Online Gambling with PayPal - Making Things Easy

Online Gambling with PayPal – Making Things Easy

Online Gambling with PayPal is not an entirely new thing, PayPal is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the largest online payment companies in the world. It has millions of users and is one of the safest ways to send money over the Internet. Therefore, it would seem obvious that PayPal gambling sites were everywhere but that’s not exactly the case. While online betting with PayPal has certainly increased a lot over the past year or so, that doesn’t mean you’ll find it at every single betting cashier.

Online Gambling with PayPal – Which Gambling Sites Accept PayPal?

Historically, PayPal has had trouble accepting gambling due to a variety of concerns to do with safety and regulations. These days, their stance has softened slightly and you’re now much more likely to be able to bet using this service at sportsbooks, casinos, and the rest. However, strict guidelines are in force that must be adhered to. You can see the full requirements over at the PayPal Help Centre, but here’s a brief takeaway:

  • No transactions are allowed in regions where gambling is illegal
  • Merchants must be able to show that they can block betting activities from account holders in such ineligible locations
  • Gambling sites must send contact information and a summary of their business to be approved

Importantly, those merchants who do pass these tests get a massive credibility boost compared with the rest as it demonstrates an extra level of security.

PayPal Gambling Sites – How to Deposit

When you’ve found an appropriate site to play at, it’s incredibly easy to make a transaction. The service is well-known for its simplicity and efficiency, and none of that is lost here.

To make a PayPal deposit:

  1. Navigate to the cashier page of a site
  2. Select the payment provider from the list of options
  3. Enter how much you’d like to deposit
  4. You’ll then be asked to log in to your account and confirm the payment

The beauty of this is that the transfer of money will happen instantly and any reasonable operator will not charge any fees at this stage. If they do, that might be a cue to choose an alternative!

You will be able to choose the source of funds you use too – from either a credit/debit card or bank account you’ve registered, or from the main wallet itself.

PayPal Gambling Sites – How to Withdraw

Perhaps the best benefit of PayPal gambling sites, though, is how quick they are to pay out any winnings.

One of the most common gripes we see is how long it takes to withdraw winnings. That’s because a betting site must confirm the identity of a player and approve each and every payout request individually, which takes time. Then, it depends on how quick the third-party processor can handle the payment before you get your hands on anything.

The identity issue has partially been resolved in Great Britain by the UK Gambling Commission which introduced new rules requiring players to be verified before they can gamble rather than when they go to withdraw. The approval process still depends on each operator, although some are getting quite speedy (within 24 hours).

Finally, the third-party processor problem is where PayPal excels. As it’s one of the fastest ways to send money online, payouts can often be in your account just a few hours after approval. For comparison, card transactions/bank transfers can take many days.

To make a PayPal withdrawal:

  1. Navigate to the cashier page
  2. Select how much money you would like to withdraw
  3. Choose the payment provider from the list of withdrawal methods
  4. Again, you’ll be asked to log in and confirm the transaction.

Best PayPal Betting Sites

At the moment, some of the largest and most prominent UK bookmakers make up the best PayPal betting sites. They’ve been around for a long time but they’ve been quick to identify new technologies that are popular. Plus, they are well established so we’re one of the first types of gambling sites to be approved.

You can find one great example within our William Hill review. They offer both deposits and withdrawals using this payment method, with loads of betting available. Alternatively, our bookmaker review page has plenty of decent sign-up offers to enjoy before you even need to make a payment. They’re also one of the more all-encompassing sites with sportsbooks joined by other gambling entertainment like casinos. This is a trend that’s grown quite a lot in recent years…

Sports Betting & Casino – Bet with PayPal

Alongside sports betting, there are numerous online casinos that offer the same payment method too. Whilst we focus specifically on betting, the guys over at Casino Professor are experts in this field and are therefore best placed to explain everything to do with PayPal casinos – including how they work and the things you should look out for.

In the best cases, though, you’ll stumble across a gambling site that is both an online casino AND sportsbook rolled into one!