Top Football Tipster Review

Top Football Tipster Review

Welcome to this Top Football Tipster Review, This is a free football tipster service offering free singles, doubles, accumulators, and also a £20 to £1000 challenge.

The overall quality of the tips is below average I feel, there are no clear profit loss records, and the results only state whether it was a win-lose or a push.

Their free match previews are not very useful and poorly written and again the tips lack quality.

I have not deemed a score worthy for this service as it doesn’t meet certain criteria that make it a worthwhile service to follow.

Premium tips are also advised but if the free ones are no good why would anybody pay for the premium ones?

If you are happy to just follow someone’s random selections that have no consistent winning qualities then this free football tipster is for you.

100% feel that this website and “tipster” service is geared up to getting its users to sign up to bookmakers so that they can make money off your losses, and most likely from their lackluster selections and absurd £20 to £1000 challenges.

Top Football Tipster Review – Final Thoughts

Avoid using websites like this if you actually want to succeed from your betting in the long term, if you are after a bit of free fun then this site is for you.

There are far better football tipsters with proven track records in my best football tipsters 2021 post.

Services offering real write-ups and reasoning behind their selections, some that are free mind too not just paid ones, and I feel you will be better served by tipsters such as Gold Digger or Bet Supply Inc.

Tipster Reviews would also recommend a tipster for football and horse racing with a proven track record and profit loss clear and easy for you to understand.