How to Take Advantage of Bookie Bonuses

How to Take Advantage of Bookie Bonuses

Have you ever come across the best bookie offers and wondered how you could take advantage of them? If this is you, you’re on the right page. You’re about to discover how to take advantage of bookie bonuses so you can record some wins.

Bookie bonuses are available in several forms, which regularly fall into these categories:

  • Money back specials
  • Free bets and bonuses
  • Odds boosts and enhancements

Sometimes, some bookie bonuses come in the form of gift cards, gift certificates, prizes, and air tickets. You can take advantage of these best-known bookmakers’ offers to ensure guaranteed profits.

Free football match advisory

This is another popular bookie bonus in which you get valuable soccer information and tips about the game you are interested in. This enables you to make informed wagers that result in you winning all your bets.

You may even get a free jersey of your favorite football club, which you can always wear to play neighborhood matches or for social events.

Matching your stake

This is the most common bookie bonus offer. You create an account and place a wager. The bookie matches the amount of your very first wager almost immediately. This gives you double the initial amount of your first wager and doubles your stake.

For instance, if you wager £30 on a game, the bookmaker matches that stake with a bonus of £30, giving your wager a total stake of £60.

The best way to take advantage of this bonus is by making a substantial initial deposit/bet. If you win the wager, your winnings could also be huge.

Initial deposit bonus

Some bookies still offer this type of bonus. This bonus is available when you sign up with a particular bookie. It is usually promoted as a percentage of your initial deposit, up to a specific sum.

For instance, you can receive up to 50 percent bonus on a minimum deposit of £200. This offer is usually for a minimum number of wagers you can make using your bonus/deposit – i.e., rolled over – before you can withdraw your winnings.

First, bet refund bonus

This is a risk-free bet targeted at new customers and serves as the safety net of bettors. It is created to reward punters who place their first bet, which happens to be a losing wager.

You will get your stake, or at least a small part of it back, which you can re-use for your next wager. In other words, you’re betting without any possibility of losing.


Bookie bonus offers are remarkable as they enable you to boost the amount you intend to place with your wagers. If you take advantage of the numerous bookie bonuses shared above, you will likely record some massive wins.

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