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The Rise of Pay’n Play Casinos Online

The chances are that every online casino veteran has once got stuck on a registration process for ages before being able to play. Registering in an online casino can take way more time than one would like. Despite the inconvenience, there are some good reasons behind it. Online casinos must make sure no underage player is accepted to prevent financial crimes, among other legal obligations. Does it need to take so long, though?

Most fortunately not. Meet Pay’n Play and its revolutionary method that gets users playing in a heartbeat without giving up security.

Pressing Play

Pay’n Play is an online casino solution created to speed up the registration process. It was created in 2015 by the Swedish fintech company, Trustly. Trustly started its activities in Stockholm in 2008, then named Glue Finance. At first, the company offered open baking services. It means that users could shop online straight from their bank accounts and use their banking information to log in when necessary.

Soon enough, online casinos realised the potential of this service. Check below some key advantages of this system.

Instant Deposits

You can make your deposit right from your bank account; Pay’n Play does the rest within minutes. In fact, the deposit is the only operation you make before hitting the tables.

Instant Withdrawals

Withdrawals are as fast as deposits. Once again, this service does without the bureaucracy and processes withdrawals within minutes, too. The service is also free of charge, and there’s no need to upload additional documents to clear up your request.

No KYC Required

Here’s where Pay’n Play’s main advantage lies. KYC stands for Know Your Customer, and it’s a set of practices to prevent underage gambling, money laundering, and other white-collar crimes. That’s why you usually need to upload many documents and wait for ages until they verify your identity. You’ve already done something similar to open your bank account. Thanks to this service, you don’t have to do it again.


According to recent statistics, over 80% of the world’s population has at least one smartphone. So, mobile-friendliness is essential to any service design for wider audiences. Pay’n Play works on mobile devices (including tablets) and laptops.


This service is completely secure, as you don’t need to share any sensitive information with your online casino. Besides, Trustly is supervised by the Swedish financial authority, so Pay’n Play casinos are 100% trustworthy.

Where It’s At

Pay’n Play casinos are very popular in Northern Europe. The main markets are Sweden, Finland, Estonia, the Netherlands, and Germany. Surely, many players wished to see a wider availability for such a useful service. Yet, expanding it to new countries isn’t as easy as it looks.

Trustly depends on the cooperation of local banking institutions and payment providers. Nevertheless, the name is growing. Although it’s still to gain more space in Europe, Trustly is already available in 29 countries. These include Australia and other countries of the Asian Pacific region, plus Canada and the United States.

This service cuts the registration process from hours and even days to a couple of minutes. Is it your first time using this system? Don’t worry; here’s a step-by-step guide.

#1 – Play Now

Once you’ve chosen your casino, hit “Play Now” or “Deposit Now”.

#2 – Select a Bank

Then, you’ll be asked to select a bank for making your deposit. Also, you must select where you’re playing from on a list of accepted countries.

#3 – Confirm Your ID

The only personal information you share with the casino is your ID for safety purposes. This process is very fast. Once you provide your ID number, you’ll get an SMS with a password, and you’re good to go.

A Million Friends

The Rise of Pay’n Play Casinos Online

As explained before, it takes time to expand Pay’n Play to a new country. Yet, the service is very popular wherever it’s available. Northern Europe remains its strongest zone of influence.

Trustly counts on more than 20 million users, only in the United States. The company also reached the enviable mark of 10 million new users in 10 months last year. In the countries where it’s available, its popularity is comparable to that of PayPal and Zimpler.

There are two models available for online casinos willing to adopt this system, the Pure and the Hybrid. While the Pure model is aimed at new platforms, the Hybrid model is designed for existing casinos. The Pure model brings some advantages, like the “resume playing” feature. This feature allows players to access their balances on the spot.

The Hybrid version has no “resume playing” feature, and Pay’n Play is one option, among the existing others. Still, all it takes is a one-time setup, and you’re ready to head to the game. Once you’ve done this, you can log in to any other Pay’n Play casino, Hybrid or Pure. All you need to do is to insert your username and password. This service is the combination of three of Trustly’s main products.

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No one likes to get stuck in a bureaucratic maze, even less so while craving for a game. Still, KYC measures are there for a reason and can’t be overlooked. Pay’n Play casinos have freed players from such a hassle without giving up safety and privacy. While the service is yet to expand its reach, Trustly is already available in several countries. So, we can expect a quick expansion of its online casino payment solution.

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