to grasp the concept of the Tote system. The Tote, short for the Totalizator, is a betting system that combines wagers from all bettors into a pool. The odds are not fixed but determined by the total amount wagered on each horse. This makes Tote betting unique, as the odds fluctuate until the race begins.

If loads of people pick the same bet combination, the payout may be smaller, while less popular forecast bets can pay huge.

We also put a guide on Tote betting for you if you need extra help.

Straight Exacta

This is the easiest way to back 2 horses to come first and second and the one that will generally see you return more on your initial stake. For this bet to win, you pick two horses to come first and second, in that order. If they do, you win a share of the money in the Tote pool for Exactas.

Combination Exacta

Should you be dead sure 2 horses are going to be first and second but you cannot split which one of them will win a combination exacta is a good bet,

With a combination exacta, your bet will include both Horse A to finish 1st ahead of Horse B, as well as Horse B coming 1st, with Horse A in 2nd.

You need to remember that by placing a Tote Exacta of this kind, you are essentially having two bets, with your selections reversed. Therefore, your stake will be doubled when compared to a Straight Exacta.

A Combination Exacta doesn’t have to be limited to just two horses either. You can choose as many horses as you like.

The more horses you add though the higher the stake as there are more permutations of the outcome.

For example, choosing three horses in your Combination Exacta would mean your bet would include six bets, with the following potential winning combinations:

Horse A 1st, Horse B 2nd

Horse A 1st, Horse C 2nd

Horse B 1st, Horse A 2nd

Horse B 1st, Horse C 2nd

Horse C 1st, Horse A 2nd

Horse C 1st, Horse B 2nd

If there’s one horse you are particularly keen on, but you can’t decide between a couple of others to fill the runners-up spot, a Banker Exacta could be a wise choice for covering your bets.

Banker Exacta

With this bet, you select a horse you think is going to win (your banker), but cover the permutations of any other horses to finish second by selecting 2 or more other horses (again the more horses you add the more the stake will be).

In effect, this type of bet sits somewhere in the risk stakes of a Straight Exacta and Combination Exacta.

How Do Non-Runners Affect Exactas

Well, it may seem pretty self-explanatory but if you have a straight exacta and one horse does not run the bet is void and you should be able to refund your money as long as the horse was not under orders.

With the combination and Banker bets, only bets with a nonrunner included in them are void and your stake is returned, the remaining bets will stand.

Placing An Exacta Online

Tote has made it super easy to place a bet online, simply navigate to their website and create an account, once you have funded your account you have access to all Tote bets, Exacta bets can be placed for as little as a few pence now as long as the total stake is at least 50p.

Placing An Exacta On Course

Placing an exacta at a racecourse is even easier simply walk up to a Tote kiosk at any race course and ask the cashier to place your selected Exacta bet, if you are still unsure how to do it the cashier will guide you through how the bet works and place the bet you want for you for the stake you ask (just remember to check your bet before the off that its fully correct).

The full rules on Tote Exactas are available on the Tote website here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common answers to the most asked questions we receive on exacta betting with the Tote.

1: Is Tote Exacta Betting similar to traditional forecast betting?

Tote Betting on exactas shares similarities with traditional forecast betting in that you select the first and second-place horses. However, the key difference lies in the odds and payouts, with Tote Exacta betting offering variable odds and dynamic payouts.

2: What are the key benefits of Tote Exacta Betting?

The benefits of Tote Betting include competitive odds, the potential for significant payouts, and the thrill of dynamic odds, creating an exciting betting experience.

3: How can I improve my chances of winning a Tote Exacta Bet?

To increase your chances of winning, study the form of the horses, analyze past performances, and consider different betting strategies. Being well-informed is key, Or try one of the best horse racing tipsters.

4: Are Tote Forecast Bets available for all horse races?

Tote Exacta Bets are typically available for a wide range of horse races, but their availability may vary depending on the betting platform and the specific race it also may depend on how many runners are in the race.

5: Where can I place a Tote Exacta Bet?

You can place Tote Bets at Tote betting stations located at racetracks or through online betting platforms. Ensure you choose a reliable and reputable platform for your bets obviously, it’s best to use The Tote’s website for this.

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