Taking Your Friend To Their First Horse Racing Event

Taking Your Friend To Their First Horse Racing Event

It’s more than possible to enjoy horse racing as a solo spectator, but as with all things, it’s more enjoyable when you have your nearest and dearest by your side. Alas, we can’t always expect people to fall in love with the sport on their own, and sometimes, they need a little nudge. So what better way to showcase the sport you love than by taking your friend or family to a horse racing event?

In this article, we’ll run through some useful tips to ensure the venture is a success from beginning to end.

Pick a Big Event

There’s no shortage of horse racing events taking place up and down the UK. Indeed, on any given day, you’ll find dozens of races, but most are small-scale affairs. They can be enjoyable to attend, but if you’re trying to get your friend into the sport, it’ll be best to go to a larger event that shows off the sport in all its glory.

For example, you could attend the Grand National, Cheltenham Races, or Royal Ascot. These events exhibit the best of the best when it comes to the grandeur and excitement of the sport. Your friend will love it. 

Get Social

If you’ve been to horse racing events before, you’ll know that the horse racing side of things is only half of the fun. The other side is the social aspect. The UK’s biggest horse racing events are some of the biggest social events of the year, so be sure to tap into this social side.

The best way is to grab multiple friends and make a day of it. Make sure you encourage your friends to dress to the nines (a suit for the gents, a dress and hat for the ladies) and ensure they get in the spirit of the day.

Help them Understand the Sport

The spectacle of horse racing events is a sight to see and it’s more than enough to ensure your friend has a good time. However, they’ll enjoy the event on a deeper level if they have some idea of what’s going on. They won’t need to be a horse racing enthusiast to love a trip to the races, but some knowledge is useful!

Before you attend, explain how horse racing works (if they don’t know already) and point them in the direction of some horse racing tips, so they know which horses to look out for throughout the day.

After the Races

Going to a horse racing event is about more than just racing. The after-races activities are plenty of fun, too, so be sure to make the most of it!

How you do this will depend on which race you attend. If you attend the Grand National, for instance, then make plans to head into Liverpool after the final race is over. The city is abuzz with activity and an atmosphere, unlike anything your friend will have seen before.

In many ways, attending a big horse racing event is a two-for-one deal — you get to enjoy outstanding horse racing and then bask in the great atmosphere of the after-party. 

Make a Weekend of it

If you’re travelling from other parts of the country to attend the horse racing event, it’ll be best to make a weekend of it, otherwise, the day will be too long. It’s much better to spend the night (or two nights) in a hotel and give yourself time to relax and do some sightseeing. The horse racing event can function as the anchor for the weekend, around which you build a great mini-break. 

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