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What Are the Most Popular Sports by Betting Volume?

Sports betting is very popular in different parts of the world, and the demand for online sports betting has increased massively since the pandemic.

Online sportsbooks have attracted new bettors over the years, and competition among bookies is at an all-time high. The numbers prove the growing influence of sports betting on the youth, and the trend is unlikely to die out anytime soon.

Sports betting currently comprises 40% of the online gambling industry, which is valued at multi-billion dollars annually. And the numbers will increase exponentially in the future.

The Most Popular Sports Based on Betting Volume

These are the ten most popular sports based on betting volume. You can compare casinos to try and find the best odds.


Basketball is quite popular globally, with the NBA being the most awaited league. Punters bet on US college leagues and the European basketball league, and the market is quite vast.

There are several rules of basketball betting. And amateur punters must be familiar with the game’s basics. Several bookmakers compare the odds before the season to help you make informed decisions.

Study the stats before investing to improve your chances of correctly predicting the winner.


Football is the most popular sport globally, and the betting volumes are proof enough. The massive fanfare around the sport makes it an exciting proposition, and the betting rules are straightforward.

Amateur punters can bet on the outcome or number of goals. However, veteran bettors can up the game by wagering on specific events like the number of corner kicks, throw-ins, etc.


Tennis is an exciting game for amateur betting since the rules are simple. Punters must pick from a series of straightforward bets, the simplest of which is predicting a winner.

You can study the strengths and weaknesses of individual players and research their form to predict correctly. Several betting sites will lay out the odds for you to explore. Take your time, and you should do well.

American Football

The National Football League attracts some of the most significant bets every year. Although several states prevent sports betting, punters find ways around the problem every year.

In fact, the NFL is the most wagered event in North America, especially during the Super Bowl when American football lovers gather to cheer on their favourite teams.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports that punters bet on. And sports betting is an integral part of the horse racing culture.

While traditionally, punters had to visit the track to bet on racehorses, online sportsbooks quickly took over with the evolution of the internet.

Major competitions like Preakness Stakes, Kentucky Derby, and the Grand National draw thousands of bettors every year. And bookies make thousands from horse races every year.


Cricket is popular in several parts of the world, like India, England, South Africa, Australia, etc. Cricket betting is an annual event in these regions, and the betting volumes significantly increase during important tournaments like the World Cup and heated matches between historical rivals.

Cricket lovers can bet on several famous events like the Ashes, Don Bradman 17, and the IPL. The choices are endless! So, don’t forget to have a good time.


Golf has been one of the major contenders in the sports betting big leagues in the past couple of decades. With 78 players competing in most events, the betting options are pretty diverse.

Moreover, there are several types of betting formats. And it’s hard to miss why golf is so popular with sports betting fans. Most significant events last three days, while the majors are played over 4. This increases your chances of placing multiple bets on a single game.


Rugby has been rising through the ranks for the past several years, and its popularity is shooting through the roof thanks to younger punters taking an active interest in the sport.

Over 30 nations currently play the sport, while 20 qualified for the last world cup, the most significant event to date. Apart from the world cup, notable rugby events include Super Rugby League, the Top 14 in France, Premiership in England, etc.

The game offers several variables which are perfect for betting. If you haven’t yet bet on it, you should give it a go.


Boxing and MMA are quickly emerging as fan favourites, and the number of punters has been steadily increasing.

While boxing fans have wagered for decades, MMA is steadily emerging on the global betting scene. With international tournaments like the UFC drawing attention, the fate of the MMA betting market will improve in the coming days.


One of the world’s fastest-growing betting markets, eSports’ popularity skyrocketed during the pandemic.

With traditional sports betting options taking a tumble, punters searched for alternate betting opportunities. eSports rose to the occasion, and its popularity has been steadily increasing.


Sports betting continues to grow popular globally, and the pace will likely improve. If you are yet to experience the thrill of sports betting, we highly recommend giving it a shot.

However, do your research and exercise caution, and always gamble responsibly. 

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