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Top 5 Signs Of A Dodgy Tipster

These are the Top 5 Signs Of A Dodgy Tipster

There are some very telltale signs to look out for when selecting a tipster service and the following 5 will almost definitely weed out the scammers!

Top 5 Signs Of A Dodgy Tipster

So here we go the top five things to look out for could save you a lot of money if you apply them to your selection process when adding tipsters to your betting portfolio.

(1) Ridiculous Claims Of Huge Profits

When a tipster’s sales page claims for example “We made £80,302 in just 3 months!” alarm bells should be ringing my friend. You have to think how would that be possible for a service that is based on tipping a lot of selections a day chances are at £1000 per point that could be possible, but what they don’t tell you is how many losers before the big win.

(2) Fake Pictures Of The Creator And Fake Name Too

Often it won’t take long to search around the internet for the name or alias the tipster goes by to find many more things attached to it..the Syndicate which we reviewed a few months back was a prime scam contender. A tipster that is using a fake name and a fake photo is either very shy or does not want you to know their identity as they have no intention of trying to make you money at all.

(3) “Inside Knowledge”

Everyone knows a guy who has come into a bookie claiming to know something about a horse for example “My dad’s brother’s grandad’s son’s sister is the stable girl for it and she said it’s going to win today” and then you back it and it comes nowhere. This follows the same principle as anyone with inside knowledge is probably a bullshitter and not to be trusted and if they did have knowledge why would they share it with you, they wouldn’t need the cash anyway.

(4) Not replying to your emails and questions

Again a major sign that the service is either not run by a person or has no intention of delivering you any kind of customer service. A tipster who cannot take the time to get back to his customers or followers is not worth your time or money 100%.

(5) Multiple failed tipster services all linked to the same guy

If someone has launched more than 4 tipster services and they have all failed miserably and they keep opening new ones with different aliases…Stay the hell away!

You should always paper trade any tipster service for a few weeks before you consider parting with any of your hard-earned cash on their selections. You should also remember that you can’t get a full idea of how good or bad a tipster is unless you follow them for a bare minimum of 4 months.

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