Premium Soccer Doubles Review

Premium Soccer Doubles Review – Multiples Tipping Done Right?

Premium Soccer Doubles Review £40
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Welcome to this Premium Soccer Doubles review, this is as the name suggests a doubles betting tipster for football on the Wap Bets platform.


  • Interesting betting style
  • Longest winning run is 14
  • Full profit and loss records


  • Expensive unless joining long term

Welcome to this Premium Soccer Doubles review, this is as the name suggests a doubles betting tipster for football on the Wap Bets platform.

Offering profitable football bets since 2022 the longest winning run for this tipster is 14 while the longest losing run is just 4.

Tipster Name: Premium Soccer Doubles


Platform: Wap Bets – Website/Email/App

Tipsters Pitch:

“Football as a sport is great for neutrals but can be not so great for backers, if you are betting aimlessly or taking advantage of gimmicky offers such as ‘super boosts’ which bookies often flaunt then you are playing into their hands, remember the bookies are our enemy and every singe well-established bettor out there wants to see them rinsed for as much money as possible. 

Now, how do we do this you may ask? Well for starters no serious bettor will be advising ridiculous Accumulators and making a steady profit from it, now don’t get me wrong I’ll have a longshot accumulator placed come 3 pm on a Saturday but that is merely for a bit of fun using very low stakes.

Over the years I have trialed every market/stakes combo you could think of to find a consistent winning system, you can have all the knowledge in the world about football but until you figure out a system that you stick to every week you will not see any success.  

Fast forward a few years to the year 2022 and I am ready to share selections from my system after a trial period with Text Tipsters. Over the last few years with the unfortunate events going on worldwide, I took this as an opportunity to refine my system down to a tee using Doubles.”

Service Cost: £40/month, £78/Quarter or £87 bi-annually

Profitable: Yes

Tipping Style: Doubles

ROI: Consistently at about 16% or above

How Does This Tipster Service Work?

All that is required is for you to sign up on the signup page here using your details and then you will receive the tips each day via email from Wap Bets.

You can expect around 7-14 bets a week all advised at a staking plan which will be a variety of double bets, odds of course will vary but the majority of bets will be around the 2/1 or lower mark whereas the occasional bet will come in around 2/1 or more.

This is your chance to be a part of something seriously special and exclusive. Although they would love to share the winning with the world, in order to protect the markets, places HAVE to be limited. only 100 PLACES ARE AVAILABLE! 

premier soccer doubles stats

How Good Is Premium Soccer Doubles?

Above is the profit loss chart and below you can find the full rundown of Premier Soccer Doubles since its launch to flat stakes, this also includes the return on your investment for each month and the strike rate too.

As you can see there have been just 5 losing months and the service remains profitable, we will report back no this service periodically to keep you up to date on any changes.

TotalFlat StakesSR%ROI%
Mar 202217.4917.4991.67%72.88%
Apr 202217.0234.5183.33%56.73%
May 202218.0352.5482.76%62.17%
Jun 202212.0464.5877.78%44.59%
Jul 20226.8571.4364.29%24.46%
Aug 20224.7076.1357.69%18.08%
Sep 2022-7.2668.8740.00%-24.20%
Oct 20223.5072.3754.84%11.29%
Nov 2022-7.9664.4135.71%-28.43%
Dec 2022-8.5255.8934.48%-29.38%
Jan 2023-0.1255.7740.74%-0.44%
Feb 20236.6562.4240.74%24.63%
Mar 20239.1071.5237.93%31.38%
Apr 20232.0873.6033.33%6.93%
May 2023-7.0866.5218.75%-44.25%

It is actually a pretty solid service if you like betting on the football doubles markets, it’s hard to find a profitable football tipster these days but that’s something we specialise in at tipster reviews and this is another one that’s doing well.

Premium Soccer Doubles Review – Is It Worth Joining?

It is certainly worth joining and the only thing we would recommend is taking the longest membership option when you are ready in order to save a lot long term, coming in at £40 a month it’s not cheap but if you take the six-month membership at £87 bi-annually it works out to £14.50 per month.

Your Thoughts On Premium Soccer Doubles

Have you used the Premium Soccer doubles football tipping service from wap bets before? if so please leave your own review of this tipster in order to give maximum transparency to our readers and keep the review up to date as possible.

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