pro betting club review

Pro Betting Club Review

Pro Betting Club Review
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A multitude of quality services under one name choose the best one that fits your budget and you should do well here. Plenty of trial options to take too.

Welcome to our Pro Betting Club Review, this is a selection of tipsters for horse racing that claims to have been profitable in the long term.

Not only focusing on horse racing though they also have football tipsters, basketball tipsters, and even greyhound tipsters in their books.

You are sure to find a service on their platform that’s worth trying out and if you click through Tipster Reviews you can get up to 50% off membership prices.

Visit the Pro Betting Club website here for full information (no longer active)

Service Name: Pro Betting Club

Headline: “A professional management service for many of the best horse racing tipsters.”

Service Cost: Various options are available

Where to join: Get your pro betting club login at their website

Pro Betting Club Review

Pro Betting Club is a platform for the very best tipsters for horse racing and it specialises in this area. All of the tipsters that can be found at the pro betting club have been proofed for a minimum of 3 months to ensure quality for paying customers.

There are a number of services available to new customers including Back and win, Sequence Lays, and CJ Racing all of which boast huge profits over the long term. Below is a little more info on the top 3 services on offer from the Pro Betting Club.

There are 6 services on offer at present one of which states it’s full and closed to new members at present, there is certainly a service to suit every gambler when it comes to horse racing and is well worth a visit.

Once you have your pro betting club login you can access the following.

Sequence Lays

Laying Short Priced Runners – Average Price of 2.60!  All lays are made at BSP and so all results are transparent as all will be the same, as the horses are generally the race favourites there should be ample liquidity in the market.

Back And Win

For ‘Stop At A Winner’ fans, this is definitely a blessing in disguise. The Back and Win selections are based on the most reliable and best-rated favorite’s running on the day, from the UK and Ireland. These selections are so reliable they virtually guarantee a WINNER every day.

B-Ball Expert

You won’t find many basketball tipsters out there but they have one at pro-Betting Club, claiming to have turned over £19,000 plus in profit in under a year (based to £100 bets) I would say its more like £1900 if you back at £10 bets instead.

Profitable nonetheless and worth taking a look as since January 2020 at the time of writing it has not had a losing month in 2020.

Premium Naps

This tipster is currently full at the time of writing and for good reason having an advised strike rate of about 70%, I am unable to verify this though as its full I cant join to test it out, keep your eyes on it.

Football King (proofing)

A promising service that is currently proofing tips to the platform but I am advised that he has shown huge potential over the last few months.

A few tipsters worth following and perhaps paper trading with for a while to see if they have the potential they claim to have.

Join any of these services and more at the Pro Betting website here (no longer active)

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