Top five best Promo & Bonuses for the 149th Kentucky Derby

Top five best Promo & Bonuses for the 149th Kentucky Derby

The 149th Kentucky Derby fast approaches! Horse racing betting comes in two different ways. The first is any horses deemed favorites are favorites for a reason.

However, one can never predict what’s on the horse’s mind, but past results, the jockeys, and race conditions can give you a great idea of what horses bring to the table and how they can perform best.

The second thing about betting on horse racing is that even if the favorites don’t seem much of a favorite to you, there’s always value on the table. Not all horses are racing to win the races and with this mindset, bettors tend to profit seriously with this.

So, do your research to know what every horse brings to the table before each race begins.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

The interesting take about horse racing bets is that the winner doesn’t even take all there is to offer.

With horse racing, you can place a bet on a horse to win the race but can still place bets on different finishes.

Other profitable ones are betting on a ‘horse to place’ which means either the horse finishes first or second; there’s also ‘place to show’ meaning betting on them to either finish first, second, or third. Other betting variants are the daily doubles, the exactas, and trifectas which will help you get a few dollars into your pockets.

To know more about every profitable option in horse racing betting, read along to learn more about this options as bettors will be welcomed with dozens of betting options at the Bet on the Kentucky Derby – especially when they make use of the bonuses and promos as explained below;

Promo and Bonuses

Kentucky Derby Betting Promos & Bonuses – BetMGM

As part of your research towards horse racing in the Kentucky Derby, you should check out the BetMGM Kentucky Derby Betting promo, which comes via the website’s bonus code BOOKIES.

This is because all new players who sign up for an account will earn a first-bet bonus worth up to $1,000. This is how it goes: Place a real money wager at the odds of your choice, and if it loses, you will receive traditional cash profit with a win or bonus bets. 

The latter choice awards you with a single matching bonus bet if your initial lost stake is less than $50, or five bonus bets in equal 20% increments of your original wager if you lose $600. With BetMGM Kentucky no matter what you wager or how big your winnings are, you’re in safer hands.

Kentucky Derby Betting Promos & Bonuses – Caesars

As the leading one of the best events in horse racing, Caesars Sportsbook’s coupon code BOOKIESFULL is the biggest in terms of welcome bonuses and sportsbook promo codes for this year’s Kentucky Derby. The first-bet offer for new players who open an account is up to $1,250. 

This implies that players who put their initial wager using real money will earn in cash if they win or receive a single matching bonus bet if they lose. 

Thanks to this fantastic welcome bonus, you have a second chance to place winning wagers.

The Kentucky Derby will undoubtedly fall under this category. Caesars for their Kentucky betting promo and bonus boast one of the best players’ odds boosts on every biggest prop of a given sporting horse day,

Kentucky Derby Betting Promos & Bonuses – DraftKings

DraftKings Sportsbook has stepped up its horse racing betting just in time for the Kentucky Derby. 

Horse racing enthusiasts and sports bettors can both receive a $50 bonus bet by using the brand-new DraftKings Kentucky DKHORSE app when they place $50 in real-money qualifying wagers. 

This is a fantastic offer considering there is still plenty of time before the Kentucky Derby begins and the free bets are yours regardless of the results of your initial real-money wagers. This is a fantastic deal because of the potential for double dipping.

Kentucky Derby Betting Promos & Bonuses – DRF Bets

Given that it has been in existence for more than a century, you can trust that Daily Racing Form is reliable.

With their new up to $250 first deposit bonus to all new players, DRF Bets is your one-stop shop for all different types of horse racing bets.

With this, it means that you’ll double your dough (up to $250) before you ever place a single wager.

Because it is one of the few first-deposit matches available, it is wise to use it while you prepare for the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby Betting Promos & Bonuses – Twinspires

Do you have positive feelings related to the Kentucky Derby? Customers of TwinSpires Kentucky will receive a first-bet promotion of up to $1,000.

This means that gamblers who make a real-money wager of up to $1,000 will either profit in cash on a win or lose bonus bets on a loss. 

Sports bettors will undoubtedly want to try this as they get ready for the Kentucky Derby because TwinSpires Kentucky is renowned for offering some of the best horse racing alternatives available.

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