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Liverpool Premiership Winners? Will They Flop Again?

Manchester City won last night meaning that Liverpool are now 2nd in the league table with a game in hand. Pressure has firmly now been put back on Jurgen klopp’s Liverpool who have a knack of flopping when in with a title chance especially in the Premiership.

Everton fans celebrated when Manchester City scored such is their rivalry and the chance that Liverpool have of a title. Bournemouth are next up for Liverpool and it is a home fixture so there is a good chance they can win this one and go back to the top of the table with a 3 point cushion going into the business end of the season.

Liverpool Premiership Winners

Man City, Tottenham and Chelsea all stand a chance should Liverpool falter. Man City are possibly the bookmakers favourites but they have a harder set of fixtures compared to Liverpool including a match against Chelsea which will be a huge game for both sides.

Chances are that Liverpool can hold out this time and should they get 6 points clear with Man City failing against Chelsea or drawing which is more likely they will have a good cushion on their rivals.

Less fixtures could also play a part with only one non league fixture lined up in the next few weeks compared to cup matches for Man City could also pay dividends for them.

I actually would rather Liverpool win the title than Man City, It gets boring when the same teams win over and over. Liverpool deserves this one no matter what people say it has taken a lot of hard work from Klopp to get them where they are now.

Lack of injuries is another major factor with Liverpool not really missing any of their star players such as Mo Salah, Mane, Fermino etc.

The same could be said for other sides but those sides have star players waiting to rotate in should they get an opportunity. Trent Alexander-Arnold is the only injury really that Liverpool will miss a defender come attacking mdifielder he has been a brilliant player this season and next season he will be even stronger.

The defensive backline of Liverpool with Van-Djik and Robertson has also been a strong point in their victories and as long as they keep up the good work they wont concede many goals in their remaining fixtures.

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Please feel free to comment with your thoughts on Liverpool’s title chances, I am not a Liverpool fan by the way just in case that’s the idea I was giving you, But I do want them to win the league this year.