What Is A Same Game Multi Bet?

What Is A Same Game Multi Bet? More Than One Bet In The Same Game

So, What Is A Same Game Multi Bet? Keep reading as all will be revealed below for you.

In order to learn the answer to the popular question “what is a same game multi bet?”, first, you need to understand how a football accumulator bet works.

The football acca a sits popularly known is a multiple bet that requires all results to come in as described, and where the winnings from each fixture rolls on to the next.

Should only on selection on your acca let you down the bet is a loser (some bookmakers offer acca insurance where you get your stake back if one lets you down now).

The payouts of these football accumulators can be very high depending on the odds and the number of selections added for the winnings to roll up.

The Same Game Multi Bet is a new version of an accumulator.

Football Acca Example

In the following example, a puter picks 4 match result bets for the Premier League and combines them into an accumulator bet.

Chelsea to win2/1
Tottenham to win6/4
Man City to win1/2
Man United to win3/1

In the above example if all four match results come in the odds are 44/1 meaning for every £1 staked by the punter they will be paid out £45 (£44 plus their £1 stake back).

As you can see combining results can drastically increase the odds and therefore the payout on your bets, however, it also makes the bet less likely to win and less profitable.

The traditional acca shown above has 4 different matches from the Premiership and up until recently in the last few years, this was the only type of football acca you could palce.

Should you have wished to place more than one bet in the same game in an acca such as Chelsea to win, and there to be a red card in the game you would have had to make a special request to your bookie.

The same game multi bet is basically an acca bet where you can place multiple bets on the same game instead of separate ones “same game multiple” means multiple bets in the same game.

What Is A Same Game Multi Bet?
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How Do Same Game Multis Work?

Should your bookmaker offer same game multi bets you should have an option to add selections at the top of your bet slip (Betfair allows same game multis for example).

For example, if you add a Total Goals bet, a Total Corners bet and a Total Throw Ins bet from the same football match to your slip, you can opt to combine them into a multiple bet or place single bets in the traditional way.

As with all multiple bets, you will need every result to come in so again if one lets you down the bet is a loser.

There was always a demand to be able to place more than one bet in the same game and combine them and now the bookies have given the punters what they want.

How To Place A Bet Like This

To place a same-game multi bet, you should navigate to your chosen event within your onlnie betting account and then look for the same-game multi-tab at the top of the list of markets.

This is a new feature on some sites, but it should appear alongside other tabs such as ‘Popular Bets,’ ‘All Markets’ and ‘Handicaps.’

Available Same Game Multi Markets

Once you click on this tab, a list of available markets should appear. This will often include the following markets:

  • Win-Draw-Win
  • Anytime Goalscorer
  • First Goalscorer
  • To Be Booked
  • To Lift the Cup
  • Card Index
  • Penalty Awarded
  • Match Odds
  • Correct Score
  • Corners Match Bet
  • Both Teams to Score Markets
  • Bookings Odds
  • Red Card Markets
  • Handicap Betting
  • Alternate Number of Match Corners
  • Alternate Corner Handicaps
  • Half Time
  • Corner Handicap
  • 1st Half Over/Under 1.5 Goals
  • 1st Half Over/Under 2.5 Goals
  • 1st Half Over/Under 3.5 Goals
  • Number of Corners
  • A Goal Scored In Both Halves
  • Total Corners 10.5
  • Total Corners 11.5
  • Total Corners 12.5
  • Total Corners 13.5
  • Total Corners 3.5
  • Total Corners 4.5
  • Total Corners 5.5
  • Total Corners 6.5
  • Total Corners 7.5
  • Total Corners 8.5
  • Total Corners 9.5
  • Corner Match Bet
  • Both Teams To Score
  • Over/Under 0.5 Goals
  • Over/Under 1.5 Goals
  • Over/Under 2.5 Goals
  • Over/Under 3.5 Goals
  • Over/Under 4.5 Goals
  • Over/Under 5.5 Goals
  • Over/Under 6.5 Goals
  • Over/Under 7.5 Goals

Add Selections To Your Online Bet Slip

You can simply click on any of these markets to show the full selection of bets available.

Once you start adding selections to your online bet slip, a list of single bet and same-game multi-options will be visible. If any bets are not compatible, they will be stated clearly on the bet slip for you to see.

As you add more selections, the odds for the multiple are updated and the potential winnings are displayed.

Once you have finished adding your selections and chosen the same-game multi-option, you can place your bets as normal.

Example bet

Using a Premier League match between Arsenal and Tottenham as an example, a same-game multi-bet might look something like this:

  • Arsenal to Win
  • Jesus to Score First
  • Total Corners Over 8.5

The odds of the individual bets are combined to give a single price for the multiple bet. For the bet to pay out, all three predictions must be correct. If one does not come in the bet is a loser.

Same Game Multi Betting Rules

There are rules as always when placing bets with bookmakers and with the same game multi bets this too will apply.

  • Bet only applies to normal time (90 minutes plus injury time unless stated otherwise)
  • Same-game multi bets cannot be combined with bets from other events
  • Cash out is not available for these bet types (yet)

Make sure that you always read the full rules, terms, and conditions for your own bookmaker account before you place these bets or any other to avoid any dissapointments.

We hope you found this onlnie guide to the same game mutli bets useful, if you did please shar eit with your friends and family.

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