premier greyhound tips review

Premier Greyhound Tips Review – The Dogs Tipster Who Wins

Premier Greyhound Tips Review
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A rare find a greyhound tipster that can offer profitable tips long term.


  • 10-day trial option
  • Profitable greyhound tips
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Trusted Platform


  • Inevitable losing months now and again

Welcome to this Premier Greyhound tips review, let’s take a look at how good or bad this tipster is for dog racing lovers. On the Betting Gods tipping platform, this is one of their more profitable services.

Arguably the best greyhound tipster in the game, the service has been going since 2014 and has always been a consistent service to follow.

About Premier Greyhounds

Service Name: Premier Greyhound Tips

Headline: “ With an average monthly profit of £317.30, Premier Greyhound Tips is one of the best greyhound racing tipsters on the internet. Every month, Michael sends an average of 36 tips to members via email, on the Betting Gods members area, and free mobile app.

But What Sets Michael Apart From Other Tipsters?

Premier Greyhound Tips is a world-leading greyhound betting tipster backed by years of results and many positive reviews. All bets are backed with detailed reasoning and explanation, no need for blind following and hoping for the best. At all times you know what you’re backing, how much to stake, and why you’re doing it.

It’s Michael’s professional approach to betting on greyhound racing that has allowed them to collect £32,365.00 profit since October 2014!”

Service Cost: 99p for a 10-day trial or £27 per month

Where To Join:

Platform: Betting Gods

Betting Bank Advised: 100 points

How Does The Service Work?

As this is a Betting Gods service it’s really simple and easy to get started simply sign up and create a login for the Betting Gods website, log in, and view your tipster’s selections from the dashboard(see the below image).

premier greyhound tips

This works on all platforms and there is also an app that you can download from your apps to be able to check them while on the move.

Selections are provided regularly and sometimes when there are no selections this will also be advised as well as where the odds were available and a staking plan.

FAQS – Common Questions About This Service, Answered

Will I Be Automatically Charged?

After your initial trial period, you will be charged a monthly fee of 27 GBP. This ensures there are no interruptions to your service. This may not apply to some special offers, however.

Can I Cancel At any time?

You certainly can. All you need to do is drop Betting Gods email and they’ll get your current subscription canceled. However, they ask that you give a tipster time to prove themselves. You need to play the long game.

How Can I Trust You?

In addition to having sponsored multiple sports and charity events throughout Europe, they (Betting Gods) have also been featured in various national and international media publications since the brand was launched in 2014, plus proudly have over 1,000 positive online reviews across the internet.

Will I Win every day?

No, you won’t! There are no tipsters who can guarantee daily winners. If they do, they’re lying to you. What can be said is that this service hits winners 27.24% of the time based on past results.

How Are Tips Sent?

Tips are sent via email, through the exclusive member’s website, and via the free mobile app. Tips are published from 14:00 (UK) and you’ll be notified if there are no tips for the day.

Are There Any Minimum Term Contracts?

Not at all! You are free to cancel after a few days, a couple of weeks, or several months. You are not tied into any minimum-term contracts at any point.

How Soon Will I Receive Tips?

Immediately after payment, you will receive a welcome email and login details. With these details, you can then access the Betting Gods app or members area and view today’s tips.

Can You Guarantee A Profit?

Like winners, profit cannot be guaranteed as much as anyone would love to be able to guarantee it. Please don’t fall for promises of guaranteed profit. No one can guarantee a profit. It’s gambling.

Why Don’t You Offer A Free Trial?

Betting Gods previously offered short free trials but with this comes a high volume of scammers who will repeatedly take free trial after free trial. By charging a small token fee for your trial it shows us that you’re serious about becoming a professional punter and committed to your own success.

I Have More Questions, Can I Speak to Someone?

Of course! Just visit the contact us page here and send your message across. One of the team will then be able to help you out.

Premier Greyhound Tips Review

Premier Greyhound Tips is easy to join with the Betting Gods platform.

Once you have joined a service, you will receive tips via email, The Betting Gods app, and the online member’s area. If for some reason, there are no tips for a particular service, you will be notified of this too.

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Switch & Paypal for your membership or your trial offer.

The recommended starting bank for this tipster is 100 points and there are usually only 35-40 selections per month to follow so it’s not going to eat your bankroll fast.

premier greyhound profit loss stats 2024

There have been just 6 losing months from 24, which means 17 profitable months at the time of writing this review and the average monthly profit has been £317.

It’s not very often you come across a profitable tipster for the dogs but this seems to be the real deal from Betting Gods, it’s been going since 2014 for a reason.

I advise you to take the 10-day trial offer below to try it for yourself and I will have a live trial with full proofing results below to follow soon.

Overall it’s a solid service when it comes to dog racing and if that’s the thing you like to bet on and you want to earn more profits from your betting this is the service to try.

Update May 2023

Premier Greyhound tips have continued to improve over the years, in fact when we initially added this review the average profit per month was only £100, he has since trebled this to over £300 per month and has improved considerably.

Update May 2024

It’s been a year since we last took a look at premier Greyhound tips progress, let’s see how he has been doing for the last 12 months.

72.25 points of profit since last May have been delivered with winning months and 3 losing months within those 12 months.

Your Premier Greyhound Tips Review

Have you used The Premier Greyhound Tips service before? Please create your review and leave star ratings based on your findings while you were a member of this service. This enables other readers to make an informed decision on joining the tipster in question.

Want to find the best and most successful tipsters that can deliver you the most long-term profits? Visit the greyhound tipsters section of the site.

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