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The Nap Plan Review – Does It Really Deliver Profits?

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Welcome to The Nap Plan review, this is a horse tipster service offered by Wap Bets on their tipster platform which has done remarkably well since its launch.


  • Full profit loss records
  • 14 day trial offer
  • Solid results


  • Membership is expensive unless opting for the longer option

Welcome to The Nap Plan review, this is a horse tipster service offered by Wap Bets on their tipster platform which has done remarkably well since its launch.


The Nap Plan launched in March 2022 with Wap Bets and has quickly increased the betting bank by 159 points at SP and over 350 points with the Best odds guaranteed (definitely need a BOG account for this one to maximize your profit).

Service Cost: £2 14 day trial , £60 per month or £67 per quarter

Bank Advised: None advised on site but usually 100 point bank is standard

Platform: WAP Bets

Where to join:

Tipping Style: Selective

Average Tips Per Week: 7 or less (usually 1 a day max)

Tipsters Pitch: “My service will advise on both the flat racing scene and the National Hunt but will 100% be about quality and not quantity with just one bet a day and almost certainly the occasional no bet day. If I am not betting myself I will not be advising you for the sake of it.”

ROI: Around 8% at SP or over 15% BOG

How Does This Tipster Service Work?

All that is required is for you to sign up on the signup page here using your details and then you will receive the tips each day via email from Wap Bets.

Here is what to expect from The Nap Plans horse racing tips service…

– NO excessive betting, “limited to just ONE selection a day.”

– Cheap and cheerful, “adding this service to your portfolio will not break the bank.”

– Years of experience, “from starting from the very bottom to now working alongside some of the top leading UK Trainers.”

– Cancel anytime, “not for you? no need to worry you can cancel your subscription anytime.”

– Quick, easy, and simple to follow, “you will receive a welcome email explaining everything you need to know including advised starting bank and stakes when you sign up”

– A compound staking plan that works, “If using the same £2,000 bank but not compounding, profit would be £4,043.50.

Using the Plan has more than doubled the profit, in fact, an EXTRA £5,800″

– Consistent monthly profits, “as you can see from my results below we have had 10 profitable months from 11 with our biggest points drawdown only 15% of bank.”

the nap plan review stats

How Good Is The Nap Plan?

As you can see from the above chart since its launch in March 2022, The Nap Plan has gradually delivered more and more profit for its members, from just 379 selections over a 14-month period, this shows how selective the tipster has been.

Here is the full rundown for profit and loss from The Nap Plan so far to BOG (you really should be using BOG bookies as standard these days)…

MonthBOG MonthBOG TotalSR%ROI%
Mar 202220.6020.6042.31%17.17%
Apr 202219.3039.9038.46%14.85%
May 202259.2599.1553.85%45.58%
Jun 2022-2.0597.1032.14%-1.52%
Jul 202251.55148.6546.15%41.24%
Aug 20227.20155.8539.29%5.54%
Sep 202220.95176.8043.33%14.45%
Oct 202229.85206.6552.00%23.88%
Nov 202270.05276.7046.15%58.38%
Dec 202264.40341.1040.91%61.33%
Jan 202358.25399.3550.00%44.81%
Feb 2023-0.65398.7029.17%-0.54%
Mar 2023-21.65377.0529.63%-16.04%
Apr 2023-39.95337.1022.73%-38.05%
May 20238.30345.4038.89%9.33%

The overall ROI to BOG is 18.73% which is very high for a horse racing tipster, a selective and successful approach so far seems to be working for this service.

Should you for some strange reason not bet at BOG, here are the SP results form this service…

SP MonthSP TotalSR%ROI%

Either way, the service is working and if you use BOG you are doing very well from its tips.

The Nap Plan Review – Is It Worth Joining?

The only drawback of this service is the cost, £67 a quarter is the best option which makes it work out at under £20 per month, otherwise, it’s gonna cost you about £60 per month.

Other than that though the service is clearly working, it’s selective and easy to follow, it offers a trial and it has a full profit and loss record.

We recommend you take the £2 14-day trial offer and try this horse tipster out for yourselves.


The Nap Plan Reviews From Our Readers…

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