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Tipsters Of The Month November 2022

Welcome to Tipsters Of The Month November 2022 edition, let’s take a look at the best tipsters in November 2022 for horse racing and football.

There are a total of 4 tipsters on this page 2 tipsters for horse racing and 2 tipsters for football.

In November we saw some fantastic results from a number of tipsters so it has been hard to pinpoint the top 2 in each category but let’s start with Horse Racing tips.

Best Horse Racing Tipsters November 2022

As we said there was some fantastic tipping going on in November but we had to little it down to two and so the winner is…

easy horse backing review
  1. Easy Horse Backing

Easy Horse Backing was the best-performing horse racing tipster in November delivering a total profit of £608.15 from 77 selections at an average odds of 17/1 they gave an ROI of 14.16%.

You can read our Easy Horse Backing review here to find out what we thought of the service a while back.

Easy Horse Backing has now had 6 months of tipping horses with no losses every month in fact, based on an average stake of £8.60, You have made £1,610 profit in the last 6 months across 739 horse racing tips (roughly 33 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £302.

Profit/Loss Since Launch

Below is a full breakdown of Easy Horse Backing’s tipping performance on horses for the last 6 months.

CLICK HERE for full profit and loss results from EHB since the launch

Easy Horse Backing has a slightly unusual style of tipping that may not suit everyone but they also offer a free 7-day trial so you can try before you pay anything.

The results certainly speak for themselves and with a monthly membership fee of just £19 per month you would have made a lot of profit for a fantastic Christmas so far.

This tipster has a lot of potential and we recommend you try them for 7 days at the very least (it’s completely free and easy to cancel)

Coming in second for November 2022 is Won By A Head only beaten into second as its overall profile before November was not as good or blemishless as EHB’s.

won by a head review

2. Won By A Head

Won by a head launched back in September 2021 and is a proven profitable tipster service, in fact, Based on an average stake of £10, Won by a head has made £2,790 profit in the last 12 months across 835 horse racing tips (roughly 17 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £232.

In November 2022 especially Won By A Head did very well with a very healthy profit for the month of £1,750.

Averaging out at around 10-15 selections each week is a very easy service to follow.

Profit/Loss Since Launch

Below is the full breakdown of Won By A Head’s tipping performance.

December 2021
January 2022£602.50
February 2022£452.50
March 2022-£140.50
April 2022
May 2022
June 2022£277.50
July 2022-£340
August 2022-£161.25
September 2022£194.50
October 2022£166
November 2022£1,750
CLICK HERE to view the full in-depth profit and loss details for Won By A Head

Won By A Head’s service is also a bit pricier than EHB’s at £29/month but still is a very profitable service, but has more losing months overall.

November was extraordinary though so this service has the potential as you can see to deliver very good results from quite a selective approach to rose tipping.

They do offer a 7-day trial but it’s not free it costs £3 for a 7-day trial with Won By A Head and it’s certainly worth trying this one out too to see if you like it as much as we did.

That concludes the best horse racing tipsters for November 2022, now it’s time for the football tipsters.

Best Football Tipster For November 2022

With the FIFA World Cup starting in November 2022, it’s highly likely one tipster was going to stand out from the rest, but on this occasion, with all the crazy results it never materialized.

However, in November 2022 it was Goltt and Footballer Tips who thrived and not in the World Cup tipping but just their usual tips with little or no selections in the World Cup in Qatar.

So the winner for best Football tipster in November is…

footballer tips review Tipsters Of The Month
  1. Footballer Tips

Footballer Tips performed very well in November and already make up the list of our best football tipsters to follow.

November’s football tipping resulted in a profit of £242.50 for Footballer Tips, it also made it 8 winning months from 11 for the year.

Based on an average stake of £10, Footballer Tips has made £2,227 profit in the last 12 months across 2243 football tips (roughly 44 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £185.

Profit/Loss Since Launch

Below is a full breakdown of Football Tips’ performance over the last 12 months

December 2021£81.10
January 2022
February 2022£248.90
March 2022£30.30
April 2022£454
May 2022
June 2022£175.70
July 2022
August 2022£312.30
September 2022
October 2022£238.60
November 2022£242.50
CLICK HERE for the full in-depth breakdown of Footballer Tips Performance

Footballer Tips offer a 7-day trial for just £1, we will be live trialing them for our newsletter subscribers for free in December 2022 so make sure you are subscribed for free tips!

We recommend this football tipster for long-term football punters.

A Close second and only as the service is very new and doesn’t have such a good track record so far is Goltt.

Tipsters Of The Month goltt review

2. Goltt

Goltt performed very well throughout November 2022 delivering a total profit of £365.70.

Based on an average stake of £9.90, GOLTT has made £390 profit in the last 3 months across 122 football and tennis tips (roughly 10 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £130.

The service launched back in August 2022 and after a rocky start, November has quickly popped them up on the radars of football punters.

This being said even though they performed best in November a little caution is advised with such a new service that has had poor results up until last month.

We recommend you keep an eye on this one and if they remain consistent give them a try in a few months’ time.

Profit/Loss Since Launch

August 2022-£101.60
September 2022£17.60
October 2022£3.70
November 2022£365.70
CLICK HERE to view the full in-depth profit/loss records for Goltt

Goltt does offer a 7-day trial for just £1 but it’s up to you if you take it we don’t fully recommend paying for this one just yet, just keep your eyes on it for now.

That concludes our Tipsters Of The Month for the month of November 2022 round-up, if you enjoyed it please share it with friends and family on Social Media.

Also, please make sure you are subscribed for free tipster trials by joining our free newsletter and that you are not missing out on daily free tips here.

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